YouTube for Beginners: How to Start a YouTube Channel 20214 min read

YouTube for Beginners: How to Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the largest video site to use today. Due to its ease of use, YouTube has become the most popular video hosting and the second site in the world in terms of the number of visitors. Popular bloggers started a career on this site. Creating an interesting and sought-after channel will require effort. In this article, beginners will receive answers to questions.


Create a channel;

Choose an interesting topic;

Shoot and upload videos regularly;

Attract an audience;

Work with the audience.

Each item has a lot of details. Let’s consider in more detail.

YouTube for Beginners: How to Start a YouTube Channel 2020

  1. Creating a channel.

– Register in Gmail (if you do not already have an account);

– Go to the Youtube website;

– In your YouTube account, select My Channel. You will see the channel creation form, where give the channel a name and enter the desired data.

You have created and set up your own channel – it’s time to think about how to fill it and promote it correctly to attract subscribers.

  1. The idea.

– Shooting everything and putting it out is not cool. It will not cause interest, and it is impossible to recruit subscribers with such videos. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the channel’s theme, given the current trends and content of popular YouTube channels.

– To determine the topic, understand which direction is closer to you. In 2020, the relevant areas are product reviews (Aliexpress, Fix Price), humorous videos, life hacks, game broadcasts (streams), reviews of films or games, challenges, pranks. Ask yourself: “What do I like the most?” or “what should my channel be like?”

– To understand what is fashionable and popular, go to the “trending” tab, then you will have the opportunity to see what kind of videos people like.

If you notice that the number of subscribers and views has stopped growing or has not grown at all – something goes wrong. Review the content of the material, try yourself in other directions.

YouTube for Beginners: How to Start a YouTube Channel 2020

  1. Video.

Once you have chosen the direction, do not rush to start shooting.

Before you run to shoot a video, you need to be well prepared: write a script, a brief description, think about the tags, the name.

Pre-written text is needed so that there is no stumbling block, and you look confident in the video.

When the text is written, in the head, the structure and future picture of the video – it’s time to start shooting, taking into account the following factors:

– Quality. Nobody likes hissing and downloading videos. Use a camera of 8 megapixels, preferably mounted on a tripod—the better the image, the faster the number of views.

– Length. The optimal video length for beginners is 1-5 minutes. You can shoot a lot of material and eventually select and mount the most successful option.

– Treatment. Do not be afraid of video editors. I want to suggest a free and easy-to-use online video maker, FlexClip, which allows you to edit videos in minutes. With its help, you can cut, glue the video and sound, change the characteristics and format, and make transitions between fragments. Its functionality is quite simple and understandable, and will not cause any problems even for an inexperienced user.

– Regularity. Do not skip this item. Develop a plan to release the video (for example: once a week – on Thursdays). Stick to this plan to save your audience and increase it.

If you have a trip planned, and there is no way to shoot a video, do it in advance.


  1. Attracting an audience.

– Social networks. Post links to videos and other social networks in which you are registered, as well as the video’s description.

– Publications in groups. Offer to post your videos in thematic groups on social networks.

– Barter. A good option for beginner bloggers. Offer mutual advertising on the channel or in other social networks.

– Invitations. Look for people who have subscribed to related channels on the subject and send personal messages asking them to visit your channel.

YouTube for Beginners: How to Start a YouTube Channel 2020

  1. Work with the audience.

– Interactive. Ask subscribers questions in the video and ask them to write the answer below in the comments. Ask what subscribers would be interested to know. Keep in touch with them.

– Active links. Attach links to previous videos in the video. So new viewers will get acquainted with the rest of the video.

If you responsibly approach the creation of commercials, gradually your channel will develop, and your popularity and the number of subscribers will grow. Their audience respects popular bloggers, listen to them and trust their choice. After some time, you will have the opportunity to make money on advertising. Also, popular bloggers are often sent goods for reviews, invited to appear in advertisements, and broadcasts on television. You can also learn about the importance of social media here

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