6 Seo Strategies To Optimize For Voice Search Successfully

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The SEO strategy has numerous parts, and voice search is one of them. During 1987, an informal computer conversation was there like far-flung science fiction. Time has changed, and we have come to a long path since then. Today, people are getting voice responses from their phones. More so, voice chat is free, faster, and it helps to multitask.

Voice Search and the COVID 19 Pandemic

According to the SEO services India, the recent pandemic has a role in popularizing voice search. Consumers interested in hands-free technology are more today as it limits contamination and touching. Current data suggests that 55% of the users use the voice search method to optimize it successfully. Today, it is a reliable software and probe of technological development.

Over 49% of Amazon Echo users and Google Home find voice search a necessity today beyond connected devices, mobile phones, and smart speakers.

Evolution of Voice Search

There is an evolution of voice search from voice recognition to voice understanding. Google has transformed it into an ultimate mobile assistant to help perform other daily life activities and concentrate on your jobs.

It is a fact that today few people type the way they speak for their search queries. One tends to incorporate stilted shorthand during typing. However, while talking, people are more likely to inquire about a problem in a proper format. The programming of Cortana, Siri, and Google Now is much more refined today. According to India’s best SEO agency, it is quintessential that search engines learn to make out the natural processes.


The Role of A.I. in Voice Search Optimization

Artificial Intelligence helps the voice search become capable of understanding. It helps in

  • Spelling correction or queries.
  • Interpreting the pattern of questions based on the previous search.
  • Asking about problems based on a particular location.
  • It helps in conversation and contextual search.
  • App-based context.
  • Local Google search about Conversational commerce.

What are the six strategies to successfully optimize voice search?

The top SEO agencies optimize for voice search with a more refined focus. Below are the strategies for voice search optimization.


  • Knowing the type of customer and device behavior.

The voice search algorithms use location, data, and numerous data points to make out search context. The marketers must delve more profound for understanding the consumer behavior and pattern. The real-time data of consumer insight and research help interpret how people use voice search and use voice-enabled services.


  • When conversational keywords are the focus

The short tail keywords disappear forever and become less relevant when the users consider the natural phrases they use in voice searches. The marketers must prioritize conversational long-tail keywords. People should work out questions to substantiate their answers.

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  • Creating compelling persona-based content

Context, brevity, and relevance are needed to optimize voice search successfully.

This way, the complete and copious web pages appeal to Google’s ranking algorithm. The featured snippet at the top of the web pages is optimized for voice search. The SEO strategies include:

  • Creating detailed answers for general queries
  • Answering the simple questions precisely and concisely
  • Creating compelling and rich content
  • Creating a webpage with headlines
  • Providing a proper definition for a concise answer
  • To provide elaboration of any topic


  • Providing the context with Schema Mark-up

Schema helps mark up the content and informs the search engines regarding the sites. The HTML add-on is required to contextualize content.

This trait helps in better performances and makes more specific and relevant queries through voice search. Google utilizes schemas to make out languages. Schemas can add a wide range of information that helps answer any questions. There are around 40 schema types and 130 properties and attributes for voice searches and mobile users.


  • Building pages for answering F.A.Q.s

The W.H. questions that voice searchers make are answered conversationally through F.A.Q. Format. However, the websites should be technically sound. Schemas ensure informational structures and navigation to find the page load speeds.


  • Thinking Local and mobile

The world’s citizens and devices are all mobile today. The local and mobile must go hand in hand where voice search optimization is required. Hyper-local queries are asked by voice search. The XML sitemaps and brick-and-mortar locations must be readable to the search engines on websites and visitors.

More so, voice chat is free, faster, and it helps to multitask. Apart from this, chatbots and voicebots are another common software applications used for online chat communication. You can check this Kustomer blog post to learn more about it.

Final Takeaways – 6 Seo Strategies To Optimize For Voice Search Successfully

With the increase of tech-savvy people, voice search is on the rise. The SEO industries are working on it as voice search is a winner-take-all search result. This convenient option is getting more mileage because it is not a fad. According to the Google C.E.O, around 1/5th of the queries are voice searches. It is critical for SEO searches.


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