B2B E-Commerce Platforms

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Top B2B E-Commerce Platforms In 2023

Looking for ways to enhance your business’s and employees’ performance and productivity? You may be looking for it! These platforms will help brands and businesses to boost their online exposure, optimize customers’ needs, and increase their growth in the competitive B2B market. The market offers a range of platforms with diverse features and capabilities to cater to the specific needs of B2B organizations. These platforms will help brands and businesses to boost their online exposure, optimize customers’ needs, and increase their growth in the competitive B2B market.

Want to know how to choose the best B2B E-commerce platform with many options? Well, it can definitely be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry; today we’re going to help you figure it out! Although the perfect platform is different for different criteria, such as your industry, budget, objectives, and requirements, we’ll help you find one that really works for you! Scroll down to become the master of B2B platforms right now!B2B E-Commerce Platforms

What is B2B e-commerce?

B2B e-commerce, which stands for business-to-business e-commerce, involves the buying and selling of products and services between businesses through online platforms. This type of e-commerce facilitates communication between businesses, allowing them to exchange information, collaborate on various business activities, and conduct transactions. This type of e-commerce has many benefits, such as increased productivity level, cost-effectiveness, and access to a broader market. B2B e-commerce platforms provide numerous features that cater to the requirements of a business. These features include invoicing, bulk orders, and integration with the enterprise system.

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Did you know that no business can truly thrive without B2B e-commerce in today’s digital age? Companies can streamline their operations and reach a wider global market by using it. That’s how important it is!

Best 10 B2B E-commerce Platforms in 2023

B2B E-Commerce Platforms Here are the best B2B eCommerce platforms in 2023:

Shopify Plus

B2B E-Commerce Platforms Shopify Plus is an advanced version of Shopify, designed for businesses that process a large number of transactions. It offers unique features to support their needs. With Shopify Plus, you can automatically sync your products and create shoppable posts on Instagram and Facebook. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Also, remember being a Shopify Plus user means that you can integrate with other applications for additional features and functionalities. Shopify Plus provides a way for large business owners to sell their products on well-known platforms like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and Pinterest. This makes high-volume transactions simple and lets you off the hook! Shopify also has other benefits, including its user-friendly platform, extensive customer support options, tailored services for wholesalers, and affordable pricing.

Adobe commerce

B2B E-Commerce Platforms Heard of Magneto in the past? Well, it’s Adobe Commerce now. It’s one of the most famous open-source platforms for B2B e-commerce. A platform that offers a range of features for business owners, such as a user-friendly interface, diverse catalogs and price lists for various customers, multiple selling channels, and the option to create company accounts with multiple users.

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B2B E-Commerce Platforms Are you a large company or retailer? Big Commerce is a suitable platform for you. It has lots of great features that you can use in different sectors. This company’s platform provides various services including online store creation, marketing, and site security. BigCommerce is a top SAS e-commerce platform that offers a unique B2B transaction experience as well. This platform caters to both B2B and B2C clients and offers a variety of features, including web design, transport label creation, and even internal tools for generating quotes!


B2B E-Commerce Platforms Do you work with all your devices and from everywhere? Pepperi is a mobile, laptop, and tablet-compatible B2B e-commerce platform that can be accessed and managed from any location. So, it is the one you’re looking for! This platform allows business owners to follow and manage their sales process and transactions. Pepperi is designed to assist you in maximizing your sales quickly and efficiently. This platform offers a variety of features, including managing commercial contributions managing, ordering catalogs online or offline, and effectively managing omnichannel operations for customer contact points.

SAP Commerce Cloud

B2B E-Commerce Platforms

It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2B or a B2C business, SAP works for you anyway! It provides you with exceptional support for each business model, allowing you to efficiently scale their operations. This platform offers a range of essential features, including a comprehensive product catalog, account management tools for managers, tailored support for each business, order management capabilities, and AI-powered business solutions. The AI-powered business solution has received positive feedback for its high level of accuracy, making it the standout feature.


B2B E-Commerce Platforms

Are you a medium-sized business? Or are you small one, just starting to grow? Shift4Shop is a global e-commerce platform that offers services to businesses of all sizes. Every business, from small to big, can enjoy the unique features of Shift4Shop! This platform offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions to facilitate your online transactions. You can have everything you need to conduct your business seamlessly. Unfortunately, this platform is only available for free in the United States at the moment, while in other countries it is a paid service. The key features of this platform include providing different and varied payment options, free transactions (in the USA), providing multilingual management capability, and giving you the ability to manage product information. So easy, and yet so complete!


B2B E-Commerce Platforms

If you’re looking for a platform specifically designed for medium to large companies, you’re at the right place! OroCommerce is open source and it enables business owners to easily establish a multichannel online store and conduct B2B transactions. This platform provides users with a range of helpful features, including account management, content management, tax management, personalized catalog management, and user authorization.


B2B E-Commerce Platforms HubSpot is one of the best B2B e-commerce platforms that provide various services to business owners through two separate platforms, one for marketing and the other for sales. This purpose is to help increase this platform’s customers’ sales and speed up B2B transactions. HubSpot offers all these services through tools to host a B2B e-commerce platform, manage and increase customer interaction, and create various blogs.



Just started your business? Don’t know much about e-commerce and its platforms? Just finding your way? Go and get OpenCart without any second thoughts! This is a well-known and long-standing B2B e-commerce platform that is free and open source. You may have heard its name through the last 10 years! OpenCart gives excellent solutions for starting activities in this field. Also, if you want to update and optimize your store but need to know how to do it or need more knowledge, you can leave it to OpenCart.

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B2B E-Commerce Platforms

People who have worked with WordPress might know this one well! This platform and how it works is pretty interesting as it is not a single wholesale e-commerce platform but a WordPress plugin. It’s also worth noting that WooCommerce is a B2B e-commerce platform that’s free and runs on WordPress software. However, you’ll need to pay for domain ownership and other services. The good news is that you can access WooCommerce from any device, and its mobile interface is easy to use on your smartphone. If you’re familiar with technology, you may already know that WooCommerce is an open-source platform that allows for coding and B2B e-commerce solutions. Using WooCommerce themes can help you design your website and sell various items, from digital products to reservations and services. You can use this to sell anything, while having the best design on your website!


Alright, folks! Whether you’re the proud owner of a bustling business empire or just dipping your toes into the e-commerce waters, this digital age demands one thing: being in the know. Why? You may ask. Well, simply put, the right platform doesn’t just give your operations wings, it sprinkles a bit of fairy dust on them too! E-commerce isn’t not just about making transactions. A good platform is like a great date, it provides a smooth experience! You wouldn’t want your business to have a bad date, would you? That’s why using the best platforms allows you to work smarter and faster, resulting in satisfied customers, more sales, and increased revenue. Now, we’ve reviewed what are B2B e-commerce platforms and why they’re important.

We also know about the features they provide us with. But most importantly, we presented you with a list of the top 10 B2B e-commerce platforms. So, before you get lost in the cyberspace, we’ve got your back. No need for endless Googling or head-scratching. Your perfect e-match might just be in our list! In the digital world, competition is tough and there are many options. Be strategic in your choices and may your shopping carts always be full!   Author Bio: Tom Siani is an online marketing expert with more than seven years of experience in this digital industry. He is collaborating with well-known brands such as Social Tradia to generate traffic, create funnels, and increase online sales. He has also written many articles about social media marketing, brand marketing, blogging, search visibility, etc.


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