Wooden Sash Windows

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Wooden Sash Windows London… Are They Worth It?

A classic English look. An energy-efficient construction. Can those 2 work together? It’s an important question because most of country houses in the UK require modernization in order to meet the 20th century standards. Let’s take a look, then, and see what wooden sash windows London have to offer.

Wooden Sash Windows

The benefits of double-glazed sash windows

Let’s talk economy first. The recent energy crisis in Europe has shown us how crucial it actually is to have good windows at home. Some people in Britain were frizzing because they couldn’t afford the bills as well as they had to live with old timber sash windows. Energy efficiency is therefore something vital when it comes to modern-day buildings. Older ones need to be renovated.

However, wooden sash windows london are available in a double-glazed version. This type of construction allows us to keep warmth inside. Each window is additionally manufactured in accordance to up-to-date standards. Better quality glass and even glue composition also play their role. Add everything together, and you get modern sliding sash windows that reduce the bills. That makes them environmentally-friendly too. A great value for money indeed.

Wooden sash windows London – prices

Double-glazed sash windows are more expensive, but the savings made on energy can compensate for the cost. How much is it exactly? That depends. Many factors are included in the making of British wooden sash windows from start to finish. Additionally, window dimensions matter and the number of products required. Because of that, we would highly recommend asking a manufacturer directly. This is the best way to learn the final price of wooden sash windows from London.

What are box sash windows?

So, wooden sash windows London can keep the warmth from escaping in winter. They also have that certain English vibes. Especially when a box window construction is applied. You see, traditional sash windows have an effortless lifting system which uses an old-school design. It is also hidden from plain sight, which makes the construction look slim and elegant.

The wooden box sash windows london are usually rather large, though, nevertheless smaller versions are made as well. We would definitely recommend them for a hotel restoration or a restaurant. A pub with a box system can gain additional charm too. Any drawbacks? Well, since it is more of a traditional window opening system, it might not be as long-lasting as modern designs. Everything that we just mentioned also depends on a sash window company itself.


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