What is Parallax Scrolling?

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What is Parallax Scrolling – How it Works with Examples?


What is Parallax Scrolling?


The parallax effect has been used in classic video games for years, but it has recently become popular in web design. This fantastic effect is now frequently seen as part of a web page’s scrolling feature. It creates a sense of depth (a faux-3D look) and an exciting surfing experience by using numerous backdrops that appear to move at varying rates.

When viewed from different angles, nearby things have a larger parallax than farther away items, hence parallax scrolling can be used to calculate distances. We’ve gathered 30 of the most stunning websites that employ the scrolling parallax effect.

The parallax scrolling effect created waves as a new and fascinating web design trend when it first appeared online in 2011. In the years afterward, many internet fads have come and gone, but parallax scrolling has cemented itself as a fundamental design tool that is here to stay.

When designing a website, using parallax scrolling to add depth and movement to the surfing experience is a terrific way to go. Below you’ll discover a detailed explanation of what parallax scrolling is, as well as some inspirational website examples and website designs to get you started.

What is parallax scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is a web design method in which the foreground and backdrop of a page move at different speeds. As users scroll down the site, a 3D effect appears, adding depth and creating a more immersive browsing experience.

The concept of parallax is based on optical illusion. We view distant objects as moving more slowly because the human eye interprets objects close to us as larger than objects farther away.

The illusion has long been used in parallax across a variety of mediums, resulting in a realistic appearance. Its initial appearances were in traditional animation, such as Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and video games like Super Mario.

Parallax effects later evolved into the world of web design as we know it today, thanks to developments in CSS and HTML. Here are nine beautiful parallax scrolling examples created with Wix for your web design inspiration:

Jomor Design

What is Parallax Scrolling?

This portfolio by Jomor Design demonstrates how to strike the proper mix between design and personality, with a clever layout, interesting microinteractions, and plenty of wit.

Everything comes together for a smooth user experience, from the subtly changing text to the multiple parallax effects affecting its graphic components. Along with his design work, Jo adds just the appropriate amount of levity. “78 percent of my clients describe me as a genius,” he says. The remaining 22% think I’m a sexy genius.” This, coupled with a few more amusing quips, elevates this beyond a portfolio of his work to a depiction of who he is.

jomor design home page


What is Parallax Scrolling? - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

With its social media platform, Timeslot takes a unique approach. They want individuals to post what they’re up to on their calendars and connect with their pals to make future plans. Instead of sitting by idly, they focus on how technology can bring people together to share experiences.

Horizontal parallax is used by Timeslot to assist communicate the tale of how their software works for their users. A tiered stack of people’s images appears at the top of the page. As you scroll down, these people are grouped together and displayed on a smartphone screen. This powerful picture is a terrific metaphor for what their programme intends to accomplish in terms of connecting people.

What is Parallax Scrolling?


weglot home page

Webflow makes it possible for anybody to be a designer, thanks to no-code visual platforms that put the tools in front of you to create without the need for programming. Weglot extends Webflow’s capabilities by allowing designers to develop multilingual sites without needing to know another language. This allows you to work with clients from all over the world and overcome language barriers.

The homepage of Weglot’s website features a globe that is being ripped apart. These elements are brought together by a downward scroll. This symbology accurately expresses the spirit of what their program accomplishes by allowing them to pull in overseas clients who would otherwise be out of reach.

Parallax effects can be used to create subtle design alterations or to make a larger impact, as Weglot accomplishes in this disconnected world animation.

multilingual webflow websites


steezy's home page

STEEZY Studio wants to help you obtain your daily exercise by teaching you some new moves. They provide video lessons for dance that go beyond simply pressing play on a video. They allow you to study dances in greater depth by allowing you to choose multiple viewpoints, loop movements, and alternatives.

There are a few parallax effects employed throughout the design, but this accordion-styled effect is the most eye-catching. They use an inclined plane to put up the classes for a specific dancing course. This is not only more engaging than a horizontal grid of screenshots, but it saves space as well.

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steezy's d


neueform beats' website

Andres Jasso’s lo-fi, hypnotic, R&B-inspired electronic music may be found on neueform. He’s not only a producer, but also a designer, as evidenced by his work. To promote his tracks, he built a minimalist, almost brutalist black and white music website design.

At the very top, there’s an eye-catching parallax that touches a circular grid. It’s a subtle effect, but it helps this shape pop off the screen. This is another example of how parallax effects don’t have to be overdone; even small movements may make a big difference in a design.

neueform portfolio

Avenir Creative

avenir home page

Heco Partners’ Avenir Creative is the second company on this list. Their work for the design business Avenir Creative is more angular than their other design in this blog for On Corps, which has a bubbly geometry. A multitude of parallax effects are used in conjunction with the skewed geometry, adding to the eccentric and unique atmosphere of this agency’s website.

avenir creative website


terusama home page

On the parade of smartphones and screenshots that fill the right hand side of their design, Terusama, a supply chain management platform, uses parallax. It’s an effect that may go unnoticed by non-designers, but it certainly caught our attention. By changing the speed of these graphics, a pleasant gap in congruity is created.

terusama website gif

  Downtown Bentonville

What is Parallax Scrolling?

Are you going to be in Bentonville, Arkansas for a while? If you haven’t already, you should; as this website demonstrates, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on there (goat yoga, anyone?).

There’s a lot of content here, but there are also a few scroll-triggered features to keep things interesting, like parallax, which makes it a simple user experience.

bentonville downtown app

  UDX Bike

What is Parallax Scrolling?

Electric BMX bikes from UDX Bike appear to be capable of considerable activity. With each bike set against a monochromatic background, the product photography highlights the nuances and raw beauty of these motorcycles. This alone would have made these BMX bikes stick out, but a parallax pushes them even further, forcing you to pay attention.

udx bike gif

 Agency In The Wild

agency in the wild website

For a fantastic agency website, Agency In The Wild uses large text and snappy scroll-triggered animations. There’s a unique user-activated parallax in the shape of a moving addition sign, as well as a list of people they’ve collaborated with. Some of the best effects are purely decorative, yet they help designs stand out.

agency in the wild parallax effect


super lab website

Superlab’s agency website is full of creative flair, with vivid geometric designs, fascinating animations, and an optimistic look. Each featured project is given a tiny push by using parallax, which contrasts with the design’s static features.

superlab parallax gif

 Custom Web

What is Parallax Scrolling?

So, we don’t know much about what this Webflow app design is all about, but what’s here in terms of parallax is well worth highlighting. Every section of this layout has an animated effect that adds movement to the space. The use of parallax is liberally sprinkled throughout, giving it much-needed depth and dimensionality.

custom web app template


vectary home page

Vectary is an AR and 3D image creation platform. With this software, you can create everything from cartoon creatures to photorealistic product representations. This design features a lot of 3D visuals. However, they also include a few parallax effects, as demonstrated below, which lend even more excitement to the design.

vectary website scroll-through

 Creative South

What is Parallax Scrolling? - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Creative South, a design conference in Columbus, Georgia, puts on an event with a stellar lineup of speakers and creative workshops. With its unique visuals and organic textures, this website perfectly portrays the essence of their conference. When you scroll through the design, you’ll notice a multitude of parallax effects that move the elements of the vibrant environment.

creative south full website

 Digital Bake

digital bake

You should check out Aaron Grieve’s collection of cool and useful Webflow elements on the Digital Bake if you’re a Webflow designer. This innovative and seamless layout, complete with parallax awesomeness, provides you another more reason to visit his site and see what he has to offer.

You can clone this for free, and it has a cool array of forms and room for your own content. For your own designs, you may even change the colours and modify it however you want.

digital bake parallax effect


What is Parallax Scrolling? - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Interactions 2.0 includes parallax effects. User actions direct the route through scrolling and micro-interactions, which is a logical continuation of web design. This guide examines how far interactions have progressed to the present day, using a variety of amazing parallax effects along the way.

webflow interactions site


parallax website

It’s right there in the name. But this is a textbook example, and it’s free to clone. This gives you a simple tutorial on how to create something similar together on your own, with varying layers of stars and foggy mountains.

webflow parallax animation

Industrial Jewellery

Hila Rawet Karni’s website uses parallax scrolling to provide an exciting and dynamic browsing experience. By stacking images and text on top of one another and having them move at different rates, the website looks to be constantly altering and generating new compositions as we scroll. The layered style of this small business website also helps it stay current with web design trends.

Take note of how the sitting woman in the centre photo keeps her stance as the other elements move around her. That photo eventually fades out of view, making space for other parts of the site and giving it a more dynamic feel.

Industrial Jewellery: Parallax examples

Thanks to digital graphics and a rich colour palette, this nonprofit website has a cheerful, friendly tone. The top fold depicts a boat on the ocean, which is fitting for an organisation whose name means “The Boat Called Smile” in Portuguese.

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The first fold’s ocean view, on the other hand, is gradually eclipsed by the greenery of the second as we scroll down this multilingual website. The use of parallax scrolling generates a fluid transition that resembles the layers and depth found in animated films or video games.

This lovely and simple website is the perfect modelling portfolio for supermodel Karlie Kloss. The website’s colour scheme, which includes white, grey, and black, as well as a lot of white space, is intended to be simple.

Minor touches such as the subtle use of pink, the thick black typeface, the impression of motion imparted by parallax scrolling, and the inclusion of video raise the website above the ordinary.

Hana Knizova’s photography website has a long scroll of exposed and covered pictures using parallax scrolling. The photographs on the homepage demonstrate Hana’s many projects and specialisations as a photographer, ranging from editorial to portrait to maternity photoshoots.

Simultaneously, the images function as the website menu, resulting in a one-of-a-kind navigation system in which each image links to a separate inner page.

Hana Knizova: Parallax examples


Parallax scrolling: Canals

Canals offer an online experience akin to leafing through a coffee table book (Image credit: Canals)

Canal takes visitors on a 400-year journey through the construction and history of Amsterdam’s canals, which began in the 17th century. Marcus Brown designed it, and Aristide Benoist developed it. The website is designed to provide an editorial experience akin to leafing through a beautifully produced coffee-table book. Its smooth horizontal scrolling makes heavy use of parallax to draw attention to each new section of the storey and give the site a subtle sense of depth.

 The story of The Goonies

Parallax scrolling: The story of The Goonies

A sweet ’80s retro fix with engaging parallax scrolling (Image credit: The story of The Goonies)

The Goonies, a 1980s teen adventure picture, is a must-see for anybody of a certain age. This site will undoubtedly bring back memories if this describes you. Joseph Berry used WebFlow to create The Story of The Goonies, a passionate tribute to a nostalgic classic. It starts with parallax scrolling to entice viewers into the plot, then introduces the characters and exposes more about the film.


Parallax scrolling: DogStudio

The animated 3D doggo is the star of Dogstudio’s site [Image: Dogstudio]

The major highlight of the website is a beautiful animated 3D dog — or is it a wolf? – in the center of the page. The animated canine scales and rotates as you go down the parallax page. The lighting changes color when you hover over the titles of Dogstudio’s recent productions. The dog spinning in front of some of the page content, covering some of the words, and providing depth, is one of our favorite elements. It’s a highly professional presentation.


When Using Parallax, Keep These Things in Mind

While there are advantages to using parallax sections on your website, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Choosing Images for the Background

Consider the image you’ll use for each background part. Make sure they’re appropriate for your website and match your logo. Instead of a photo or an attention-grabbing graphic, consider utilising a block colour or subtle patterns to display a header or additional material over the top of this background image. This ensures that your image complements and promotes your content rather than detracting from it.

If you’re going to use photographs, be sure they’re of good quality. Beautiful, eye-catching photos can help your site appear more professional and distinct. These images will leave a lasting impression on your audience, prompting them to remember and return to your website. There are a plethora of stock websites where you may get high-resolution photos. Look through our list of free and paid stock picture sources to get great images for your parallax backdrops.

Parallax on the go

While parallax is a terrific method to add visual intrigue, it isn’t necessarily compatible with mobile devices. Parallax effects may not appear correctly on phones and tablets since they often use swipe navigation (rather than scrolling like desktops). Of course, the method and movements you employ for your own parallax section will determine this. However, you may wish to disable parallax on tablets for better usability.

Accessibility and Parallax

In addition to reducing mobile usability, parallax can also cause accessibility issues. Because parallax is based on motion, it might make reading more difficult and cause browser or device compatibility problems (as mentioned, on mobile especially). Furthermore, shifting layers might cause contrast issues, further affecting readability. As a result, you should take extra caution while designing parallax portions for your website.

Last Words on Parallax Effects

Try a plugin if your theme doesn’t have a built-in parallax effect or if you want to add the effect to more than just your homepage. Slider Revolution or Advanced WordPress Backgrounds (both free) are excellent options. You can use either to rapidly generate parallax sections for your websites or articles.

As you can see, incorporating a parallax effect into your website can be really beneficial. It will not only assist to improve the looks of your website, but it will also help to appeal to your audience, make it easier for them to browse and access content, and increase the amount of time they spend on it. This enhanced user experience should ultimately assist your site in achieving its objectives. Whether you want to boost the number of repeat visitors, acquire leads, or sell items or services, this is the place to be.

Will you use a parallax effect on your homepage, landing page, blog post, or elsewhere? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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