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List of Best Video Interviewing Softwares

This COVID-19 outbreak brought about many changes in the corporate sector. One of the crucial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was working from home, which surprisingly has proved to be efficient and cost-effective. Hiring processes have also been made easier and simple through video interviewing. With the video interviewing softwares, you still get to hire talented and enthusiastic candidates while observing all social distancing protocols in this pandemic age. The best and most amazing part of video interviews is that recruiters can conduct interviews anywhere and anytime. Whether the hiring team received employee referrals or searching from scratch, organisations must use a modern and efficient hiring management system for interviews.

Today’s job market is increasingly global. From video interviewing softwares to employee record services, hiring teams seek the most cost-efficient and reliable solutions for managing employees and recruiting processes worldwide. Video interviewing software allows the HR team the flexibility and accessibility to reach out to talent worldwide. It can be excellent resource-saving alternatives to formal or face-to-face interviews. One of the biggest complaints from hiring teams is “no-show” interviews that waste valuable time. Here are some best video interviewing platforms to ensure ease in the interview and recruiting process.

Top video interviewing softwares

The unique thing about video interviewing technology is that you can choose to conduct your interviews live or pre-record the questions for the candidates. So choose a video interviewing software that complements organisations hiring needs. This is the perfect and proper way to focus on achieving the main objective of successful hiring. Note that suitable software for video interviews should allow you to interview anytime and anywhere. It will also allow you to share reminders for the interviews, support panel interviews, and assess job applicants. Please look at our research and the best video interviewing software.


Ducknowl is a video interviewing platform, which makes the hiring process faster and smarter. Recruiters and HR teams spend a lot of time screening candidates for jobs. Still, the best candidates do not come to the surface. Ducknowl solves your screening problem. Ducknowl is more than just a video interviewing. Ducknowl allows you to save time and make better quality hiring decisions with additional features, such as video interviewing, talent assessment, video job description, resume screening, audio Screening, video texting. By allowing for customization on a per-position basis, the solution will meet the specific needs of any hiring scenario. Our advanced recruitment system allows you to map out and optimise your entire recruitment process. Ducknowl offers a complete pack of recruitment products.Ducknowl is integrated with data-driven algorithms that promote hiring through conscious reasoning instead of the sole intuition of the recruiter.

4. MyInterview

myInterview allows recruiters to get immediate feedback based on many factors, including personality, compatibility, and intellect. myInterview empowers your business with data-driven hiring decisions as well as an easy-to-use online interview tool.

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5. videoBIO Recruiter

videoBIO Recruiter is a virtual video interviewing and assessment system for the hiring process, featuring one-way video interviewing and live interviewing options with advanced automated AI scoring options for every stage. videoBIO Recruiter offers a vast range of questionnaire templates, talent assessments, and customizable questions and tests for every role. VideoBIO Recruiter is the go-to Covid-19 digital interviewing solution for meeting and identifying the best candidates sooner. The platform is used for resume screening, video interviewing, talent assessment, testing, and onboarding. videoBIO Recruiter can reduce recruiters’ time to hire by over 40 to 50 % and offers flexible diversity and accessible interview options with audio responses and video job descriptions, consent, support, privacy, and candidate disclosures.

6. HR Avatar

HR Avatar improves your hire quality with the pre-employment assessments and video interview software. Using HR Avatar’s Live Video Interviewing improves effectiveness using customizable structured interview scripts that prompt questions and capture scores from all interviewers in real-time. Apply various artificial intelligence(AI) tools such as personality analysis and voice—capture and store transcripts and comments, interviewer scores all in one place for future reviews.


ScreeningHive is a cloud-based video interviewing solution, robust, affordable online video interview software for the staffing organisation and employers to streamline the HR professionals’ recruiting process workflow. ScreeningHive, one of the best free video interviewing software, helps you hire candidates quickly. It allows you to prepare a questions template for a candidate interview using the template that recruiters send.

8. vRecruit

vRecruit has a modern take on the video interview process, and its messaging reminds us that it’s the employee that chooses the employer, not necessarily the other way around. To land top talent in a competitive market, employers need powerful branding, which vRecruit can assist with by including corporate video messages and helping to ensure employees have a positive and satisfactory interview experience.

9. Jobvite

Jobvite video offers an on-demand video screening software that improves the quality of the talent screening process. Jobvite has an advantage over other video interviewing softwares as it’s the only video interviewing solution with the integration with an ATS– a huge plus in keeping your hiring team organised and up to date. One of the most unique features of Jobvite’s interview software is the ability to share candidates’ recorded responses with your team, which helps wipe out irrelevant candidates more quickly.


Shine is easy to use from any device(mac, android, windows) and is so intuitive, your hiring time can compile questions and set up interviews even on the go. Shine helps hiring teams reduce hiring time and costs by up to 50% to 60% and reduces early-stage screening by over 70% to 75%.


Video interview platforms help to improve the collaboration between hiring teams and candidates. It also helps in making informed decisions for the hiring managers. Recruiting managers can easily involve the recruiting team in the hiring process, letting them rank, view, and provide their opinions on each applicant recording. Decision-making will be more transparent, easier, and quicker in the video interviewing softwares because recruiters have clear data of each candidate. It is best to choose a video interviewing tool that not only benefits the organisation but will also improve job applicants’ experience. Organise your interviewing processes effectively and fast with either of the above softwares and find the right talent to complement your organisation.

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