What Does Google Think About Guest Blogging

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What Does Google Think About Guest Blogging?

One of the finest benefits of guest blogging is sharing your knowledge on the other person’s website, exposing your brand to a massive range of audiences. The guest blogging technique has been in place for a long time, and as a matter of fact, marketers and business leaders have been performing guest blogging across high-profile sites for a long. But, guest blogging has become a major issue whenever there is a motive working behind a wrongfully constructed guest post since you aim to build links. The inbound links may not be bad. But, the spammy unnatural links are in order.

Therefore, Google is issuing a warning about guest posts with the only aim of link building and boosting the SEO ranks, as this is the technique that Google finds unbeneficial and unfair to its users. Guest blogging is less time-consuming and an effective mode of achieving several goals associated with conventional blogging. Therefore, today we will highlight a few Google-approved guest blogging tips to consider while you adhere to the Google guidelines in 2022 in a manner that proves beneficial to you. Google loves guest blogging. It’s a great way to build your brand and get more traffic to your site. However, if you don’t know how to do it properly, it can backfire.

What Does Google Think About Guest Blogging

1. Know The Purpose Of Your Guest Blogging

Blogging as a guest is never performed randomly, even though you check out a blog believing as the best fit. It involves the rhymes and reasons behind the efforts of guest posting. If you’re new to guest blogging, you might be wondering what your purpose is. It’s a good question. The best guest bloggers have a purpose and they know what they want to achieve by writing a blog post. Whenever you know and understand the need for a guest blog, it becomes highly driven by purpose. In terms of blogging, there are mainly three possibilities linked with guest blogging:

Attaining authority in your industry or niche: It fulfills the E-A-T criteria for Google, and it is sensible to start guest posting there.

Branding: While you are offering something useful for the audience of other bloggers, they will approve the inclusion of a link directing the traffic back to the site.

Generate backlinks to your site: If you select the blogs carefully for submitting well-structured posts, you can easily receive quality and relevant links back to the site. It is what Google loves to see as it recommends authority.


2. Explore Greater Guest Blogging Opportunities

Now that you know your motivations let’s concentrate on locating guest blogging chances. Your own business or expertise is an excellent place to start because you are more likely to be knowledgeable about it than anything else. Utilizing Google search to your advantage is one approach to finding guest posting opportunities tailored to your expertise or sector. Search on Google for your sector or specialty plus “guest blog” or “accepting guest blog entries.” Another item off your to-do list is that the results should take you straight to pages with instructions for guest bloggers.

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3. Before Guest Posting, Explore the Target Blogs

Before structuring some attractive guest posts, take some time to explore the blogs you are targeting. Check out the things like the kind of content you wish to have on your blog. Do your posts match the interests of your audience? Always turn the focus on engaging your readers. Ensure to check how active or involved the readers, followers, or subscribers to the site are. Notable signs of engaged readers are : A mix of relevant comment sections ·

Posts are shared on social media daily · Follow-up posts appear in response to the relevant feedback and feedback Additionally, always aim at the blogs where the blog owners are active on social media. It is the most Google-frienWhat Does Google Think About Guest Blogging - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggersdly approach since it recommends that your guest posts have a better chance of being promoted across varied social platforms, and this has better visibility.

4. Focus On Searcher Intent Than Keywords

You are not starting SEO from scratch whenever you are guest blogging, and you are more inclined to tap on established content sources. As a result, you no longer become over-obsessive with the keywords. It is where SEO Agency Newcastle can help you. Furthermore, it is advised to skip keyword research for guest posts. The primary issue with the keywords for this kind of content is they perform higher across keywords targeting varied niches and industries that are more likely to be competitive and perform best to rank for the posts.

What Does Google Think About Guest Blogging - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

5. Make Your Posts Original & Unique

Always keep the topics of your guest posts unique, as it is a Google-friendly way to make the guest blogging work out for you. However, previously discussed subjects aren’t necessarily off-limits. In addition, scrolling through every single blog article is not always practicable. However, you may quickly check by entering “your intended topic + the blog name.” If the topic you choose to write on is never written, then it becomes visible on the search result pages.

Always take a closer look at the posting date for similar topics and how the topic gets discussed. You may simply make the blog owner love your content if you implement your best effort and creativity as it comes with a new take on the best-covered post. You can start generating more interest in achieving your blogging goals while exploring ways to make your guest posts unique.


Final Thoughts

Google makes it clear that guest posting is acceptable, and it is only detrimental if increasing the number of links pointing to your website is the major objective. Guest blogging serves several purposes: community building, branding, and visibility enhancement. Google, meanwhile, is merely asserting that many people have been misusing this guest blogging to manipulate the SEO game. Authors have been slavishly producing low-quality content for many websites during this time. On the other side, publishers have welcomed these guest blogs, and everything is a tactic to raise their search engine ranks.

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