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How To Set up a Virtual phone number for Your Business: 5 Essential Tips

Are you a startup business that has a limited budget? Or a big enterprise that wants to keep their privacy and security safe? Whatever your business is, a Virtual phone number is helpful. Legitimate companies have to provide a phone number to their audience so that they can contact you whenever they need help from you. But getting unexpected rings after sunset is irritating.Virtual Phone Number

However, with a virtual phone number, you can have a separate business number which helps you to give a professional look at a low cost. Further, it helps you to secure your privacy. Thus, virtual numbers are the best option. But not everyone knows the setup process for business phone numbers. If you belong to one of them, don’t worry. By reading the article below, you will get insight into how to set up a virtual phone number for your business. Before getting into the main topic, let’s start from the ground.

Why is a virtual phone number important for businesses?

Virtual numbers are a must-have tool for businesses that want to stay ahead of the game. With a virtual number, you can keep your personal and business phone numbers separate while still using the same device. Also, you can maintain a professional image and streamline your communication by using it.

Further, by using virtual phone numbers, you can expand your business, improve customer service, save costs, track the success of your marketing campaigns, and manage incoming calls and text messages easily. That’s why for those who want to take their business to the next level, a virtual phone number is the way to go. Below are some reasons why virtual phone numbers are important for businesses.

Expand your business

Virtual numbers are not tied to a physical location. So it helps you to establish a local presence in different areas, even if you don’t have a physical store there. No geographic boundaries stop you from expanding your customer base and reaching new markets.

Save costs

You don’t have to spend money to buy additional hardware setups to use a virtual number. Plus, many providers offer affordable rates for long-distance and international calls. So, there are no extra costs for international calls.

Improve customer service

You can use these numbers to provide customers with a dedicated phone number for customer services. Using these numbers, agents can receive customer calls outside office hours too and solve their problems.

5 Tips To Set up a Virtual phone number for Your Business

Want to set up a virtual phone number for a business but don’t know how to start? Well, it’s a common problem that every new business owner faces. But, setting up a virtual phone number for your business is a cakewalk. Follow the below 5 tips to set up a virtual phone number for your business.

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Choose the Right Virtual Phone Service Provider

You must decide which cloud telephony service provider best suits your business needs to get a reliable virtual number. Randomly selecting a provider can add problems because if anything goes wrong, your business’s sales and marketing departments can get affected. So first, prepare the list of virtual phone service providers. There are many companies that offer virtual phone numbers. And then do deep research on them by reading customer reviews to find reputable providers. Consider some important factors, such as pricing, features, and customer support.

Analyze whether the virtual number provider offers additional features, such as voicemail transcription, call recording, analytics tools, call routing, etc., that can help you better manage your calls and improve your business operations at an affordable cost. Further, if you encounter any issues with your virtual phone service, you need customer support. So, look for a provider that offers reliable 24/7 customer support. The support can either be through phone, email, or live chat. Some of the reliable virtual phone service providers are KrispCall, Google Voice, Openphone, Grasshopper, and so on.

Virtual Phone Number

Determine Your Virtual Phone Number Needs

The next step that you should do is to find your virtual phone number needs. Think of the geographic location of your business, the number of employee and departments of your business that needs virtual phone numbers, the size of your business, and the type of calls you expect to receive. Further, consider what type of number you want to have, toll-free, mobile, vanity, or local phone number. It all depends on the type of your business and your target audience.

In case you expect to receive many calls, you may need a lot of virtual numbers. Also, you have to think about the scalability of your virtual phone number system. You have to ensure that your provider can accommodate your growing business needs and that you can easily add or remove virtual numbers easily.

By doing so, you don’t have to face the hassle of having to switch providers down the road. Further, you have to consider the features that help you to manage business calls efficiently. Some features that you need to manage phone calls better are call recording, auto attendant, custom greetings, call forwarding, voicemail, and so on. As well, you need to consider whether you need any third-party integrations, such as with your CRM or helpdesk. Determine what your business requires and separate the budget accordingly, based on your needs.

Set Up Your Virtual Phone Number System

Once you have chosen a provider and found out your needs, you must set up your virtual phone number system. Here’s how:

  • Create an account with a reliable virtual phone number provider by following the provider’s instructions.
  • Sign up for it.
  • Enter your login credentials and access the dashboard.
  • Select the country and your preferred city as your location.
  • Choose a virtual phone number from the provider’s given options. It can either be toll-free or a local number.

Now configure your virtual numbers settings. It involves choosing the virtual number, verifying it, creating call routing rules, setting up voice mail and call recording features, and setting voicemail greetings and auto attendants. If you want to receive your calls through mobile phones or landline phones, you can integrate them with your existing phone system. However, each provider has a different setup process.

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Integrate Your Virtual Phone Number with Your Business Operations

To get the most out of your virtual phone number system, you should consider using third-party integration and APIs. So, integrate your virtual phone number with your CRM system, set up call tracking to monitor your business marketing campaigns, and so on. It can help you streamline your workflows and improve your customer experience. Some virtual phone number providers offer integrations with popular business tools. So select the provider that offers integration options. By integrating your virtual phone number with your business tools, you can streamline your communications and improve your customer service.

Maintain and Improve Your Virtual Phone Number System

While using virtual phone numbers, you can sometimes face some issues, such as poor call quality, delayed response, and limited geographic location. That’s why it is very important to maintain and improve your virtual phone number system regularly. It involves identifying areas for improvement, monitoring your call metrics, and making adjustments to your system as needed. Some of the ways to effectively maintain and improve the virtual phone number system are given below.

  • Monitoring call volume and quality to ensure that your system is meeting your needs. Make adjustments as necessary to improve the caller experience.
  • Ensure that your employees are trained on how to use the virtual phone system effectively. Provide them with any necessary instructions or training materials.
  • Review the recorded calls periodically to identify areas for improvement. Use this information to refine your call-handling procedures and improve the caller experience.
  • Virtual phone number systems may need to be updated as your business grows and changes. So prepared to make adjustments as necessary to ensure that your system continues to meet your needs.

Sometimes poor internet connection can also cause delays or lag, error messages, call routing issues, or any call-related issues. So check the internet connection to ensure that you have stable internal connectivity. However, if you still face the problem, contact the provider’s customer service.


Whether you run a small business or a big enterprise, using a personal phone number can invade your privacy. This is where the virtual phone number comes into place. Not only can a virtual phone number help you maintain a professional image and improve customer service, but this business phone system can also save your business money and offer advanced features too. Furthermore, it improves your ability to manage your communications. Additionally, it helps you stay organized and focused on growing your business without worrying about missed calls or lost messages.

The tips above will help you effectively manage your virtual phone number system and provide high-quality service to your customers. So why wait? No matter what size of business you own or what sector you operate in, a virtual phone number can help you grow your business.

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