Womens role in the decline in White America.

This all started when the womens suffrage act was passed and women received the right to vote. Gradually they began to shift the voting outcomes in a way which was desired by women, being influenced by their maternal instincts, but detrimental to our society. This gradually decreased the white mens ability to deal with internal and external threats to society. Many of you people are probably too young to remember that the National Organization For Women joined forces with the Congoid civil rights movement to get equal opportunity legislation passed. Women have also been brained washed into thinking that it is more important to pursue a career than to bare and rear children, and that their career is more important than maintaining the white cultural heritage of attending to the domestic needs of their family. As a result they end up working outside the home like Niggers do. This resulted in loss of power by the white man and the manipulation of our society by the degenerate groups like the Jews who's wives often worked outside the home and were part of the Equality Movement. This also has resulted in the destruction of the white nuclear family and the plummeting levels of white population. Womens lib was not totally responsible for the problems we are having. Egalitarian Christianity, Christian Zionism, and the Jews also played major roles, but it certainly played a dominant role.

The followers of this Church believe that men should run society and are the kings of their castles(homes). Women are the queens and do what their kings decree. This is because men are stronger, more aggressive, in important ways more intelligent than women and are better at dealing with the world. Women are of a nurturing nature and are psychologically and biologically adapted to raising children. This is the way it's been since our species evolved.