Reasons You Should Choose WordPress

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10 Reasons You Should Choose WordPress for Small Business

There was a time when small business owners needed to ping the developers to build, maintain, and even make small changes to the website. But after the introduction of the CMS (content management system) like WordPress, it has become easier to develop and maintain a website. Moreover, WordPress allows you to make a fully customizable website. So, it is a great choice to start developing your business website with WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website development, allowing you to build static and dynamic websites. Nowadays, 43% of total websites on the internet are using WordPress, and the total count of WordPress websites is 810 million. Besides these, let’s look at some more concrete reasons to choose WordPress for small businesses.

Reasons You Should Choose WordPress

Reasons to Select WordPress for Your Small-scale Business


WordPress is open-source and free.

WordPress is an open-source project started in 2003. So, it’s free to download and use on your website. Small business owners or non-profitable organizations require to use free tools and cut the costs like web development. Hiring a developer to develop a static website for your business can cost you around $1500 to $10,000, and it can be more to develop a dynamic website. In such a situation, WordPress is the best option to use to develop a website. However, according to your needs, you may need to pay for the domain and hosting, which can cost you around $100 to $200.

Simple and quick setup.

All business owners are not technical people. WordPress lets anyone build a website without having prior knowledge of the programming languages. Also, you don’t need any knowledge to handle your website’s database, as the hosting provider manages on their side. You can install WordPress with a single click on your website, which takes around 5 minutes of your time. Even if you don’t know how to install WordPress on the website, the hosting provider can help you with the same. After installing WordPress, you can use the user ID and password to log in to your WordPress dashboard and start developing pages and post for your website. It provides a drag-and-drop interface, where you can drag different elements from the dashboard and drop them where you need to add them. So, it becomes very easy to develop a website with WordPress.

Website ownership and structural access.

Business owners must have full ownership of the website. WordPress provides you with that full ownership and control over your WordPress website. Also, you can give limited access to the website to your team members. For example, you can give editor access to the blogger, admin access to the SEO manager, etc. So, it allows you to manage access by choosing a particular role.

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Wide range of themes and templates.

WordPress offers a vast stock of themes and templates to its users. You can set the custom theme to your website based on your niche and easily apply the theme to your WordPress website. You can go to the ‘themes’ section of your WordPress dashboard, select any theme, and choose any theme over 11,000+ themes. You can click the install button to add a new theme to your website. You can also look at the theme preview before installing it to understand better how it looks. However, you need to set up the theme after installing it.


One of the main factors affecting the website growth is the responsive UI. If your website is not interacting properly across each device, it can negatively affect the user experience and thus your business growth. Therefore, you need to understand the UX Design challenges and overcome them in order to enhance the overall user experience of the website. The responsiveness of the website depends on the theme you are using and most WordPress themes are responsive by default. WordPress also provides a good navigation menu, making visitors easily navigate the website.

Powerful plugins.

WordPress contains around 60,000+ plugins, including free and premium plugins. Its plugin is used to add more functionality to the website. You can also integrate third-party platforms into your website using WordPress plugins. A good SEO can help you to rank your website on the search engine. There are plenty of plugins available on WordPress to optimise the SEO of your website. Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins for optimising SEO. However, you can also develop and add a custom WordPress plugin to your website. It helps you to make your website fully customizable according to your needs.

WooCommerce integration.

Most small business owners make a website to sell their products digitally. A WooCommerce plugin is an e-commerce CMS that allows anyone to create an online store with a single click. It is also free. After creating an online store, you can list the products easily and receive orders and payments. A WooCommerce plugin also allows the integration of third-party payment services to accept payments.

WordPress is highly secure.

Security is most important for any website and it should be served on the ‘HTTP.’ An insecure website can lead to user trust issues. Furthermore, it is essential to keep your website data safe. WordPress has a security team who looks at the security of the website. The team always works to fix security bugs and strengthen the platform’s security. Also, you can get the SSL certificate either from the domain or hosting providers to make your website more secure. Plugin makers also contribute to the WordPress website’s security. There are various plugins available which you can install into your site to make your website more secure.

Scalability and growth.

For a small business, the website’s scalability is an essential factor. Of course, a successful business grows on daily bases, increasing the number of website visitors. So, the website should be able to handle a large user base. Also, as your business increases, you must add more pages, posts, or products to the website. You don’t need to worry about the scalability of the WordPress website. However, you may need to upgrade the hosting plan to scale the website.

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Huge community support.

Over the years, WordPress has gathered a large community due to its features and flexibility. They help each other to solve any development problems and even contribute to its use case growth. Many offline events are also organised for collaboration activities with online events.


WordPress is an exceptional choice for small businesses due to its cost-effectiveness and easy-set. The ownership and access control make WordPress different from other content management systems. A collection of themes allows one to make an interactive website, and a plugin allows adding additional functionalities. The online store is a necessity for any business owner, and the WooCommerce plugin helps to build it. Also, the WordPress site is secure and scalable. Based on the factors discussed now proves that WordPress is the best choice for any small business owner to make an impactful digital imprint.  Check out this guide if you’re interested in hiring a WordPress developer.


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