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Best WordPress Analytics Plugins

If you’re looking for the top WordPress analytics plugins, you’ve come to the right place. Do you want to discover if there are any Google Analytics alternatives?

You’ll need an analytics system to collect website data and deliver actionable insights if you want to run a successful online company website. This takes the guesswork out of growing your business and allows you to make data-driven decisions.

You may already be aware that Google Analytics is the most widely used website tracking tool, but there are a variety of other tools available that take a different approach to website tracking.

We’ll compare some of the top analytics tools for your WordPress website in this article.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for assisting you in making data-driven decisions about how to improve your website. However, integrating it with WordPress can be challenging.

To make things easier, many website owners hunt for the finest Google Analytics WordPress plugin. While there are numerous WordPress analytics plugins available online, they are not all made equal.

In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of the top Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. So you can receive the information you need to grow your website.

Is Google Analytics Required for Your Website?

Are you unsure if Google Analytics is required for your WordPress site?

It’s one of the best things you can do if you’re serious about getting the best results for your company.

Google Analytics is a free internet analytics tool that counts the number of visitors to your site.

It also gives you the ability to:

  • Examine the various demographics of your site’s visitors.
  • Find out how users come across your website.
  • Determine which of your articles and pages receives the most traffic.
  • View real-time statistics about what’s going on on your website.
  • Keep track of your site’s inbound and outbound links.
  • This data can be used to make data-driven decisions about your company’s and marketing approach.

When you use a plugin to connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics, it automatically adds your Analytics tracking ID to every page of your website. This is a lot easier than manually installing Google Analytics.

So, if you’re not a techie and want to use a plugin, here’s our selection of the top Google Analytics WordPress plugins.


WordPress Analytics Plugins

Heap is a Google Analytics replacement that allows you to automatically track every event on your website or mobile app. Heap, for example, tracks clicks, form submissions, and more on the web with little effort on your part. Heap tracks every touch, swipe, tap, and other gesture-generated event on mobile devices without requiring any settings.

The primary distinction between Heap and Google Analytics is that Heap focuses on automatic event tracking, whereas Google Analytics can only track page views. Individual user monitoring is very simple using Heap, even if it’s across many devices and cookies. Without understanding any code, you can quickly set up conversion funnels and do segmentation analysis with Heap’s Event Visualizer.

Heap will make your task quick and easy if you want to track your website or iOS app that requires conversion funnels or segmentation research. Heap’s free edition allows you to track a maximum of 5000 sessions each month. Custom pricing is available for the complete version for businesses. Start using Heap right away.


jetpackWordPress.com Stats from Jetpack is a free WordPress Analytics plugin that displays brief statistics about your website traffic in your WordPress dashboard. It isn’t as thorough as Google Analytics, but it provides a basic snapshot of your traffic statistics on your WordPress dashboard.

As a module, WordPress.com Stats is included with the Jetpack plugin. To use Jetpack Stats to track your traffic, first install Jetpack, then activate the Stats module and connect your website to WordPress.com. If you don’t already use any other Jetpack features on your site, it might not be the best option. Start using Jetpack’s WordPress.com Stats right away.


WordPress Analytics Plugins

Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is a popular open source Google Analytics competitor that makes it simple to track user behaviour on your website. It has all of the functionality you’d expect, such as events, goals, eCommerce, logged-in users, heatmaps, a/b testing, and much more.

Matomo, like WordPress, is available in self-hosted and cloud-hosted editions. By installing Matomo on your server, you may track user activities on your site with self-hosted Matomo. If you want to track your website without having to do any technical work, you should use the cloud-hosted version of Matomo.

This way, you can bypass the technical procedures and have website tracking up and running quickly. Matomo is completely free if you host it yourself. Matomo’s cloud-hosted pricing is based on the number of pageviews tracked across your websites and mobile apps. The cloud-hosted version costs $7.50 per month for up to 50,000 pageviews on five domains. Start using Matomo right away.



Parse.ly is a user-friendly analytics platform that provides you with clear audience insights. Parse.ly is beneficial to both novice and advanced users. Parse.ly sells three products: a content dashboard, an API, and a data pipeline, which can be bought separately or as a package. Parse.ly’s simplified content dashboard provides you with a real-time snapshot of your website visitors. To increase your revenue, you may quickly investigate previous trends and make data-driven decisions. You may design exceptional user experiences based on your audience data using its content-powered APIs.

You may quadruple your pageviews and length of stay on the site by using their strong recommendation engine. Their data pipeline allows you to access 100% of your data in a queryable and transportable format. They provide unique quotations for their products based on the requirements of your website. Start using Parse.ly right away.


WordPress Analytics Plugins

Mixpanel shows you how customers interact with your products, whether on your website or through mobile apps. It identifies your consumers and tracks their behaviours on your products, allowing you to make data-driven decisions quickly and easily.

Mixpanel offers two pricing options: engagement and people. You can select any of them that will work for you as you progress. You can acquire the data of 1000 user profiles for free with their people plan. You can collect up to 20 million data points every month with the engagement plan. When compared to MonsterInsights or Jetpack Stats, MixPanel has the disadvantage of being more difficult to set up. Start using Mixpanel right away.

 Adobe Analytics

google analytics plugins

Adobe Analytics is an advanced analytics tool developed by Adobe Systems for enterprise-level websites. It uses visualisations, cross-channel marketing capabilities, and advanced analytics to help you understand your customers and how they interact with your company.

It also allows you to identify your most important client segments and use customer information to better serve your consumers. It also allows you to track user interaction on your mobile apps, allowing you to provide better digital experiences across all devices. Start using Adobe Analytics right away.

 Clicky Analytics

google analytics pluginsClicky Analytics is a popular Google Analytics alternative that provides real-time statistics to over 1 million websites. Every report in Clicky is, in reality, up-to-the-minute real-time. Individual visitors and their activities, average time on site, average actions, bounce rate, campaigns, and much more can all be tracked using Clicky. The ability to spy on users on your site in real-time on a map is one of Clicky’s most intriguing features.

Rather than reading reports, you can observe what your site visitors are doing in real time. Clicky has both free and premium plans available. The free plan allows you to track one website for up to 3000 daily page visits and does not include premium features such as heatmaps or uptime monitoring. You’ll need to upgrade to the Pro account for $9.99/month to obtain access to premium features. The Pro Plus package, which costs $14.99 per month, is required for heatmaps and uptime monitoring. Start using Clicky right away.

 Crazy Egg

google analytics plugins

Crazy Egg is a website analytics tool that helps you to examine what is working and what isn’t on your website in order to improve it. Using heatmapping technology, this analytics tool helps you see how users interact with your site. Crazy Egg provides visual analytics and individual session records so you can see where your clients are coming from, where they are navigating on your site, and where they get stuck so you can optimise your design. A/B testing is another notable feature.

You can make sure you choose the proper colours, content placement, wording, and images for increased conversions with Crazy Egg A/B testing. Plus, with Crazy Egg’s editor, you can make adjustments quickly and effortlessly. Crazy Egg offers a free trial and monthly rates ranging from $24 to $249 per month. Begin using Crazy Egg right away.


statcounter-analytics-solutionOver 2 million websites use Statcounter to make website statistics simple. You can connect your website to Statcounter’s cloud-based website stats counter service using the Statcounter plugin. Basic website data such as pageviews, sessions, visits, first-time visitors, and more are provided by the service.

Other fascinating Statcounter features include the option to add descriptive information about your visitors to help you track them more effectively, as well as visitor notifications that notify you when a specific visitor returns to your site. However, it misses some of the more extensive features found in other solutions on this list, such as affiliate link tracking, event tracking, and more. If you have less than 250,000 monthly page visits, Statcounter is free.

If your monthly page views exceed a certain threshold, you’ll need to switch to a premium plan, which ranges from $9 to $399 a month. Start using Statcounter right away.

MonsterInsights – Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

monsterinsights-best-google-analytics-wordpress-pluginWith over 2 million active instals, MonsterInsights is the greatest Google Analytics dashboard plugin for WordPress. It provides an easy approach to track the data on your WordPress website thanks to its smooth integration and excellent capabilities. Without touching a single line of code, MonsterInsights allows you to integrate Google Analytics into WordPress.

The Google Analytics reports for your sites can then be viewed directly from your WordPress dashboard. Best of all, you won’t have to change your tracking code to leverage advanced Google Analytics tracking features. MonsterInsights provides you with all of the information you need to make informed business decisions.

MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin Features

  • From the WordPress dashboard, you may get information about your website’s traffic.
  • Get thorough information about your visitors’ demographics.
  • Examine the visitor’s journey from the moment they arrive on your site through the point at which they convert.
  • Unlock event tracking, which allows you to see if your call-to-action (CTA) is being clicked.
  • With the help of an EU Compliance add-on, you can become GDPR compliant.
  • Keep track of form views, submissions, and conversion rates.
  • Integrate with Google Ads to display data from your ad campaigns in your dashboard.
  • With a simple click, you can keep track of custom dimensions for authors, categories, tags, and more.
  • To monitor data like your conversion rate, transactions, and average order value, connect Google Analytics eCommerce tracking with WooCommerce.

These are some of MonsterInsights’ most appealing features. You can learn more about the features on the features page. In comparison to other WordPress plugins for Google Analytics, MonsterInsights is a behemoth. It’s free to use, but if you want to upgrade to the premium version, it’ll only set you back $99.50 per year. Here’s how to get started with MonsterInsights.

Are you looking for the best analytics solutions for your WordPress site? An analytics tool allows you to learn how many visitors are coming to your website, where they come from, and what they do on your site. Many beginners rely on their best guesses when starting a new website or blog. You don’t have to do that, when you can collect data and make informed decisions to grow your business with these analytics solutions. In this article, we have hand-picked the best analytics solutions for WordPress users. We will take a look at each one of them and their pros and cons. Best analytics solutions for WordPress users

Why Do You Need Analytics for Your WordPress Site?

Website analytics help you get detailed insights on your website visitors. Here are just a few things you can learn from your website analytics:

  • Number of visitors coming to your website.
  • Which sources are sending you traffic. For example, search engines, social media, advertisements, or referral links.
  • What are your most popular pages.
  • What users do when they are on your website.

A good WordPress analytics solutio


exactmetrics-ga-wordpress-800x362 Price: Free ExactMetrics is another contender for the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin. It has over 1 million downloads, which speaks volumes. Just like MonsterInsights, this plugin lets you install Google Analytics in WordPress with a single click. Then you can view all the data from your WordPress dashboard. ExactMetrics is completely free, but it doesn’t support integration with other plugins like:

Despite that, it’s a solid Google Analytics tool for WordPress especially if you are looking for a free option. ExactMetrics Features:

  • Track your visitors from your WordPress dashboard. View details like bounce rate, page views, organic searches, outbound links, mobile site data, and referral data.
  • Track events on your desktop site and your AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) site.
  • Get real-time stats such as traffic sources and acquisition channels from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Optimize your pages with the help of detailed post and page reports.
  • Track affiliate links, downloads, and form submissions.

You can check out their features page for more information. ExactMetrics may not be as feature-rich as MonsterInsights, but it’s still a great WordPress analytics plugin and gets the job done. Get started with ExactMetrics here!

 GA Google Analytics

google analytics pluginsGA Google Analytics for WordPress is a popular, easy, lightweight, GDPR-compliant Google Analytics WordPress plugin. Its primary goal is to assist you in placing the Google Analytics tracking code on each page of your website. It doesn’t show any data or insights like some other WordPress analytics tools, but it gets the job done. This Google Analytics WordPress plugin is perfect for individuals who already know how to get data from Google. And if you don’t want any extra information on your WordPress dashboard, this plugin won’t provide it.

GA Google Analytics Plugin Features

  • Allows you to install the Google Analytics tracking code to your website quickly and effortlessly.
  • It allows visitors to opt out of having their data shared. You won’t be able to trace users who choose not to participate.
  • Sets up numerous tracking numbers to make it easier to keep track of your links.
  • Tracking is disabled for users who are logged in to the admin area.


WordPress Analytics Plugins

Analytify is a popular WordPress Google Analytics plugin. With only one click, you can add Google Analytics to your website. Analytify has 2 million downloads, indicating that it is well-liked by the WordPress community. The main disadvantage is that the free version is rather limited, and you’ll have to pay for the premium version to obtain all of the features. It also lacks more sophisticated features such as,

Tracking of WordPress categories, affiliate links, file downloads, and more.


Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics

google analytics plugins

For those who manage online stores, this WordPress analytics tool is a wonderful choice. This is due to the fact that it is a plugin that focuses on tracking the performance of WooCommerce stores. The Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics plugin was created with eCommerce sites in mind. The plugin provides the most in-depth analysis of client behaviour, product information, and sales figures. However, just as Analytify, if you want to get the most out of this plugin, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version. Features of the Google Analytics Plugin for Ecommerce

  • Keep track of product clicks, impressions, and add-to-cart occurrences, among other things.
  • Sends reports on shopping, checkouts, items, and sales performance and behaviour.
  • Integrate Google Analytics eCommerce tracking tool to optimise pages based on data.

 Google Analytics by 10Web


Google Analytics by 10Web, like MonsterInsights, allows for connectivity with Google Ads and Adsense. This dashboard combines crucial information about your ad campaigns with information about your entire site.

Set and manage goals from your admin area on the web.
Allows you to export data from Google Adsense and Google Ads to your dashboard.
Analytical reports in CSV format are available for download.
With the eCommerce analytics function, you can track eCommerce sales, receive personalised notifications, and generate custom tracking codes.

WP Statistics


WP Statistics is a strong yet easy WordPress analytics plugin that allows you to keep track of every visitor activity on your dashboard. This plugin works well with reports that are both geographical and content-based. It also displays your website’s real-time metrics. Even better, all of these features are completely free! This is not a Google Analytics plugin, but it has its own set of benefits as a WordPress website traffic plugin.

You won’t have to configure Google Analytics with WP Statistics, and your website’s data won’t be shared with anyone. This is feasible because WP Statistics collects and stores all of the data on your WordPress site, and only you have access to it. This increases the size of your WordPress backup, but you can delete the old data to keep storage expenses down.

WP Statistics Features

  • From your WordPress dashboard, you can see all of your stats.
  • Redirects from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex are tracked.
  • Allows you to filter data in whatever way you like. You can sort it by location, browser version, keywords, IP addresses, and other criteria.
  • Emails you all of your WordPress website’s statistics so you’re always up to date.



Matomo is a well-known Google Analytics substitute. One significant distinction between Matomo and Google Analytics is that if you opt out, Matomo does not disclose your data. If you run a website that promotes privacy, this plugin might be a good fit. Matomo contains all of the essential features of an analytical plugin. This WordPress website traffic plugin helps you to keep track of your website’s visits.

It displays thorough information on traffic sources, keywords, geo-locations, and other metrics in the same way that Google Analytics does. The WordPress plugin assists you in embedding the tracking code on your website, after which you can access reports from your WordPress dashboard. Matomo is free to test, but if you want to preserve the user tracking feature, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version.

Matomo Features

  • Provides you with real-time website statistics that you can check in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Heatmaps, session recording, A/B testing, and form analytics are all supported.
  • Assists with the GDPR compliance of your website.
  • With the help of Matomo’s WordPress plugin, you may add the tracking code to your website.


google analytics pluginsIn your WordPress dashboard, Jetpack by WordPress.com offers basic statistics. You can use this plugin to track your visitors on any self-hosted WordPress site. It is a wonderful option for tiny blogs because it is free to use and provides straightforward and easy-to-understand traffic figures. To link your website to WordPress.com servers and run Jetpack on your site, you’ll need a free WordPress.com account.

We hope this information was helpful in locating the top WordPress analytics solutions. You might also be interested in our expert picks for the best WordPress SEO plugins and the best business phone services to help you close more sales.

Which WordPress Analytics Solution is the Best?

Which WordPress analytics plugin is the best depends entirely on your requirements.

When it comes to website tracking, each solution has its own strategy. Before you choose a product, it’s a good idea to figure out which analytics solution is the best fit for your requirements.

Because it includes event monitoring, eCommerce tracking, affiliate link tracking, form tracking, and more, Google Analytics paired with MonsterInsights is the ideal choice for most websites.

In comparison to other WordPress analytics plugins, such as WordPress.com Stats, MonsterInsights outperforms them in every way. It’s a lot more comprehensive and includes stunning reports right in your WordPress dashboard, so you can see all of your key information at a glance.

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