What is Google BERT?5 min read

What is Google BERT? 

Google recently has updated its algorithm and introduced Google BERT. Google develops BERT for Natural language processing and training. Jacob Devlin and other members of his team created and published BERT in 2018. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from the transformer. Google has introduced BERT to understand the search for internet users better.


Website owners apply many SEO tactics to their websites to boost traffic. Search engine optimization(S.E.O) techniques help them increase visibility. But Google updates its algorithm from time to time, and website owners face complications in applying SEO strategies when Google declares changes and updates its algorithm. They feel vulnerable. Here is more about the recent algorithm update of Google and how SEO professionals can deal with it.

What is Google BERT?


In today’s times, BERT is being used for English language queries, and in the future, it will be used for other languages. Google BERT may also affect featured snippets. It is used in every part of the world in the featured snippets in almost all the languages.


It’s a neural-based technique for NLP pre-training. BERT was introduced to help computers understand languages, just like how humans do.


When is it used? 

What is Google BERT?

Google said that BERT helps them understand the queries and context of words effectively searched by internet users.


Google further explained that BERT helps the search engine form a relationship of one word to another and better understand the meaning. Earlier, Google used to face difficulty in understanding the necessity of connections. Using BERT, the search engine can now realize that simple terms like ‘to,’ ‘and,’ ‘or,’ etc., can change the meaning of a sentence or query altogether. Simple words like these can help the search engine provide quite relevant results to the users.


Google also said that words like ‘do’ also play an essential role in providing relevant content to the audience. The most significant advantage of Google BERT is that it allows Google to understand the audience’s queries more like a human. Google would face no complications in understanding the users’ questions and will understand the queries, just like how a human would do. Because of BERT, Google would also provide more relevant results to the audience.


Not only this, when BERT would help Google understand the audience’s queries, then Google would show relevant featured snippets to the users. For example, earlier, Google used to get confused by the queries like “Parking on a hill with no curb.” Google would put no focus on the word ‘no.’ But after the introduction of BERT, Google understands that simple terms can change the meaning of a sentence, and now Google provides more relevant results.


What about RankBrain? 

What is Google BERT?

Google introduced RankBrain as its first AI method to understand queries. It launched five years ago to look at questions and understand the web pages’ content of the Google index. It used to provide Google with an accurate and better meaning of words and people’s queries. RankBrain was quite popular at that time and also played a significant role in ranking.

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However, it’s not popular in today’s times, but that doesn’t mean it is dead. It’s still used for some of the queries of the users. Google keeps using RankBrain and BERT to understand the meaning of the words. Whenever Google thinks RankBrain would not be able to explain a particular query effectively. Google starts taking help from BERT. Google says that we use multiple methods to understand a question, and BERT is one of them.


How does Google use multiple methods to understand a query? 


Google further explained that they use several ways to understand what a particular query means and what blog posts and articles on the web are related to that specific query.


Most often, when we search for something on Google, and if we misspell a word, the spelling systems of Google help us find the content related to the right terms. Don’t they?


Similarly, when we use a word that’s a synonym to the terms that get included in the content of Google, then Google shows us content related to the synonyms. Like these, BERT is another tool or algorithm that Google uses to understand the user’s queries effectively.


Google uses several systems to understand what the users are seeking and provide them with the best and accurate results.


Optimization for BERT 


There is no such thing as doing SEO for BERT. Google is becoming better at understanding the languages and people’s search. You need to create the relevant content, and Google will show your result wherever it would seem necessary.


Bottom line


Google keeps updating its algorithm, and online business owners feel vulnerable when Google changes the algorithm. The recent update of Google is the BERT, and it might affect some website owners. But you need not forget that relevancy is the key to get a higher rank in SERPs. It would help if you kept creating relevant and high-quality content, and Google would show your website in search results.


Many website owners have experienced a change in the traffics to their websites. It will help if you check whether the amount of traffic for your website has changed recently or not. And if it has, then how can you boost the truck again. It would be best if you also found out whether other websites have experienced a drastic change in the amount of traffic they were receiving or not. Before searching for solutions, you need to analyze social media things and search accordingly.

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