Why Employer Brand Matters

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Top Reasons Why Employer Brand Matters for Businesses

In the ever-changing business world, competition is constantly increasing. For as long as it has existed, the company’s reputation has played a key role in attracting customers and increasing revenue. Therefore, every business strives to build a unique brand to achieve long-term goals. But what hasn’t been evident is the crucial role of the employer brand. Branding helps the business stand against competitors, and employer branding helps it to attract talented candidates and determine efficiency. Top Reasons Why Employer Brand Matters for Businesses

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Your organization’s employer brand significantly impacts hiring practices and retention rates, so you must take steps to improve it. Still doubts about it? We’ve listed the top compelling reasons why optimizing your image as an employer is important:

Why is Employer Branding Important?

Reduces Time Taken for Hiring and Expenses

With a powerful presence in the recruitment market, your organization’s hiring funnel will be filled with high-quality candidates. With accumulated applications, you can choose and hire the best one. And at the time of making a decision, if a candidate is juggling more than one option, your company will be preferred due to its impeccable image. Overall, the time taken to fill a position gets reduced, and you can conclude the hiring process easily.

Additionally, a well-known name as an employer will result in decreased costs as you will no longer need an agency to hire people. You will not need to promote your job openings as the funnel will be filled with enough candidates right from the start. The money your employer image saves you should be invested in wellness initiatives, so the company’s reputation thrives and can provide efficient results in the long term.

Attracts Top Talent

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HR is the face of the organization as the candidate gets their first impression of the company through interaction with them. Also, HR professionals set policies for aligning the company values and employees’ goals. They are responsible for managing talent and productivity. But what attracts the candidates to the company? Yes, employer brand.

We admit that the pay scale of the role matters for job seekers, but the modern workforce puts employee wellness and work culture before money. A well-organized employer brand will help you highlight the organization’s perks and attract the best talent. A compelling image will make the prospective employees already know much about your business, even before an interaction.

This is a major reason why companies have started using customizable HR software that enables them to showcase their work culture and values. With customizable HR systems, you can create a compelling and authentic employer brand that goes beyond just offering competitive salaries. You can highlight your commitment to employee well-being by showcasing wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, and other initiatives aimed at promoting work-life balance.

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Increases Employee Morale

Employer brand is based on how you treat your workforce and your perspective regarding their wellness and development. An excellent employee experience will surely boost staff’s morale. And an authoritative brand identity will make the workforce proud to work in such a great organization. Evolving employees’ careers, investing in their training, providing competitive salaries, etc., are great ways to ensure that your staff has strong morale.

This will result in staff serving the customers better and trying to achieve the best outcomes. Moreover, this will boost retention rates also. An effective employer brand will help you reduce the staff turnover rate, which results in higher morale.

Grows your Business

According to a study by LinkedIn, companies with strong employer brands saw a revenue increase of 20%. Employer image enhances the company’s reputation and shows prospective customers how it appreciates employees for their achievements. It highlights the way an organization is centralizing its people and taking necessary actions for social responsibility.

This allures the customers as people want to do business with a company that fulfills its duties towards the welfare of society. Moreover, employer brand will help you hire the best candidates for job roles, resulting in higher productivity and work efficiency. So, a robust image in the talent market ultimately boosts your business and profits. The employer brand also builds customer loyalty. Sometimes, consumers stop buying from a business after hearing about the company’s poor employee treatment. So, employee wellness and employer branding can help you set a loyal customer base.

Highlights your Core Mission

Aligning employees’ goals with the company objectives is crucial, and the employer brand does it well. It shows customers, employees, and prospects the organization’s core mission. It shows the consumers what the company is headed toward and what it expects from the future so that they can make their purchasing decisions. The employer brand also communicates the core mission to the workforce.

So the existing staff can know what the organization expects from them and their goals to achieve work efficiency. Defining the mission also attracts qualified job seekers toward the employer as transparency and sustainability are the two most important things for the modern generation. Demonstrating your company’s mission and shared values can help boost the staff’s commitment to the objectives. They will support and assist you in every initiative.

Builds Credibility with Customers

As per PwC, 73% of consumers cite customer experience as important in purchasing decisions. Only skilled and dedicated people can fulfill customers’ requirements along with providing them with a good experience. An impressive employer brand ensures you acquire the best talent so the customers get served well. Talented employees will not just perform well but also encourage other team members to develop themselves.

So, you can guarantee each customer will have a positive experience, regardless of the employee serving them. This way, you will build trust among the customer base. An effective employer brand will reduce staff churn so that you can retain the best-performing talent for the long term. It builds brand loyalty in customers because the consumers like to work with their favorite employees. You can also check training and marketing at KGG Consulting.

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Demonstrates your Company Culture

As we all know, work culture matters for the modern workforce, and shaping one is challenging too. However, it can be achieved if you make constant efforts and invest in employee wellness. The next question is how you will show the culture to candidates. It is essential to highlight the perks of working at the company to attract job seekers and build an impressive reputation. And the employer brand makes it easy.

Effective campaigns showcase your organizational culture in a way that brings the right attention to the business. It exhibits the values you hold and the employee engagement at the workplace. Additionally, you can promote workplace diversity and integrity with the employer brand to increase trust among the stakeholders and customers.

Improves Online Visibility of the Company

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The online presence of the business is necessary for today’s business environment. As people are becoming more active on social media, they consider the company’s digital presence while evaluating it. An effective employer brand helps to maintain online visibility and shows the company as a great place to work. As social media is a great place to grow the business, numerous companies try to promote their offerings, but many fail.

Therefore, showcasing the employer value proposition (EVP) can help the business set a unique presence on social platforms and uniquely attract consumers. Employee testimonials on social media channels help you attract skilled candidates as they build trust when getting a chance to hear from the existing staff about the workplace. And this also makes the brand stronger as awareness grows by word-of-mouth.

Final Thoughts

Various parties are involved in creating a strong employer brand, such as HR professionals, the CEO, the marketing team, and brand advocates. They all contribute to the process differently, but they should focus on a determined goal and work on the same page. And you should invest in employer branding at an early stage to ensure effective results in the long term.

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