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10 Websites Like Mathway – Alternative to Mathway [Updated 2023]

Mathway is indeed a widely recognized website with a math solver app that can assist in solving various types of math problems, ranging from elementary math to more advanced topics like calculus, trigonometry, algebra, statistics, and even chemistry. It offers a user-friendly interface with options to handle variable-based math and other subjects with subcategories. The app allows users to input values and perform explicit computations, which can be helpful in solving challenging problems.

The fear or aversion towards mathematics, commonly known as “maths anxiety,” is a common issue that many people experience. It can stem from factors such as encountering complex equations, dealing with unknown variables like X and Y, or facing challenging concepts like calculus. However, tools like Mathway aim to alleviate some of that anxiety by providing step-by-step solutions and visual representations to aid understanding.

By utilizing the Mathway Calculator software, even problems that are beyond the capabilities of standard classical calculators can be tackled. The program’s versatility in handling various mathematical disciplines makes it a valuable tool for students, professionals, and anyone who needs assistance with mathematical problem-solving.

The app’s ultimate goal is to offer thoughtful solutions to all arithmetic and mathematical problems, making it a useful resource for learners and enthusiasts alike. By providing a platform that covers different subjects and supports variable-based math, diagrams, and computations, Mathway aims to be a comprehensive math-solving tool.

10 Best Alternative to Mathway – Beginner’s Guide

Additionally, it employs the least uncomfortable user interface on the most popular platforms. To tackle arithmetic issues, you can try some more such programmes. Now let’s look at websites that can perform comparable tasks to Mathway Calculator. For whatever reason, math is not my subject of choice. For kids who enjoy solving math problems, new apps and websites have made the process much simpler. Mathway is one of these websites. This website is incredibly popular among students since it provides straightforward solutions to challenging arithmetic problems. But a lot of other fantastic websites, like Mathway, can accomplish the same thing and even better. Consequently, you will discover a list of websites that are similar to Mathway in this guide.

You can use these websites to obtain step-by-step answers to your mathematics problems. Here is a list of more math problem-solving websites that are just as excellent as or better than Mathway that can guide you through problems step-by-step with solutions. You’ve come to the ideal location if you’re seeking for some outstanding Mathway alternatives that can assist you in resolving mathematical issues. On the website Mathway , individuals can respond to math questions. It can be used on any device and is freely accessible to the general population. Kids, instructors, and parents all enjoy it. Mobile phones running iOS and Android can use the app. It is a free online tool for learning arithmetic that offers engaging exercises, games, and other activities.

In this post, we’ll examine 15 options besides Mathway that users can use to solve math issues. These websites, which are similar to Mathway , are free and don’t require a membership. They are designed to help people quickly and easily resolve mathematical problems.

What is Mathway?

“Mathway is a piece of open-source software that serves as a proofreading tool and enables users to produce mathematical proofs. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including as testing the correctness of proofs, developing formal proofs, and proving theorems. Because the programme is written entirely in Python, it may be executed on any platform that is compatible with Python. It allows for the efficient and uncomplicated composition of mathematical expressions. It’s a great way to test your arithmetic skills while also being a straightforward method for learning new mathematical concepts. You have the option of searching for real-world solutions, practising your mathematical skills, and gaining an understanding of how to solve mathematical problems.

Features of Mathway:

An online math tutor called Mathway is available for both personal and classroom usage.

  • The fact that this programme does not require any prior mathematics training or understanding is one of its most enticing features. The user only needs to be able to read numbers and add them together.
  • For both children and adults, the application includes a selection of pre-defined equations that are easy to use.
  • The programme makes arithmetic interesting and engaging by utilising several gaming-related aspects. Other features offered by the app include live chat, sharing of questions and answers, a timer, and more.

Look at these queries you might have with Mathway!

Is Mathway Free?

A free arithmetic programme called Mathway is made to assist kids in learning and doing math. The software offers a variety of interactive classes so that students can hone their abilities, amplify their confidence, and discover new ideas. It provides instruction on a variety of subjects, including algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, and probability theory. Due of its fun method of teaching math, this app has garnered great ratings from both parents and instructors. It has received recognition for the ease with which pupils of all ages may use it and for its user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

How to cancel your Mathway Subscription?

Mathway is a piece of subscription-based software for math. You are unable to stop your subscription before the current term is over. By visiting your account settings and selecting “Cancel Subscription,” you can end your subscription at any time.

Steps to cancel the subscription with the Mathway website:

1. Click Mathway’s Manage Subscription page. and sign in using your Mathway account details; if you don’t already have an account, do so right away;

2. Go to “My Subscriptions” and click the “Cancel my subscription” link;

3. Follow with the instructions on this page;

4. At the end of your current term, your cancellation will take effect (the next renewal date).

Canceling your Mathway subscription by using the app:

  • Launch the Mathway app on your device and sign in with your credentials.
  • Select “Subscription” from the menu on the left.
  • Then select “Manage My Subscription.”
  • Simply click “Cancel Subscription.”
  • To finish the cancelling process, adhere to the directions provided.

Is Mathway Safe?

Students of all levels can access math tutoring and games on the free math learning app Mathway. Millions of users have downloaded it, and it has gotten a lot of good reviews. You may use the app on your phone thanks to the addition of an android version. Because it was created by Mathway Inc., one of the most reputable names in mathematics, Mathway is secure to use.

Additionally, it offers a virtual community where users can connect with other students and educators for assistance with homework or other educational requirements. The software includes many features, including a built-in calculator, an interactive graph for each problem, and a step-by-step solution for arithmetic problems. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times since it was first released.

List Of The Best Websites Like Mathway – Top 10 Alternative to Mathway

These Mathway substitutes are beneficial for boosting output and workflow. These programmes were created with ease of use, simplicity, and user experience in mind. Here is a list of the top free Mathway substitutes that we found while looking for these applications.

1. QuickMath – Best Mathway alternative

The computer programme QuickMath app, which is math-based, aids children in learning math more quickly. Additionally, it enables pupils to complete their arithmetic homework without using a calculator. The software delivers pre-calculated answers to typical math word problems and includes an integrated mode for solving algebraic equations and inequalities. For homework, tests, projects, and assignments, students, teachers, and other students use it.



One of the best sites that are like Mathway is WebMath. It was made by Discovery Education and has the best answers to any math problem. But this site is great if you have a specific math problem in mind and want to know how to solve it. Try this site if you have a lot of math homework to do this week. You don’t have to download it to your phone or computer because it is a website. All you have to do is choose a category and type in the problem.

Next on the list is QuickMath, which is a real competitor to Mathway in terms of features because it has a lot in common with Mathway. With QuickMath, you can solve all kinds of calculus, matrices, equations, and other math problems. QuickMath also has apps that you can use on your phone if you want to. It has a lot of different categories and gives you a great step-by-step answer to your math problem. Overall, the app is a lot like QuickMath, and you will enjoy using it.

QuickMath is free and can be used instead of Mathway. It solves equations, matrices, calculus, etc. It goes over a lot of school and college subjects. QuickMath also shows steps, just like Mathway. If you’ve ever looked for help with math online, you’ve seen Quickmath. QuickMath helps with algebra problems and makes expressions easier to understand. The website works out math problems and shows each step. Pick a question type from the side bar or the bar at the top. Scroll down to see how to solve problems step by step.

The features and functions of QuickMath are similar to those of Mathway. It solves equations, matrices, calculus, etc. Like Mathway, QuickMath is a math programme that you can use online. If you’ve ever used Google to find answers to math problems, you’ve probably seen QuickMath. You can get an app for QuickMath so you can use it quickly, or you can use their website to solve problems. The software uses a multipurpose method to solve math problems. Simple to use. First, choose the type of problem, then type in the problem, and then press the action button. QuickMath gives answer steps. To solve a word problem, you must first figure out if it is an equation, a factoring problem, or a graphing problem. Then, put the math problem on the website. QuickMath is almost done.

Features to Explore!

Like the Mathway app, it is a free site. It is a simple math calculator that is easy to use and works on both Android and iOS. It has several things, such as:

  • Functions Simple math operations like adding and taking away. Number properties you can use, like square root or square roots.
  • You can enter what you have entered as a number, and the result of the operation will be printed.
  • It uses an algorithm that lets the user solve math problems on the spot, without writing them down or remembering them.
  • This free alternative to Mathway also lets students practise their math skills quickly and learn about new ideas on their own time.

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2. Microsoft Math Solver – Mathway Alternative

The Microsoft Math Solver app is a calculator that you can use to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. It can be used to solve math problems and learn about math. This app is similar to Mathway, and it can be used in many different languages. Both the Microsoft Store and the Google Play Store have the app. Its purpose is to help people understand and use mathematical formulas and numerical calculations.
Microsoft Math Solver (Mathway Alternative)

Microsoft Math Solver is the first site on the list of sites like Mathway. You only have to click on a picture of the answer or type it. This website will show the answer as a whole number, a fraction, or a graph. It also shows how to do each sum step by step and talks you through it. It acts like a private tutor. It keeps track of your math problems and tests you on them. It is a great place to learn new things and study for tests. Like Mathway, Microsoft Math Solver is a free website where students can type in any math problem and get a full answer right away. MathWay isn’t as good as Microsoft Math Solver when it comes to solving hard problems.

Microsoft Math Solver is without a doubt one of the most popular places to find answers to math problems. This site is good for both easy and hard problems. It has a powerful artificial intelligence engine that lets you scan a math problem and get a full answer. If you are a student, you must have this app on your phone because it can solve problems from elementary math to advanced calculus and even word problems. The best part is that you can print the worksheet if you don’t want to look at it on a screen.

Online, Microsoft Math Solver can solve both easy and hard math problems. This useful tool helps you figure out how to solve math problems. Unlike Mathway, this tool lets you type in math problems by hand. You can get answers right away if you use your camera to scan problems. The app’s advanced AI makes sure that solutions are correct and quick. If you don’t want to use the camera to scan problems, you can write or type them in. It’s easy to use Microsoft Math Solver. It’s not an easy solution. It gives detailed explanations with graphs, problems that are similar, and links to online video courses. This tool can solve math problems, calculus problems, and word problems. You can mark a problem to look at later without losing any data. The programme keeps track of the problems you’ve already solved so that you can look at them again later. You can print worksheets if you get tired of looking at your computer screen.

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Introducing the best free sites like Mathway

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT all have the Microsoft Math Solver app. With the release of Microsoft Office 2013 in 2013, the app came out (the first version of the Office suite to support a calculator application). You can solve fractions and decimals math problems with the Microsoft Math Solver app. Apps are a great tool for students and people who don’t major in math.


  • It’s a great way for students who are having trouble with math problems to get help.
  • One of the best things about this app is that it can help students with their math homework by showing them how to solve problems step by step.
  • It helps students learn math in a very natural way, without having to memorise formulas and ideas.

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3. WebMath – Mathway Alternative



WebMath is a website like Mathway that was made by Discovery Education to help people figure out how to solve math problems. Like Mathway, it lets you choose a specific category based on the type of math problem you need help with. You don’t have to download and set up any apps. You can easily solve problems online by choosing a category and typing in your problem. This will give you an answer right away. It is popular with students, especially as a homework helper, because it has tools and solutions that explain how to do math problems ranging from simple equations to calculus.

WebMath from Discovery Education is an online math help programme. Like Mathway, you can choose a category based on the math problem you are trying to solve. There’s no need to download an app. Choose a category and type in your problem to find an online solution. It’s often used to help with homework because it gives explanations for answers and ways to practise math problems, from simple equations to calculus.

WebMath is easy to use and looks nice. At the top of the page is a toolbar that helps people get around the site. Discovery Education’s WebMath is a subdomain, so new users should be careful not to get lost. The homepage can be long, but that’s because it has to have a lot of information. WebMath may not have fancy graphics, but it does a good job of explaining hard ideas.

WebMath is a math app that you can use on the web. Students and teachers all over the world use it to solve the math problems they face every day. This is one of the sites like Mathway that you can get on both Chrome and Firefox. It’s one of the best alternatives to Mathway.

Microsoft made WebMath so that people could do math on the web. You can quickly and easily do basic algebra, trigonometry, and geometry with it. It also makes it easy to solve quadratic equations and square roots, which can come in handy when you need to work quickly with numbers. Almost any type of data set, like numbers, strings, dates, etc., can be imported into the programme from almost any source. The programme can be used to find out how the data points (columns) in a given dataset are related to the variables.

Fundamental Features:

Web Math is an application that allows you to do math in your browser with the Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android operating systems. This alternative to Mathway has many features such as:

  • Data binding (inheritance)
  • Event-driven programming
  • On-screen keyboard input via a touch-first approach

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4. Symbolab Math Solver

Websites Like Mathway - Symbolab-Math-Solver

Symbolab is indeed another popular math-solving website that offers a range of functionalities and supports multiple languages. Unlike Mathway, Symbolab allows users to write mathematical expressions in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

The platform provides a simple interface for entering equations and offers a wide array of equations and functions for algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and more. It serves as a free alternative to Mathway and can be beneficial for students and beginners in math.

With its extensive library of equations and functions, Symbolab can be utilized for various purposes, such as doing math homework, learning new math concepts, and solving complex problems in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and more. It includes a built-in calculator and a dictionary to assist users with their mathematical needs.

Symbolab sets itself apart from Mathway by offering more than 100 powerful calculators, enabling users to solve math problems quickly and efficiently. The platform also provides clear step-by-step solutions for equations, integrals, trigonometry, limits, and other types of problems.

Moreover, Symbolab offers an interactive graph feature that helps users visualize the relationship between different mathematical entities and understand how their answers fit together. This can be particularly helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of complex math concepts.

One notable advantage of Symbolab over Mathway is its capability to solve Chemistry problems, specifically balancing chemical equations. This makes it a versatile tool for not only math-related tasks but also for chemistry-related problem-solving.

In summary, Symbolab is a valuable resource for anyone seeking comprehensive math-solving capabilities, with its support for multiple languages, vast equation library, step-by-step solutions, powerful calculators, and even chemistry problem-solving features.

Symbolab is a simple software for doing arithmetic problems. It helps with equations, integrals, trigonometry, limits, and other topics. This tool offers over 100 calculators to answer math problems rapidly. An interactive graph shows how your responses fit together. Symbolab beats Mathway because it can balance equations. The app’s history and notes help you find solved problems. Make “cheat sheets” for various topics. Symbolab’s calculator capturing tool is fantastic. This helps you visualise the situation. The software’s machine learning technique enables this. Symbolab is wonderful for everyone who likes arithmetic and numbers, but it is most useful for high school and college students who require an app to check their work.

Symbolab is a great app if you want a simple one. It talks about things like equations, integrals, limits, trigonometry, etc. You can also use it to solve problems in Chemistry, like balancing equations. The site is easy to use and has a clean interface.

Amazing Features to explore!

Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, Symbolab Math is cross-platform math software that is free and open-source. It offers the following attributes:

  • Elementary algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Quantitative Analysis and Statistical Computing for Geometry (Data Mining)
  • Programming in the Math Language (MLLP)
  • Graphics that update in real time (RTG)
  • Scripting for scientific graphics (SGP)

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5. Tiger Algebra – Solve Algebra Easily

Websites Like Mathway - Tiger-Algebra

Tiger Algebra is an alternative to Mathway, which is an app that teachers, students, and anyone else can use for free. It uses an algorithm to solve problems right away, so even people who have never used a calculator before can use it easily. For people who don’t know much about algebra, this app is a great website like Mathway. You can learn the basics of algebra and trigonometry quickly and easily with this method. It can be used to solve algebraic equations, word problems, and other kinds of math problems. It is made to solve equations, inequality problems, inequality problems, and different kinds of inequality problems.

Tiger Algebra is a cool website that helps you solve math problems. Because of how its website is made, it may be one of the ones on this list that is most like Mathway. If you want to solve a simple math problem, just type it into the field and watch as the app gives you the answers right away. You can also use Tiger Algebra to solve more complicated problems, like equations.

In this case, you will get a step-by-step explanation of how to find the answer. For instance, if you type an equation into the field, it will show you the answer, a graph, and the steps you took to get there before giving you the answer. This app can help you with your homework or just teach you a few new things. I’ve used Tiger Algebra a few times, and I think it’s one of the best alternatives to Mathway. However, unlike Mathway, Tiger Algebra can only solve algebra problems. Aside from that, the platform is great and covers every aspect of algebra.

Tiger Algebra has unique Feautres like Mathway.

This app has a lot of features, such as:

  • Tabs with step-by-step instructions on how to solve equations
  • Can solve equations using the pictures
  • Advanced math problems can be solved with just one click.
  • Be able to put together parts of a problem that are done in two or more steps.
  • No internet connection required
  • The programme is free to download and set up.

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6. PhotoMath – Website like Mathway

Websites Like Mathway - Photomath-Website-like-Mathway

PhotoMath is a free app that can be used instead of simple free sites like Mathway. It is an app that makes it easy to solve simple math problems like adding, subtracting, and multiplying. It doesn’t matter how bad you are at math, because you don’t need to know anything about it to use it. Several different algorithms are used by the app to solve math problems.

Photomath, Inc. made a math app that is easy to use. You can use this app to solve math problems on your phone by scanning the problem. This programme is easy to set up and works well. Install Photomath on your Android phone from the Play Store. Then, use your camera like a QR code to scan the equation, and Photomath will tell you the answer. Photomath doesn’t have a typing option like Mathway, but the camera scanning method is enough to solve both simple and hard problems. Help people solve problems in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. This app is great, and I’ve used it to check my homework. It shows how an equation works. The beauty of the app also helps. You can also do simple math with the calculator in the Photomath app.

This one isn’t like the others, but it’s still great. Photomath uses the picture on your phone to solve math problems. Use the camera on your phone to read and solve math and calculus problems. The app shows step-by-step solutions after scanning. He gives quick responses. The app is both free and can be bought. The free version shows the steps of a math problem, while the paid version has more information. This is a great tool for math students who are having trouble. You can use the app not only to look for answers, but also to find out how the problem was solved. Checking how each issue was made can also be helpful.

Are you looking for a place to solve math problems that is simple and easy to use? Then Photomath is the end of your quest. With this app, all you have to do is use the camera on your phone to scan the math problem that is giving you trouble, and the app will do the rest. When you scan a problem with the app, it gives you a QR code that leads you to the answer. The whole process is very simple. So definitely give this app a try.

Features of Photomath:

  • Any number, from 0 to infinity, can be used with the algorithms.
  • Along with text strings and integers, it also functions with graphics.
  • It is a wonderful method for figuring out any shape’s area, perimeter, volume, and perimeter.
  • It enables users to quickly calculate Pi and other mathematical constants.

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7. Cymath – Amazing Mathway Alternative

Websites Like Mathway - Cymath-Amazing-Mathway-Alternative

Cymath can replace Mathway. It simplifies math problems. The software will show you how to solve arithmetic problems step by step. This app can solve arithmetic problems if you take a picture of them. Graphs, algebra, and calculus can solve difficulties. All stuff is free, so the app is free. Here are 5 Mathway calculator options. All of the apps above are like Mathway, and some are better. Choose the one you think will help you in math. The Collaborative Research Group posted the above information for educational reasons. It used credible sources and expert advice. We don’t communicate with official bodies and won’t replace their information.

Cymath is a website that helps you figure out how to solve math problems. Just like Mathway, Cymath gives you free step-by-step answers to your math problems. You can use it to do a lot of different kinds of calculations, from simple graphing to complex calculus. It lets you take pictures like Microsoft Math Solver, but you can also type in your math problem like Mathway.

Cymath solves math difficulties. Cymath provides step-by-step math solutions like Mathway. It can conduct simple graphing and sophisticated calculus. You may capture images like Microsoft Math Solver and type like Mathway. This tool helps you learn arithmetic by showing you how it arrives at each answer. Function factorization, logarithm, trigonometry, partial fractions, quadratic equations, etc. Cymath usually delivers free, step-by-step math answers. Cymath Plus costs $4.99 a month if you want more support. This plan explains your assignment’s steps and why they’re taken. Most memberships are automatically renewed at least 24 hours before your current payment runs out, so you can cancel in time.

The next website on the list is Cymath, which is a great site like Mathway. This tool covers a wide range of math topics, from graphs to calculus to simple calculations. This site will help you a lot if you want to learn how to solve problems quickly. This site can help you learn about things like factorization functions, logarithms, trigonometry, partial fractions, quadratic equations, etc.

With the Cymath app, you can use math to do calculations. It is a free online math tutor that can help you learn math at your own pace. It is one of the sites like Mathway where you can work on math problems and figure out how to solve them on your own. It works on many different platforms and is easy to use. Calculations from simple addition and subtraction to complex multiplication and division are the app’s main features.

Its user interface is simple and easy to use, and it contains a lot of functions, including:

  • Rapid computations
  • Save outcomes
  • Computations using the x- and y-axes
  • Support for graphite tools with rectangular, polar, and cubic B-splines.

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8. WolframAlpha

Websites Like Mathway - WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alpha is another site like Mathway that can solve your math problems. Wolfram Alpha covers different math subjects like differential equations, geometry, statistics, algebra, and many more. It is also a great place to find study and learning materials. This website provides bite-sized explanations and several examples that can in turn make your revisions a lot easier. Besides math, they teach other things like history, physics, chemistry, political geography, media studies, and so on.

WolframAlpha is a kid-friendly arithmetic tool. It’s for people in high school and college. AI can do math faster than a math teacher. WolframAlpha is more reliable than copying a friend for pupils, but poorer for teachers. The programme checks the bits of a query against a growing database. WolframAlpha is similar to Google, but it has a narrower focus. Software like Mathway.

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The programme provides step-by-step solutions. WolframAlpha offers Mathematica for multi-step calculations. WolframAlpha is a better resource than Mathematica. Students can do math without knowing syntax when they use a notebook style. The notepad keeps past tool answers. The style of the notebook helps students get interested in what they are doing. If the first step doesn’t work, students can try the next one. So they can figure out what the numbers mean. WolframAlpha saves text and how it is put together. Notes can help you understand your calculations better.

It helps solve math problems and do searches that involve math. For computational searches, you can enter text, photos, or files with numbers, letters, or a mix of both. Wolfram can help people who don’t know much about data analysis, statistics, math, physics, astronomy, and other things. If a teacher doesn’t know what to look for, a ragged tab is a good place to start. It will show the teacher a question that was chosen at random.

Teachers can save their favourite questions and talk about them. Some number questions have graphics that you can’t find on regular consoles, but you can find them in Wolframalpha’s global catchphrase, which has a lot of different keys. In contrast to the table’s structure, the stage’s queries are based on calculations.

WolframAlpha is the best place to look if you want to learn how to do math. This is because it has a simple interface that makes it easy to learn and use math concepts. It is one of the free online sites like Mathway that gives you access to the full set of math functions. It also answers questions like “What does this mean?” about the world around us. “How do I find out about this?” “What’s the best way to get this done?” etc.

Top Features  of  Wolfram Alpha?

  • It can do calculations based on mathematical formulas and equations, something that no other database can do.
  • Because of this, it can give users a certain level of accuracy. The user can look through the database and try out different ways to solve problems.
  • The user can also look for answers, which are shown in a way that is easy to understand.

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9. SpeedCrunch

Websites Like Mathway - SpeedCrunch


Speed crunch is an app that can be used instead of Mathway. It helps you solve hard math problems in a lot less time. It figures out the answer and gives you the correct number. It’s a tool that lets you see how fast you are at math. The app uses machine learning algorithms that were trained with information about how real students did in school. There are versions of the Speed Crunch Math app for Windows, Android, and iOS. You can get the speed crunch app in both English and Spanish. The app uses a neural network to figure out the answers, and anyone from high school students to college students can use it.

It’s not like Mathway, but SpeedCrunch is one of the most powerful scientific calculators. It’s easy to understand and has enough power to make the list. This simple, open-source programme can be unzipped and run. Its simple user interface makes it easier to focus. It has one line of text. There is also a number key that makes you move more slowly. SpeedCrunch does not care about grammar. When you hit enter in SpeedCrunch, both 1+ and 1+1 mean the same thing. This tool has 100 math functions and 200 constants from science. It also has a built-in formula book with formulas for quadratic equations, the area of a cone, and other things. You can save formulas and scientific constants for later use with this programme.

SpeedCrunch is an alternative to the Mathway calculator. It is a good scientific calculator with a good keyboard and an interface that is based on the keyboard. It works with extended expressions, so you can type in the whole problem at once instead of line by line. SpeedCrunch catches mistakes as you type in problems, which makes it easy to find them. If you forget brackets when entering a problem, SpeedCrunch will show you how the sentence is put together. There are ready to go 80 numerical capabilities and 150 logical constants. You can look at and search for these in a dashboard, or you can start typing and let AutoComplete suggest options. SpeedCrunch is not only easy to use. Use a variable, your own numbers, or complex numbers if you need more. Your estimates can be added up to 50 digits with SpeedCrunch. This tool won’t make you good at math, but it will make it easier.

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10. SageMath

Websites Like Mathway - SageMath


SageMath is a completely free online math tutor that provides a fun and engaging method to learn arithmetic concepts. Students are able to practise their math abilities wherever they are and it comes with multiple levels to choose from. It was developed using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 respectively. It is a mode of thinking that is based on mathematics. This is one of the many free websites, similar to Mathway, that encourages you to consider mathematics in a novel and original manner. It is one of the most effective alternatives to Mathway..

Features of Mathway Alternative-

  • This app helps students learn fundamental math before college.
  • Teachers could also teach math basics. This would help them avoid common blunders made by first-year students.
  • This game lets kids learn numbers and addition by touring the home of numbers.
  • The app teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and trigonometry.

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11. Metacalculator

Metacalculator - Mathway Alternative

Metacalculator is fairly similar to the Mathway website. Users can build mathematical formulas, equations, and other calculations with the innovative app MetaCalculator. It functions similarly to a calculator and is utilised in a wide range of disciplines, including business and economics. It is an Android app for a math calculator. Students utilise it to answer arithmetic problems as well as adults who can use it to do so.

Math issues in areas like geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics may all be solved with the Mathway substitute app. In the area at the bottom of the page, you can enter mathematical expressions to use the website’s online calculator. You don’t need to install the online calculator to use it; however, you will need an active Internet connection.

Main Features of Metacalculator :

It has several features for free calculation, such as:

  • Calculate the square root, cube root, and pi to two decimal places.
  • Adding and taking away fractions;
  • Multiplying two numbers by an exponent or exponents;
  • Exponentiate two numbers by one or more factors.

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12. MathPapa


You can master basic math concepts with the aid of the math-based software MathPapa. It is a really straightforward programme with a simple user interface that makes learning arithmetic fundamentals enjoyable. It is an app that serves as a substitute for Mathway and uses games, videos, and other media to teach math to children. It will assist you in mastering both fundamental and more complex mathematical ideas, such as algebraic expressions and fractions. It enables students to monitor and grade their academic progress.

The programme also offers other tools including a word processor, calculator, and organiser. In addition to giving the user the capacity to solve arithmetic problems, it also gives them access to other tools like web links, movies, and other resources. Similar to Mathway, MathPapa is a calculator that can be used anywhere to solve algebraic equations. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider looking past this programme if you wanted to learn mathematics on your smartphone because it allows you to step-by-step analyse the results. The software, like Mathway, offers a variety of topic categories to pick from, but it focuses primarily on fractions, decimals, and percentages.

An excellent online algebra calculator is MathPapa. I suggest using this step-by-step resource to learn algebra on your smartphone. The programme solves the issue and provides the solution. With the help of this software, you can study mathematics at your own pace. MathPapa offers assistance with polynomials, equation graphing, and simple algebra. The software emphasises fractions, decimals, and percentages, similar to Mathway. Easily solve linear, quadratic, and inequality problems. The application can also use phases to solve equations involving two variables. In order to help you learn more quickly, the software offers math practise questions. There are puzzles involving decimals, percentages, and basic mathematics. And there’s more. Numerous algebra classes are available on MathPapa’s website to help you learn. The issues in these classes have step-by-step answers. Both PCs and mobile devices can use the app. The monthly cost for ad-free MathPapa is $9.99.

MathPapa is a great website, similar to Mathway, if algebra is a subject that you struggle with. One of the best online calculators that can handle a wide range of algebraic problems is available there. Even if you want to learn algebra completely on your smartphone, this website is fantastic. The nicest part about this website is that you can study algebra at your own pace even if it has several topics. It also performs admirably with graphs, polynomials, etc. Therefore, be sure to look it over.

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13. Calculator-Derivative

Websites Like Mathway - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur opens the door to a world of mathematical wonders with its exceptional derivative calculators, including a specialized tool for matrix derivative calculator. Embrace the elegance of calculus as you embark on a journey of exploring derivatives with ease and efficiency. These calculators are designed to ignite your passion for mathematics and empower you to conquer complex problems effortlessly. Step into the realm of advanced mathematics, armed with tools that epitomize accuracy and proficiency, to master the art of calculus like never before. Discover the power of our matrix derivative calculator, alongside other remarkable features, and unlock the true potential of your mathematical prowess.

 Derivative Prowess

Derivative Prowess: Our calculators demonstrate unmatched proficiency in finding derivatives for a wide array of functions, be it polynomial, trigonometric, exponential, or logarithmic.

Error-Free Solutions: Rest assured in the accuracy of your results, thanks to the calculators’ robust algorithms, ensuring precision in every derivative calculation.

Comprehensive Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of the derivative process as the calculators provide step-by-step solutions and explanations.

Empowering Mathematics Education: Perfect for students and educators alike, these calculators elevate the learning experience, making calculus concepts more accessible.

Versatility in Functionality: From basic derivatives to advanced concepts, these calculators serve as a comprehensive toolkit for all your calculus needs.

14. Calculator-Integral

Websites Like Mathway - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Delve into the world of integral calculus with – your ultimate destination for a treasure trove of specialized integral calculators, meticulously designed to unravel complex mathematical challenges, including long division integration calculator. Whether you’re seeking to evaluate definite integrals, compute indefinite integrals, or explore advanced mathematical concepts, our platform empowers you with the necessary tools for success. Unleash your mathematical prowess and discover the beauty of integrals through our comprehensive range of solvers. With the inclusion of the long division integration calculator, you can now effortlessly tackle even the most intricate integration problems.

Integral Prowess

Definite and Indefinite Integral Solvers: Seamlessly compute both definite and indefinite integrals, providing you with comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Step-by-Step Solutions: Enhance your understanding of integral calculus with detailed, step-by-step solutions that unravel the intricacies of each calculation.

Function Exploration: Experiment with various functions and gain insights into their integrals, facilitating a deeper comprehension of mathematical concepts.

Graphical Representations: Visualize functions and their corresponding integrals through interactive graphs, fostering a profound connection between mathematical theory and application.

Educational Resource: Our website serves as an educational hub, catering to students, educators, and enthusiasts alike, seeking to expand their knowledge of integral calculus.

Empowering Learning Environment: Embrace the platform’s friendly interface, which encourages exploration, experimentation, and mastery of integral concepts.

 Frequently Asked Questions on Mathway:

Q. What is Mathway?

A software called Mathway enables users to create, edit, and exchange arithmetic exercises. It serves as a top platform for producing and disseminating math information and is intended to aid students in learning mathematical ideas. Since its inception in 2012, it has grown to be an indispensable component of the math community.

Q. What is the Quickmath app?

For pupils that wish to learn arithmetic, there is an easy software called Quick Math. It enables kids to quickly review all of the fundamental math ideas. The programme has a variety of resources, including sections on beginning algebra, finite mathematics, and more.

Q. What is the difference between the tiger algebra app and quick math?

The mathematical idea of tiger algebra is comparable to the Mathway. The Tiger Algebra app is a tool for quick numerical calculations. It operates under the presumption that if x+y must be calculated, then x+y=x*y.

Q. Is the math world app a good alternative to Mathway?

The math world app is a web-based programme that enables pupils to work out math problems. It offers simple tools for adding and subtracting numbers, finding the solution, and solving equations. A graphing calculator and a calculator are also included.

Q. Is there a better Mathway alternative than a meta calculator?

The cost of several options can be calculated using a tool called a metacalculator. Additionally, it computes the expense of various actions. It is a highly well-liked tool that aids in cost and savings calculations. This calculator has been around for a long time and is used frequently in daily life. However, it’s still unclear whether or not it can take the place of the metacalculator.

Final Words 

Try any of these websites similar to Mathway to find online solutions to your arithmetic problems. They differ from websites where you can learn math lessons in that you can’t learn lessons on these websites. They are intended to answer questions specifically. Try them out and let us know what you think.

Even though it is one of the most challenging classes you will take as a student, mathematics will always rank high on the importance scale. Despite its significance, many students still despise it because of how challenging it is. For the same reasons, many students actually despise math-related disciplines. However, some people adore mathematics and take great pleasure in solving challenging puzzles. These children occasionally look for simpler, quicker answers to arithmetic problems; sadly, online tools like Mathway provide these solutions as well as explanations of how they function.

You can’t solve every mathematical issue using a calculator and your wits by yourself. You occasionally need a little assistance to increase your productivity. For me, that helping hand is nearly always provided by Symbolab since it not only saves me a tonne of time and effort, but also because it is the app on our list that is most comparable to Mathway and does not require a premium subscription. Which one is your favourite out of the 12 websites I’ve shown you that are similar to Mathway and that you can use to solve any arithmetic issue you run into?

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