Visually Appealing Emails for SaaS

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How to Design Visually Appealing Emails for SaaS Company

An average consumer receives countless emails every day. It is not practically possible for an individual to open or read every email that comes their way. But because email marketing creates 40 times more prospects than social media, making your email virtually appealing becomes immensely crucial to ensure it makes the cut! Email designs don’t have to be flashy to keep people’s attention and drive interaction.

A basic email template with a good mix of text and photos is often more successful than a long message with plenty of images and links. A clean design may help keep spam filters at bay and impact the overall deliverability of your emails. You may use email marketing automation tools for startups to segment and personalize their mail list and constantly nurture your leads. While it does minimize your company’s cost and effort – it does not guarantee success. That depends on the content you send through your automation tools. To ensure that your content is virtually appealing and boosts conversion rate, here is a guideline you can follow.

Essential design elements you must include

The email you send to your leads represents your brand – and, therefore, your identity. How the email is structured, the vibe it creates, and the tone you use amalgamate to create a perception about you in the consumer’s mind. An unstructured email can look very unprofessional and has a high chance of getting ignored.

Company color and font

Your brand image is what makes you distinct from the competition in the business. Your company logo, colors, text styles, and tone are all aspects of your personality that should be considered while developing emails. Even before the consumer reads the email, he should start to resonate with your brand. Colors can be played with, but the palette should be in sync with your overall brand look. Bear in mind that if your company utilizes a particular typeface, your information could not display correctly (or at all) on some email clients.

Email signature

Whether you sign off by the company name or by an employee – it is recommended that the email body should include an email signature. A signature is a great way to personalize each email you send. It creates and strengthens your company’s identity. Having a consistent email signature for each team member can build brand identification in every individual to whom your staff sends emails. It also aids in the creation of a bond between the individuals who run your business and your consumers.


It is recommended that you draft concise and simple emails, but if you have a lot of information to convey to your consumers – do not forget headings. Headings and subheadings are essential in making your text more readable. The headings create a division that makes your email seem less cluttered and exhausting to read.

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Visual Content

Text, as informative and strong as it can be, necessitates user effort. The more difficult it is for a user to engage with the material, the less likely they are to do so. It is the marketer’s job to ensure that the content delivered to the leads draws their attention like a magnet. There is no doubt that visuals are incomparably more entertaining to look at than a large block of text. Visuals improve engagement by 80% across all forms of material. Therefore, set aside areas of your email layout for photos, mainly when you’re still working on your SaaS email templates. When integrating graphics, keep the size and nature of the email in mind. To break the monotony of your email, you can include:

  • Images
  • Gifs
  • Memes
  • Infographics
  • Videos, and
  • Presentations.

White Space

White space, also called negative space, is the empty space separating different items in your email. It enables people’s brains to analyze, examine, and break down information into easily digestible chunks. Because the bulk of emails are now viewed on smartphones, white space is even more critical. It’s more challenging to read text on smaller devices, therefore leave some whitespace around your content for a better customer experience.

Call to Action

The entire purpose of the emails you send is to convert potential consumers into customers. While making your email visually appealing is important, it will be futile if the consumer does not know what to do next. Include a call to action within your email that directs your customers to your website and eventually complete the transition. To ensure that your CTA is visible to the lead

  • the CTA must have sufficient whitespace around it
  • the text on the CTA button must be short
  • change the colour of the CTA button to differentiate it from the email body
  • place the CTA button in sync with the email body.

Conclusion -How to Design Visually Appealing Emails for SaaS Company

Incorporate these design elements to optimize email marketing. To encourage visitors to connect with your material, your email format must be aesthetically appealing. This should encourage them to click on your Call to Action and continue the conversion process. Design isn’t only about how it appears; it also has to function in the case of SaaS emails. Make sure you don’t overlook the value of the actual content in attracting people to your emails.

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