Ways To Make Money Doing Nothing

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10+ Different Ways To Make Money Doing Nothing – Easy Guide

Earning money effortlessly—just imagine that! While the idea of making money without any effort might seem like a fantasy, there are indeed ways to generate some extra cash with minimal input. Now, we’re not suggesting you can build a full-time income while lounging on the sofa and watching TV all day, but there are opportunities to earn a bit of additional money that demand very little from you. Explore unconventional ways to make money with minimal effort, such as participating in Instagram model account management, queue standing, or becoming a professional bed tester. Additionally, consider earning through app downloads, listening to music, or venturing into short-term house sitting.

1. Bed testing

Make money as a bed tester - get paid to sleep! - MoneyMagpie

Imagine getting paid to sleep—sounds like the ultimate dream job, doesn’t it? Surprisingly, there are fortunate individuals who actually get to do just that! Bed testers have the enviable task of trying out various beds, often luxurious ones, and then sharing their experiences with the quality of sleep they’ve had. Landing such a position can be quite challenging due to high competition, but there’s no harm in keeping your hopes up. The concept of being a bed tester gained attention when Hotel Chatter put out a call in 2006 to hire a professional to test their 25,000 beds.

If you’re interested in pursuing a bed testing job and are up for the competition, keep an eye on large companies that deal with a significant number of beds. This could include hotel chains, major retailers like John Lewis, or even bed manufacturing companies, especially those supplying to hotels. While becoming a bed tester may seem like a dream, it’s not entirely impossible. So, why not give it a shot? We can always dream, even if we won’t be getting paid for it like some lucky individuals!

2. Get paid to queue

7 simple ways to reduce your queues and manage customers effectively

Have you ever been told that you don’t get paid for standing around doing nothing? Well, here’s a job that actually pays you to do just that—you can get paid to stand in queues, a practice known as ‘line sitting.’ Not familiar with how it works? Think about those long lines of people eagerly waiting to be the first to grab the latest Apple product, even enduring the elements overnight. There’s a good chance that among those waiting, there’s someone who would prefer paying someone else to endure the queue on their behalf. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or newly released concert tickets, some individuals with work or family commitments are eager to get their hands on these items but are unable to wait in line. That’s where you come in.

While ‘line sitting’ is more popular in the US, it’s not widely known in the UK, so part of your job may involve introducing the concept while drumming up business. You have the flexibility to set your own price—either a fixed rate or an agreed-upon amount per hour or half-hour. For instance, you could charge a fixed rate of $100 or agree to $12 per hour. Your earnings will depend on how much people are willing to pay and how frequently you secure such gigs. To promote your ‘line sitting’ services, consider advertising on platforms like Fiverr, Gumtree, and any social media platform you regularly use.

3.Rent out Room

How to Rent out your House | Douglas & Gordon Letting & Sales Agents in London

Renting out a room can be one of the oldest yet effective ways to make money. If you have an additional room that you’re not using, consider listing it on Airbnb to generate extra income.

Begin by offering a spare room on platforms like Airbnb, allowing travelers to stay and contributing to your earnings. Over time, as you accumulate savings, you may even explore the possibility of purchasing a property for rental purposes. Once you have a rental property, you can streamline the process by outsourcing tasks to a property management agency, enabling you to collect rental income with greater ease.

This strategy allows you to maximize the potential of your available space and turn it into a lucrative source of additional funds.

4. Get paid to download an app

BIG Digital Downloads Products - Sell & download digital product: PDF,Ebook,course,license key | Shopify App Store

How about receiving a $5 Amazon voucher simply for downloading an app onto your tablet or mobile? That’s exactly what MobileXpression offers. All you need to do is keep the app active on an Android device for a week, and you essentially get money for doing nothing. If you enjoy earning rewards for downloading apps, you might also want to explore Nielsen Online Panel. While you won’t receive payment for the download, you will be automatically entered into a prize draw with the chance to win up to $30,000—offering the potential to make a significant sum without any effort on your part.

5. Sell Photos Online

How to Sell Online: Everything You Need to Know (2023)

If you have a talent for capturing captivating moments through photography, you might want to explore the option of selling your photos online. Platforms such as Shutterstock and iStock provide opportunities for photographers to showcase and monetize their work. Here’s how it works: when someone downloads and purchases one of your photos from these stock photo sites, you receive a percentage of the sale as compensation. It’s a fantastic way to not only share your creativity with a broader audience but also earn income from your photographic skills. Consider signing up on these platforms and start turning your passion for photography into a rewarding venture.

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6. Make Money Testing Food

Get paid to test food...yes, even chocolate

Eating food is probably not something you consider a chore, right? Well, that’s why the next money-making opportunity might feel like getting paid for doing nothing. Research companies hire food testers to gather opinions on their food products. After tasting the food, you’ll be asked for your feedback, which could be part of a focus group discussion or simply providing scores in a questionnaire. Between each food sample, you’ll typically get a palate cleanser like a cracker and water to refresh your taste buds. These tasting sessions usually last around an hour or two, and if you’re part of a focus group, it might take a bit longer. It’s an excellent way to supplement your income, with the potential to earn between $45-$55, depending on whether you’re completing a questionnaire or participating in a focus group. So, imagine getting paid to enjoy different food samples and share your thoughts—it’s a tasty way to make some extra money!

7. Become Guest Shopper

Should Teens Have Credit Cards? | City National Bank

If you’re a fashion enthusiast who enjoys spending time in shops, consider becoming a ghost shopper. Instead of viewing shopping as a job, embrace it as a hobby and an enjoyable activity. As a ghost shopper, you have the opportunity to get paid for helping out hard-working professionals who are short on time. Your task involves picking up items for them while you indulge in the pleasure of exploring shops and curating fashionable finds. It’s a unique way to blend your passion for fashion with a rewarding and paid endeavor. So, if you relish the idea of being a personal shopper for those with busy schedules, this could be an exciting opportunity for you!

8. Make money listening to music

How To Start A Podcast And Make Money In 2023 – Forbes Advisor

Here’s another enjoyable way to make money without much effort—listening to music! While you do have to review the music, it’s still a fun little money-making opportunity. Slicethepie.com offers you the chance to earn money by writing reviews of music produced by aspiring musicians looking to share their tunes. It’s not a method to make substantial income; you’ll only be earning a few pennies per review. However, if you enjoy listening to music and providing feedback, earning a little bit of money is certainly better than none at all, right?

9. Make money house sitting

6 Super Simple Ways to Make Money While Travelling or House Sitting - The Travelling House Sitters Professional Housesitting Services

Imagine making money without actively working, all while relaxing in a luxurious home. That’s the enticing proposition of house sitting. The concept is gaining popularity as many individuals with multiple homes are frequently away for extended business trips. Rather than leaving their homes vulnerable to risks like burglary or squatting, these homeowners often prefer to have a trusted house sitter take care of their property. House sitting may also involve pet sitting, making it an ideal option for animal lovers.

Taking care of an adorable pooch or feline doesn’t feel like work at all. While house sitting may not be a way to earn a significant income—pay for long-term house sitting typically starts at $10 a day—it can be an excellent way to save on day-to-day living costs. Just imagine the savings on rent, utility bills, and food while you enjoy the comforts of house sitting in a beautiful residence.

10. Make money by not wasting money

7 Ways to Stop Wasting Money

Here’s a money-saving tip that might sound like a cheat, but in essence, not wasting money is a form of doing nothing—plus, it can lead to substantial savings. Start by incorporating a bit of negotiation into your everyday life. Over time, the small savings you accumulate by being frugal or a bit cheeky can significantly add up. Why pay more than necessary, right? Check out our article on how to save money by haggling for some tips. In the world, there are two prices—one for those who negotiate and one for those who don’t. Learn more about making and saving money through negotiation here. Similarly, many of us engage in spending habits that could be easily curtailed.

Do you truly need to purchase that specific cleaning product, or do you have alternatives at home that serve the same purpose? Must you opt for the most expensive brand, or would a discounted brand suffice? Are you actively shopping around for services like your current account or energy bill, or are you accepting the prices you’re given? Discover more about making money by not wasting money here. Additionally, don’t forget the potential earnings from selling or recycling items you no longer need. For instance, did you know you can get money for your old phone? It’s a simple way to declutter while putting a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

11. Make money waiting for deliveries

8 Ways To Make Money With Your Car

Making money by just hanging around—sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? This method is similar to house sitting but is a form of ‘short-term house sitting.’ It’s an easier and quicker way to earn money compared to staying in someone’s home for an extended period. We all know the frustration of those lengthy time-windows given by delivery companies or waiting for a plumber when something needs fixing. Sometimes, you’re expected to wait in the entire day!

Well, here’s the twist—some people are willing to pay you to sit in their house and wait instead. The pay for this type of gig can be quite good, typically ranging between $8-$12 per hour, and you really are doing nothing but waiting! One company specializing in short-term house sitting is Direct Sitters. You can apply to join their team, though they typically look for individuals with a background in childcare or teaching. Also, keep an eye out for potential opportunities on platforms like Gumtree.com—you never know what kind of unique and lucrative opportunity you might come across.

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12. Make money being a friend

7 Ways to Make Money With Friends

Yes, you can actually earn money by being a friend. What does it involve, you ask? Well, whatever the person wants! Some might want someone to show them around an area, others may want a movie buddy, some seek a workout partner, and some even want a wingman! To get started, you can sign up on Rent a Friend. The good news is that you don’t have to pay anything; only those looking for a friend need to pay to sign up. If someone likes your profile and wants you to be their friend, you can charge anywhere from $15-$30 per hour for your time. So, there’s good money to be made, and it’s a unique and surprisingly lucrative way to make money by doing nothing but being a friend!

13. Get cashback

Get cashback from online shopping. Reward program for loyal customers. 1943610 Vector Art at Vecteezy

Cashback sites offer an incredibly easy and straightforward way to make money, yet surprisingly, many people still don’t take advantage of them. Here’s how it works: when you join a cashback site, you receive a bit of money back on everything you buy. All you have to do is sign up (which is absolutely free) and shop through the cashback site’s portal. It’s essentially the same as online shopping through any other method, but the cashback site can track where you make your purchase, allowing both you and them to get paid for it.

Two of our favorite cashback sites are Top CashBack and Quidco, and the best part is, they are entirely free to join. In fact, Quidco even offers a $10 cashback bonus when you make your first purchase. So, you’re essentially getting money back just for shopping as you normally would—why wouldn’t you sign up?

14. Saving and Earning Money Tips

Saving & Earning – basic tricks and tips

To save money through negotiation in your daily transactions, adopt a proactive approach in seeking favorable deals and discounts. When making purchases, practice frugality by carefully considering each expense and opting for cost-effective alternatives whenever possible. Actively search for better deals on services, whether it’s for utilities, subscriptions, or other recurring expenses. Additionally, maximize your financial resources by selling or recycling items you no longer need.

By parting with unused or unnecessary possessions, you not only declutter your living space but also generate additional income. Utilize online platforms, local marketplaces, or recycling centers to turn items that no longer serve you into a source of extra funds. This strategic approach to both spending and resource management contributes to a more financially savvy and sustainable lifestyle.

Get Paid for Searching the Internet Getting paid for searching the web is an effortless way to earn money. If you spend a significant amount of time online, consider setting your search engine to one that offers monetary rewards.

19. Round up Your Change Automated saving apps make saving money a breeze by rounding up your purchases and depositing the spare change into a savings account. Many of these apps are free and simple to set up, allowing you to save money without any manual effort.

20. Sell Used Toilet Paper Rolls Surprisingly, there is a market for old toilet paper rolls, especially among individuals involved in arts and crafts. While you may not make a fortune, you can collect your used toilet paper rolls and sell them on platforms like eBay.

21. Open Emails Even reading emails can be monetized with platforms like InboxPounds. By signing up, you can receive up to three daily emails containing links. Click on these links, and you can earn up to £0.70 per email. Check out more details in my InboxPounds review.

Final Thoughts

The options highlighted here showcase various simple ways to earn extra income with minimal effort. While some initial steps may be necessary to set up these income streams, the rewards are well worth the effort. Whether you’re looking to boost your finances or work towards specific financial goals, these strategic approaches provide a pathway to achieve your objectives.

If you have additional ideas or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Your insights could contribute to a diverse range of opportunities for others looking to increase their income effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Get Paid For Walking?

Yes, you can get paid for walking. Certain side hustle apps such as TaskRabbit and Achievement reward you with points for steps taken or other physical activities. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, or cash. To take advantage of this opportunity, simply download the app, track your steps, and watch your rewards accumulate over time.

How Can I Make Money Fast Without Paying Anything?

To make money quickly without any upfront investment, consider online surveys, freelancing, or ghostwriting jobs. Websites like Survey Junkie or Swagbucks offer paid surveys, while freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork connect you with clients seeking various services. Additionally, signing up for ride-sharing or food delivery apps like Uber, Lyft, or DoorDash can provide immediate earnings.

What Are Free Money Techniques?

Free money techniques refer to methods of making money without significant investments or exerting excessive effort. Examples include referral programs where companies reward you for bringing in new customers, cash-back apps like Rakuten or Dosh that offer rewards for shopping, and passive income apps such as MobileXpression or Honeygain that pay for sharing data.

Can You Make Money Without A Job?

Yes, it is possible to make money without a traditional job. Options include freelancing, starting your own business, or investing in assets that generate passive income, like stocks, real estate, or royalties from intellectual property. Establishing reliable income streams in these areas requires time and effort, and it’s crucial to thoroughly research and consider opportunities that align with your interests, goals, and constraints.

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