Why Laravel Is the Best Framework to Build a Future-proof Website

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Why Laravel Is the Best Framework to Build a Future-proof Website

Maintaining a strong online presence has become mandatory for businesses. To ensure better engagement and sales, they switch to the best technologies and frameworks for web development. There are ample frameworks to choose from, making it confusing for business owners to choose the right framework for their projects. Laravel has emerged as one of the most trusted web development frameworks due to its advanced features and amazing development tools.

The reusability of its clean codes offers flexibility to Laravel developers to create highly interactive and scalable web applications and websites with tailored functionalities and added customizations. This post evaluates the worth of Laravel as a framework and what makes it the right choice to develop a future-proof website.

Why Laravel Is the Best Framework to Build a Future-proof Website


Introduction : The write-up provides detailed information on the advantages of the Laravel framework in developing a responsive and scalable business website. You will find many Laravel-related aspects in this post that can transform your web development project by adding agility and quality to it. Laravel offers pre-programmed systems and integrated features that help developers streamline various processes throughout the SDLC.

Moreover, it also brings satisfaction to the clients by delivering secure, scalable, and mobile-responsive websites. In this post, you will find much in-depth information on why Laravel is preferred by worldwide developers and how it adds to the value of your web development project.

Laravel Is Preferred for Its Straightforwardness

The simplicity and systematic approach that Laravel offers for web development make it widely popular among worldwide developers. Additionally, continuous updates to Laravel’s detailed documentation aids in the agile development process. It reduces the development time and offers end-to-end efficiency to help Laravel developers achieve the desired results.

With the release of Laravel 10 on February 7th, 2023, the framework has become more robust including upgrades to the core project files, changes in the interfaces, introduction of PHP-type hints to the Laravel app, updated core dependencies, and many more. Its configuration and access to various code tutorials allow developers to get clear and precise instructions for writing clean codes. You can easily develop a six-page basic website using Laravel without indulging in serious code technicalities and complex algorithms.

Top Reasons to Choose Laravel for Your Upcoming Project

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You must get acquainted with the features and capabilities of a framework before choosing it for your web development project. Here are some valid reasons why Laravel is still claimed to be one of the most dominating frameworks across the globe.

Capable & Competent Blade Template Engine

A template engine is basically responsible for allowing easy use of static template files on your website. Laravel is equipped with an in-built and lightweight Blade template engine allowing developers to create appealing layouts through seeding dynamic content. It offers some valuable shortcuts for basic PHP functions along with relevant features like template inheritance and showcasing the data, adding flexibility to the process. Developers can tersely work with PHP control structures without losing any relevance to their PHP counterparts.

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Why is Laravel the best framework? - Quora

Eloquent ORM

Laravel is equipped with a default object-relational mapper (ORM) that facilitates easy management of database records by keeping data as objects that work as a layer of abstraction at the top level of a database. Developers can easily write database queries with PHP syntax without any knowledge of SQL to modify databases. This facilitates easy interaction with database tables laying down a better platform for streamlining complex SQL queries.

MVC-based Architecture

MVC stands for Model, View, Controller, and as Laravel is an MVC-based PHP framework, it comes with easy separation of presentation layers and business logic. This facilitates Laravel developers to relate a user interface (UI) to underlying data models and then relate their codes accordingly. Moreover, developers can develop highly scalable web applications and websites using Asynchronous Method Invocation.

Object-oriented Libraries

The Laravel framework comes with built-in object-oriented libraries that allow developers to deliver performance-oriented websites catering to your goals and objectives. Object-oriented development (OOD) has proven to be a great concept for web developers to reduce development time, resources, and codes to offer a competitive edge to businesses by delivering customized websites and web apps.

Additionally, the built-in CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) feature prevents malicious exploitation of your website by any unauthorized user and by offering a separate CSRF token for each session.

Artisan Tool

Laravel also comes fully equipped with a built-in command-line interface that offers ample helpful commands driven by the Symphony Console component. This allows Laravel developers to create various desired functionalities along with an option to create their own custom-made commands. This also speeds up the development process in which developers can directly run a command on artisan CLI rather than creating a separate PHP file.

This is a great help for developers dealing with database migration and publishing package assets. Moreover, Artisan handles all repetitive programming tasks efficiently, saving developers time and effort to ensure on-time project delivery. Artisan also includes a scheduler that helps developers to schedule recurring tasks based on the cron daemon.

Impeccable Security Features

Website security often remains a prime concern for all businesses, and Laravel leaves no space for any disappointment regarding security. The security features of Laravel use hashed and salted password mechanisms, which prevents the passwords from being saved in plain text. Laravel uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to create encrypted passwords along with SQL statements preventing SQL injection attacks. Laravel is supported by a robust user authentication process with a boilerplate code in the scaffolding. Laravel also offers native support protecting codes from XSS attacks.

Supports Easy Website Maintenance

A Laravel website or a web app is easily maintainable because of the above-mentioned factors. If you switch to a maintenance & support service, the developers can easily pick up where your previous developers have left off. The clean codes, MVC architecture, and OOP principles make it utterly straightforward for developers to maintain a Laravel site. Additionally, Laravel can also be easily integrated with top-notch tools to add to the performance of a website or a web app.

Seamless Automation Testing

This is a major advantage of using Laravel for web development. Automation testing allows developers to gauge the performance ratio of a website by analyzing how well it responds without any errors or bugs. This facilitates faster development by ensuring automated testing and leaving no scope for any gaps while testing the core functionalities of a website. Besides these prominent features, there are some more features available for Laravel developers, like unit testing, broadcasting, built-in support for local and cloud storage, and composer for dependency management.

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Laravel: A Promising Future toward Faster and Safer Web Development

All the above-mentioned features and aspects of Laravel make it a fit choice for future web development. In the coming time, the framework will be certainly much more fortified in terms of delivering impeccable security to Laravel websites. The item-based libraries will be in great demand as using these libraries add to the swiftness of the development process.

The exceptional support offered by Laravel design architecture will also make it a prominent and prevalent framework among start-ups, with scalability, quick response, and pre-loaded features as the center of attraction. Web apps are gaining huge attention from worldwide startups and small businesses, and Laravel comes equipped with an extensive library of pre-programmed functionalities to develop highly scalable and compatible web apps. All these features make Laravel an ideal choice for web & mobile app development.


So, you just need to look for a trusted web development company and hire the best experienced Laravel developers from them. The framework is fully capable of creating robustly secured, highly scalable, and mobile-responsive websites. Just prepare a detailed list of your project requirements and discuss them in detail with your service provider.

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