What is RoboForex

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What is RoboForex: A Comprehensive Guide To Account Registration

RoboForex is a reputable forex broker that makes it easy for traders to leverage the global financial markets. The broker has been in the market for over 10 years, expanding its services to over 193 countries. It makes trading in various financial instruments like crypto, indices, stocks, and currency pairs seamless for thousands of traders across these locations.

If you are looking for a reliable brokerage company, you might want to consider RoboForex. The platform guarantees an enjoyable trading journey to beginners, from easy account opening to their user-friendly website. You can start trading within just a few easy steps of opening an account with RoboForex.

What is RoboForex

Here is a step-by-step guide to registering an account with RoboForex.

Step 1: Open RoboForex Site

All you need to start the process is a stable internet connection and a browning device. Go to the broker’s official website – https://www.RoboForex.com/.

On the webpage, there are two buttons: ‘sign up’ and ‘open account.’ The first option is for existing users, so click on open account to be redirected to the account registration page.

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Step 2: Fill in Personal Details

RoboForex only requires your basic personal details. The details you should provide for account registration are:

  • Email
  • First and last name
  • Mobile number

Since the broker is required to accept only members that meet the legal age limit, you must confirm that you are at least 18 yrs old to register as a member.

You must also agree to provide the required documents and opt-in for emails on company offers (which you can unsubscribe from any time you wish). Ensure all the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

Step 3: Verify Identity

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For compliance purposes and to safeguard your account, RoboForex requires its members to provide proof of their identity. There are three steps of verification;

  • Email verification; you’ll need to log in to your email and follow the directions from the email sent by Robfororex to confirm ownership.
  • ID/Passport Verification; For this verification, you’ll need to upload a scanned copy of your government-issued ID. Usually, a driver’s license or passport works.
  • Address verification; Finally, you’ll need to verify your address by providing a bank statement or utility bill that confirms your residence.

Identify verification is an easy process you can complete without help, simply follow the instructions and contact customer care if stuck.

There are many channels of reaching RoboForex, all are available on the website. The fastest way to reach them is by live chatting, but you can still get help on WhatsApp, skype, telegram, Facebook, or email.


Step 4: Deposit Funds into Your Account

What is RoboForex

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After your verification documents are approved, the next step is to fund your account. Fortunately, RoboForex has many bank and electronic money deposit options, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and BNB (BNB Smart Chain).

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Choose your preferred option, input the amount, and choose a currency to initiate the deposit process. The least amount you can deposit is 10 EUR. So, deposit the amount you are comfortable with and take advantage of leverage of up to 1:2000.

Step 5: Choose the Account Type

There are 5 different types of accounts you can open with RoboForex; each of them is designed for different trading purposes.

Once you pick an account, choose a currency, and set the leverage and password for your new account before you start trading.

Here’s a quick overview of the trading accounts to help you decide which one to open first:


The demo account is ideal for beginners. It allows you to test various markets and systems using virtual money.


A real account is where you can trade with real money and earn profits. To suit different traders’ needs, RoboForex offers various types of real accounts. They include;

  • ProCent: Perfect for beginners testing their strategies. It has cents trading sizes and a lower minimum deposit and provides a smooth transition from a demo account.
  • Pro: An account ideal for beginners with experience trading in CFDs and real currencies. It has standard trading sizes and a higher minimum deposit.
  • R StocksTrader: It’s a unique account for trading on the R Stocks Trader mobile and web platforms.
  • ECN: Suitable for experienced traders looking for competitive spreads and direct market access. The account has competitive trading conditions and high order execution speed.
  • Prime: This account is best for professionals and institutional clients.

Choose an account type ideal for your experience level and trading needs to start trading.

CopyFX Trader

If you have effective trading strategies with consistent profits, you can register for this account. It allows other traders to copy your trades, and in turn, you get commissions.


Partnership with RoboForex is a nice way to expand your revenue streams without trading directly. As an affiliate partner, you help the company in marketing and earn commissions from the trading activities of those that join the platform through you.


Step 6: Begin Trading

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With everything out of the way and the account funded, you are ready to start trading. You can choose what currency pairs or financial instruments to trade. Fortunately, RoboForex has an easy-to-use platform and provides numerous educational resources and trading tools to help you succeed.


RoboForex is the ultimate trading platform for many traders, backed by extensive internet research and favored for its favorable fees, terms, and reliability. It caters to both beginners and experienced traders seeking a smart money solution to enhance their skills and maximize profits. With the help of this guide, registering your account should be easy. However, the process can change depending on the company, so check the official site for the latest information.

Additionally, remember that while trading can be lucrative, it involves risk. Studying the markets and using risk management strategies will save you from incurring losses. It’s also advisable, to begin with a demo and switch to a real account once you are confident with your trading skills.

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