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Video Production – The Process Explained

We all know that the most powerful form of media is video and if you want real impact with your advertising, a professional video production is the way to go. Most business owners have little idea of the process of making a short promotional video and in this article, we take an in-depth look at the process of creating a top video production.

Initial meet with the client

This is a critical step when the team leader gets to learn about the client’s business and any concept they may have. It is common for the client to have an open mind and after the initial meet, the team would put together a list of concepts (with storyboards), which usually leads to an agreement. This might be a Zoom meeting and is usually informal; the goal is to better understand the client’s needs and get to know the organisation and what it represents.

Video Production

It is important to identify the client’s ultimate goals regarding the video; it might be promotional, instructive or about an up-and-coming project. Once objectives are established, you can move to the next stage. For Australian businesses, Visual Domain is the leading video production agency that can create dynamic content to boost your business; they have an impressive client list that reflects their reputation.

Discussing Concepts: second meeting

There would be at least 5 concepts presented to the client and a ballpark figure for each would be introduced and after a process of elimination, a project concept is created. Once the team has the data they need, they can elaborate by creating a detailed storyboard for the client’s viewing. This might extend for a further meeting, depending on what the client feels about the storyboard; minor changes are perfectly normal and part of the process of refining the concept to fit accurately with the client’s needs. 

Storyboard presentation

Once a concept is finally nailed, the design team set about creating a detailed storyboard to allow the client to fully immerse in the finished product. This is also a time for budget to be discussed and within a few days, the client receives a full proposal and quote for the project. Once this is accepted, a production team meeting is called.

Production team meeting

The leader calls a meeting with all relevant people and the following is discussed:

  • Location – Either outside or in a studio.
  • Filming angles – Camera types.
  • Casting 
  • Props
  • Lighting
  • Filming equipment
  • Dates & studio bookings
  • Sound
  • Raw footage required

A timeline is created and the team leader liaises with everyone and ensures that things get done and oversees procurement and the filming on location. The director has a strong bond with the team leader and the client is kept informed as to how the project develops.


Once all the raw footage has been captured, everything moves to the editing room, where the technicians work their magic and eventually, the finished product is ready for a client viewing. The client would specify the finished formats, typically 3-4 different formats for various digital platforms and the viewing is arranged. This is undoubtedly the most important stage of the process and the editing technicians craft the finished product.

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Video Production


A private viewing is arranged and this could be a time for minor alterations, then the product is delivered to the client in the agreed formats.

Formats include:

  • AVI
  • MP4
  • WMV
  • MKV
  • HTML5

The client might wish to have a DVD designed and printed so that the video can be part of a customer presentation pack.

Comprehensive support

Of course, the production company offer full support and when you are ready for another project, they will be ready to take your concept and turn it into a top-quality video. If you find that you need a different format for another platform, the agency can easily create that for you, as they store master copies of all video productions. Whatever you need, the agency can deliver and they strive to make the client feel like they are well taken care of. 

Video Production

Online solutions

Wherever you happen to be in Australia, the easiest way to locate a video production agency is with a Google search; start by viewing a few websites and when ready, make a few enquiries and compare providers. Reputation is everything in this industry and you should always take a look at the agency’s client list to get a good idea of who they are. 

Once you join forces with a leading Australian video production agency, your future projects can be managed by the experts for the best possible outcome. It is important to forge a working alliance with such an agency, as this guarantees the best quality video to put your company where it deserves to be.

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