Is This Anime Streaming Site Legit?

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Is This Anime Streaming Site Legit?

Are you searching for terms like ‘ real’ or ‘Is site I am using fake’ or something along those lines? This post goes deeper and collects the original to, as well as the legal mirrors to watch and download anime securely.

I will inform you about one thing and that is is real. I’ll also expound on all the factors that I factored in that made me decide that this is the actual website.

In this case, you will find several copies of with their unique URLs available in the market. In every domain they may no more than resemble each other. It cannot be very glamorous attempting to seek endorsement for any of the three.

That is why I took the time to do the paperwork for you. I have also explained various reasons which support this to make a case that the mentioned site above is indeed to site.

Which is real?

Is This Anime Streaming Site Legit?

As highlighted earlier, there are thousands of fake sites that crop up in the market frequently. Everyone wants to get their pound of flesh out of the hugely popular and successful website for the anime online for free. is on the list of top anime streaming websites that hosts a massive collection of anime. It is filled with a spectrum of anime series & movies and offers a reliable platform to enjoy high quality anime streaming. However, when browsing the Internet with the keyword of ‘,’ we can find that there are numerous anime websites that share seemingly identical look and feel with domains so similar to the original website that it is difficult to identify an actually genuine streaming site.

Furthermore, employing your browser search filter is not very effective in separating the real site from the plethora of its clones, mainly because most of the links to the original have been banned due to excessive copyright infringement. Well, in truth, has become somewhat ambiguous due to the presence of multiple clones out there for you to navigate to the real site.

However, it is vital to note that the other alternatives do work as well depending on the specific site.

It is either that they have extremely slow servers, or significantly less content, or the gaming experience is marred by incessant pop-ups, ads or occasionally, the sites use up your CPU processing power you never granted them permission to use for mining among other things.


How to use

I only felt the need to talk about it because frankly, the film impressed me.

Firstly, the website is very minimalistic, clean and intuitive and guess what no ads anywhere on the site!


Is This Anime Streaming Site Legit? - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

You simply have to get into the search-box and type your anime of interest.

If you do not have a special query, then use its “Genre” filter. It’s just select whether you want to see something that is horror, magic, romance, Yaoi, Yuri or Mecha or whatever.

You can also follow the episodes in a way that I like. Each thumbnail of anime contains what is referred to as the “episode number. ”In addition to these, it also provides information on whether the anime is subbed, dubbed or both.

This has the advantage of saving a lot of time. You don’t necessarily need to watch all the animes to look for subtitles and language.

Is This Anime Streaming Site Legit? - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Regarding the content database, there are thousands of anime. In fact, I think that it could be the largest database that one is ever likely to come across.

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There’s an alphabetic filter. You decide on an alphabet and all anime that begin with that alphabet in initials are displayed. Well, for almost every single alphabet that I came across and typed, it gave me a few hundred options to gorge on!”

It is possible to look up your preferred genre, country of origin, format (ONA/OVA/TV Series/Musical etc.), current condition (ongoing/finished/not yet aired), as well as accessibility in terms of subtitles or dubbing.


Is Registration Required for Free Anime Streaming?

You may encounter registration requirements on many other copycats, which I find questionable since the provided information could potentially be sold for financial gain.

In contrast, guarantees complete anonymity by not requiring any registration. This reinforced my confidence in the website and its authenticity even more. Moreover, it is genuinely free such that no personal information payment is needed to enjoy anime content for no cost at all.

Please be aware that not all streaming services which require registration are negative. However, in this particular circumstance involving the authentic website, it is important to note they never request user registration.

Do Free Anime Streaming Sites Have Ads Before Videos?

Something else you’d quickly realize about fake sites is how incredibly eager they are for ad revenue. Which mean that you would see banners, side bar ads, ads placed before the video starts to play and so on.

Fortunately, none of that is available on the genuine website, and you are free to browse and enjoy any content. With the help of this program you will not be opening tabs with the purpose of clicking on your screen aimlessly. None are there even any ad-banners anywhere around.

Finally, the actual delivery of the seminars goes to a level that even the videos are played instantly. In other words, there’s no interruption in the form of ads before the actual video will be started.

Is Your Anime Stream Buffering? Here’s Why and How to Fix It

Is This Anime Streaming Site Legit?

As for the website, your experience can be great or bad depending on the site that you are using. Despite the numerous scams existing with their different performance rates, the original site is known for its super-fast and stable server.

Freezing on the authentic website

By frequently visiting the official site, streaming your favorite anime does not present any problems with buffering. This smooth streaming experience is attributed to the quality of servers that the site uses. These servers can accommodate traffic congestion but never get congested themselves to ensure you get the desired speed.

Why Choose

It is essential to note that is one of the most outstanding platforms under the banner. This particular site has zero-buffer performance and therefore is recommended for anyone who is in search of options to watch anime free online. With With vc, the streaming is smooth and has no interruptions and the quality is very high with fast streaming that makes the viewing experience even better.

Is Using Illegal?

The use of is legally questionable.

Streaming vs. Downloading: The Legal Remark

Despite what many people think, watching anime on the Internet is not considered to be a form of piracy. However, it is neither completely legal. That is somewhat like the case with someone being involved with a married man/woman; it may be legal to do so in most parts of the world, but it is not legal to be involved with a married man/woman.

The readers must know that the downloading or the sharing of the downloaded anime (or any copyrighted material) is prohibited. Then, there is streaming for personal use which can be categorized as something more nebulous. Although it is not legal to download such material it is not pursued legally by the police.

Public Visibility vs. Private Consumption

Browsing anime for the sake of entertainment is relatively safer compared to sharing or displaying such content. By streaming anime online you have significantly reduced the chances of running foul of the law as compared to downloading.

Who Faces Legal Action?

For instance, if there are any legal measures taken, they are usually focused on the website offering the content and not the viewer. They have not observed any cases when people were prosecuted only for streaming content on the internet.

Safety in Streaming

With that said, it is always safer to use legal streaming platforms; however, in case you intend to use or any other similar site, streaming is safer than downloading. But it is always important to be aware of the possible dangers that may happen and take the precautions necessary.

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Secure Streaming: Protect Yourself from Online Threats While Watching Shows

On several anime streaming sites, including there isn’t much you have to fear. That is because, you are not entering any email/password/name or any other information in it anyway.

Still, there are some technical amendments which you can make use of.

To begin with, one should always employ a VPN while watching anime or even any other content. This ensures that the activities cannot be associated with the individual behind them.

Meaning even if there are lawsuits pending nobody can tell that it was ‘you’ streaming any of that . This is so because while streaming, you would be doing so with the IP address of the VPN and not your own.

I will suggest you should choose NordVPN. It is the safest (mathematically, scientifically) VPN existing on the market. It goes without saying that other options are available as well.

Is Free Streaming Really Free? Exploring the Hidden Costs

There usually are not, or at least not on the original site, if one is even found.

On imposters and other fake sites, there are terms and conditions that limit the number of anime you can watch. After this, signup or registration became other sites that I have come across required.

I have encountered some where before you can proceed to play the anime or even to resume watching it you must first click on an ad.

On VC, however, ‘no limitations are absolutely any’. There is unrestricted full series anime viewing available with no charge whatsoever.


Reliable Mirror Links

The legitimate  website have a limited number of approved mirrors and diverted links. Based on affirmations from authorized social media pages for, we can confirm that utilizing these particular links are secure.

(FAQs) regarding the online streaming of anime:

Q. Is streaming anime on websites such as considered legally permissible?

A. Streaming anime on sites such as falls within a legal gray area due to the lack of proper licenses for hosting copyrighted content. While it is not strictly lawful, personal streaming typically does not result in direct legal consequences for individuals.

Q. What dangers come with utilizing platforms such as

A. The biggest danger of using unofficial streaming sites is the chance that you may come across malware and invasive ads. Furthermore, these websites frequently disobey copyright laws, which puts site operators at risk for legal consequences instead of individual users.

Q. Is it possible for me to face consequences if I choose to stream anime on

A. Streaming anime alone seldom results in prosecution for individuals. Legal actions are usually directed towards the websites that illegally host such content. Nevertheless, downloading or disseminating copyrighted material from these sites is against the law and can result in legal repercussions.

Q. What are the ways to legally stream anime?

A. If you want to watch anime through legitimate means, it’s advisable to sign up for trustworthy streaming platforms that have obtained licenses for the content. Some of these services are Crunchyroll and Netflix – all providing an extensive selection of licensed anime titles.

Q. How can I safeguard myself while streaming anime online?

A. To safeguard oneself while streaming anime online, reduce the possibility of malware by utilizing ad blockers and reliable antivirus software. Moreover, support lawful streaming platforms to ensure appropriate remuneration for producers and distributors of content.

The goal of these FAQs is to offer insight into the lawful and functional aspects regarding the streaming of anime on platforms such as

Summarizing – “Which is real?”

Again, as was stated earlier is an actual site and it is known by its alternative name

In fact, we DON’T endorse piracy or copyright infringement in any form. Still, we could wonder whether is safe to use or not, but the following information will help you decide. Whether or not  alltheanime has obtained streaming rights for anime is another matter.

Oh, it is just a real website where you can watch free anime streaming online. We have not undertaken analysis of its licensing rights.

It just provides viewers with lots of anime to watch, plus free, without commercials and account registration. I do hope that answered your question on what the real site is, if I have misunderstood or if you have further questions.

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