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It’s not easy to remove malware from a hacked WordPress website. And, with Google putting a 30-day ban on site reviews to prevent repeat offenders from spreading malware, completely cleaning up a compromised website is more important than ever. So we are here to help you to remove malware removal Service



  • WordPress Malware Removal
  • Hacked WordPress Cleanup
  • Google Blacklist Removal
  • Google Warning Removal
  • Malware Analysis & Research
  • Prevent Future Hacks
  • Website Protection Included
  • Customer Support
  • Daily Automatic Backup
  • WordPress security scanner


WordPress security, hack cleanup, and malware removal are our specialties. We shall begin as soon as a request is received. Within 36 hours, our WordPress security professionals can resolve a hacked WordPress site. We confirm that the hack has been completely resolved and that no more problems exist. 

Years of WordPress knowledge in website security and malware removal techniques are required for WP Hacked Help. Our ambition is to be the best WordPress cleanup service on the market. Back doors are frequently left by hackers, and most WordPress malware removal services do not effectively clean them up. 

We use our experience to carefully evaluate all of the files to ensure that we detect any issue on your WordPress website and remove malware from WordPress site or infected files. We can also swiftly resolve WordPress site errors.


Users with malicious intent scour the internet in search of WordPress websites that are vulnerable to hacking. Your website is at risk of being compromised if it does not have a firewall that is specifically designed for WordPress and if you do not follow the recommended best practises for WordPress security.

After we have finished processing your order, we will immediately go to work on anything you have requested. Fixing your website within a day is one of our primary goals. On the other hand, the task could take a little bit longer depending on the circumstances (for example, eliminating the blacklist).

Before we can begin working on your website, we require access to a WordPress administrator account as well as the details of your hosting account.

Even after a comprehensive cleanup, your site may still be affected if other sites on your server are infected. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a 30-day warranty. We will clean your site for free if it gets hacked again during the guarantee period!

You may scan your WordPress site for malware for free using WPHH. We strongly advise that you update all WP plugins on a regular basis and remove any plugins that are no longer in use. We provide a comprehensive website security platform that includes monitoring, protection, and response.

When consumers visit a website that has been compromised or blacklisted, web browsers may display a red security alert. We can request a malware evaluation in the Google search interface once your site has been fixed. This procedure can take several days to complete.

Our service to get rid of malware only costs $99.99.


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Malware Removal Services

We provide best malware removal service at affordable price.

  • A core file scan
  • Quick access to error logs
  • Tool to reset all user passwords
  • Ability to automatically reinstall all free plugins
  • Ability to reset encryption salts
WordPress Malware Removal Service - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Removel of Hidden Backdoors in Your WordPress Site

Hackers will always leave a means to come back into your website. In most cases, we find a number of backdoors of various types in hacked WordPress websites.

Backdoors are frequently hidden in files that seem like WordPress core files but are located in the wrong directories. Backdoors can also be injected into files such as wp-config.php and directories such as wp-content/themes, wp-content/plugins, and wp-content/uploads by attackers.

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WordPress Malware Removal Service - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers