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As you all have noticed that your internet speed gets slow while using VPN. You may face many issues and can’t work properly. So, do you want to know Why VPN Slows Down Internet Speed? A low internet connection can affect your online work. If you want to know the answer of this issue then, read that article.

Reasons of VPN slow down internet speed?

There may be 2 basic reasons by which insternet speed becomes slow when you are connected with the VPN.

  • Difference between users and the server location

Many VPN companies have limited servers. It means lots of VPN users of that particular company get connected with each server. This leads to load on the servers then it decreases the internet speed.

Many companies like VyprVPN and the IPVanish has unlimited servers in different countries. So this VPN software is helpful to maintain the speed of the internet.

Rather than internet speed VPN is also known for privacy at the time of online work. VyprVPN and IPVanish both virtual private network also offers other benefits to their users. Users can apply for the Vypr Promo Code or IPVanish Coupon to get these services within budget.

  • Use of Protocols

Internet speed also depends on the type of Protocol you use. Just like when you use OpenVPN protocol then it affects on the speed. While on use of IKEv2 Protocol then, you can enjoy fast internet speed. So, try to avoid those Protocols which can are not useful while browsing and streaming with VPN.

Why VPN Slows Down Internet

Following are some other reasons of slow speed via VPN

  • Use a wired connection

    Your speed could also be restricted by your Wi-Fi connection. Wireless connections depend on a shared channel to transmit information between a number of units which can lead to elevated latency and slower speeds. Wired connections usually help a lot increased speeds and are at all times preferable you probably have entry to at least one.

  • Switch units

    Certain units will not be able to offering high speeds because of the heavy encryption overhead of a VPN tunnel. These units usually embody routers, NAS, older Android units and early generation iOS units. If you’re utilizing certainly one of these units then your only resolution is to switch to a tool with a extra succesful processor.

  • Restart your Modem/Router

    Over time your modem or router might decelerate attributable to memory leaks and many others. Restarting your modem/router might improve the speed of your connection and thus the VPN.

  • Try WireGuard

    OpenVPN connections could also be restricted or throttled on some networks. Using WireGuard might lead to a quicker connection. WireGuard is accessible on our native apps for macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux and Android.

  • Temporarily disable native safety software program

    Firewall or antivirus software program can decelerate VPN visitors by filtering or scanning outgoing packets. Try quickly disabling your safety software program to find out if the safety software program is the reason for the efficiency problem.

  • Restart your Device

    Over time many units expertise “fatigue” attributable to operating out of free memory or resources. Restarting your system might assist your connection speed.

  • Install the most recent system updates

    Install the most recent system updates Check in case your system has obtainable firmware updates – they could include varied fixes and enhance the final efficiency and high quality of the connection after putting in it.

  • Connecting from one other location

    It could also be that there’s a difficulty together with your connection to your ISP. You can simply test this by connecting to the Internet from one other location e.g. Coffeeshop / Neighbour and many others.

How to test your VPN speed

To see how internet speed differs when connected to servers in several areas, run a speed take a look at and check out the ping time. It exhibits the size of delays within the connection between your system and the server it’s speaking with. This offers you some inkling of how a lot latency you’re prone to expertise.

To run a VPN speed test for NordVPN, we used the Ookla service for speed testing whereas connected to Wi-Fi. Without a VPN, utilizing an area speed take a look at server, the internet speed regarded like this:

Why VPN Slows Down Internet

When connected to a advisable server through the auto-connect performance, which picks an optimized server based mostly on its load and geographical proximity, we observed a slight lower within the obtain and add speed.

Why VPN Slows Down Internet

When persevering with to experiment by connecting to servers in geographically distant international locations, we acquired various outcomes relying on the server location. Generally, the nearer the server, the much less the internet speed drops. That being stated, some international locations have quicker internet speeds which might make your VPN quicker.

Why VPN Slows Down Internet

Which nation has the quickest connection?

South Korea has the quickest internet speed at 26.7 Mbps, in comparison with the worldwide common speed of 5.5 Mbps. To put it into perspective, with South Korea’s speed, you possibly can obtain an HD film in seconds relatively than hours. Sweden ranks second at 19.5 Mbps, adopted intently by Norway (18.8 Mbps), Japan (17.5 Mbps), and the Netherlands (17.0 Mbps). Of the top 10 international locations with the quickest internet speeds, Denmark has the bottom speeds of 16.1 Mbps, whereas Hong Kong, Latvia, Switzerland, and Finland all have speeds between 16.6 Mbps and 16.8 Mbps.

So, as you may see, the server location performs one of many major roles in speed efficiency and latency. If you utilize a VPN for merely looking the web, you’ll expertise little to no latency. If you utilize a VPN for watching video content material securely, you may wish to discover methods to make streaming quicker. In this case, we advocate connecting to particular servers optimized for safe streaming. You also can check out these tips on how to increase VPN speeds.

A VPN won’t considerably improve your information utilization, however this relies on the supplier and protocol used. The utilization often will increase by round 5 or 10% because of the encryption course of. In phrases of speed, your VPN can only be as quick as your inetrnet connection. In truth, slight drops of round 10-20% in speed are completely regular when utilizing a VPN, since their major precedence should at all times be safety and privateness.

How to boost up the internet speed?

Why VPN Slows Down Internet

The main reasons we have discussed above which can affect internet connection. But you can also use some simple methods to increase your internet speed.

  • Turn off the Internet Connection or VPN

The simple trick is to turn off your device and VPN security app. Sometimes problems get solved by switch off the internet connection, VPN, or device. If this method does not work then try another solution.

  • Change the Protocol

We have given the reasons why the speed of your internet connection gets decreases. So, change your Protocol system through a VPN setting.

  • Connect with the close Server of VPN

Get the solution by switch the IP address of the VPN with the nearby server. So, it can give you high internet speed at the of browsing, torrenting, streaming, and sharing of files.

  • Update the VPN or Device

If you are still using the the old version of your virtual private network software or Device. Then, does not shows the latest features or pivacy policies to you. Updates fix many bugs or issues of any app or device. Now updates and gets adavantage of new features and it can also lead to increase internet speed.

  • Switch the Device

Internet speed with VPN can fluctuate with device-to-device. If you face problems while downloading or doing any other online activities. Then try to connect your VPN with another device.

  • Use DNS

Use DNS(Domain Name System) with the VPN app. DNS helps you to provide fast internet service while VPN gives your privacy and shows as anonymous during online.

Get rid of background apps in your system

Your VPN isn’t the only software that makes use of the internet in your system. You might need a bunch of programs operating quietly within the background, chewing up each bandwidth and resources without you even realizing it. The extra exercise you might have in your internet connection, the slower your VPN will really feel.

And on a cellular connection, this undesirable exercise can eat by way of your information plan earlier than you’ve even realized it. Remove junk files and undesirable programs to speed up your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS system and restore your internet efficiency. A quicker, optimized computer or telephone can be higher capable of focus its resources on the programs you truly wish to use. With extra bandwidth obtainable, your VPN should run a lot quicker than earlier than.

Can VPN increase my internet speed?

VPN does not increase the internet speed even it decreases the speed. But you can avoid fixing this issue with the help of the above method which we have provided to you. Use these simple methods to solve this problem in an easy and fast way.

Can you leave VPN all time?

This is also the major factor that can affect your internet speed as well as battery. Leaving VPN on all the time is safe because sometime your forgot to connect to VPN. This can affect your online privacy and information can be leak or misuse by anyone. So be aware from cyber crimes and use VPN properly and effectively.

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