Web Designer vs. Web Developer

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Web designer vs. web developer, how they work differently

A website assists individuals and businesses to increase their growth and reach, but it can only happen if the website is built and presented in a great way to the website traffic. Do you know who makes a website and showcases it professionally on the internet in an eye-appealing way to help you increase your online presence? Well, a web designer and a web developer carry out the job of creating a website and designing it. Do you know who plays the most important role to make websites impactful? To find out, read this blog till the end in which we are going to discuss the roles of web designer and web developer in detail.

Job Role of Web Designer and Web Developer

Both of these profiles have different jobs and responsibilities in creating and optimising a website. Let’s take a look at those roles in detail.

The Role of a Web Designer

Every professional and eye-appealing website you see on the internet has a lot of effort from a web designer behind it. A web designer mainly works on the layout and visual appearance of a website to make it look eye-appealing to website visitors. Along with an attractive design they also have to make sure that website is user-friendly so users will not have a hard time navigating through the website. It will automatically make the web traffic spend more time on your website. They also have to add various elements to the website, that can help to generate more leads and increase the business conversion rates.

Professional web designer requires WordPress themes on a regular basis for their client’s projects, they purchase WordPress theme bundle, hence they can enrich your website with the most suited theme according to your business category. Web designers need to keep themselves updated with the latest website design trends to adhere to the latest trends and practices. It also helps them to create top-notch website designs that are in line with the latest trends. There are various types of web designers such as UX designers (User experience), UI (User Interface) and Visuals designers. These types are dependent on the sort of work web designers perform.

Skills Required to Become a Web Designer

Since there are various types of web designers, hence the skills required to become a web designer depend on one’s role and responsibilities. However, there are some common essentials that every web designer should have are mentioned below.

  • Understanding of web design tools and software
  • Good knowledge of CSS and HTML
  • Understanding important principles of website designing
  • Teamwork to create excellent collaborative projects
  • Must acknowledge the importance of a responsive web design
  • Understanding of colour theory and branding to make visuals look good.
  • Knowledge of wireframing and prototyping
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Those are certain technical skills that a web designer should have to do great in their domain. Along with these technical skills, soft skills such as good communication skills are also required to grab clients and understand their needs and provide excellent work to them.

Web Designer vs. Web Developer


Minimum Qualifications to Become a Web Designer

To become a web designer the minimum requirement is to do a certification or diploma in web design. You can also pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in website design to start your career as a web designer. Once you have completed the certifications, brush up on your web designing abilities and constantly keep upskilling yourself to keep yourself updated with all the website designing trends.

The Role of a Web Developer

All the websites we see on the internet might not be existing if web developers haven’t put their hard work into creating them. Web developers work on building and maintaining the basic framework of a website. The job of a web developer includes a lot of technical work such as programming languages and coding. Without a web developer, it is not possible to construct a website and execute the ideas given by a web designer practically. You can check for website design services.

The job role of a web developer majorly includes coding, server and database configuration on both the front and back end, and performing tests in the beta version of a website to find out the possible errors and fix them. There are various programming languages web developer use and their web development work is also dependent on the type of programming language they use. The various types of web developers include front-end developers, backend developers and full-stack web developers. All of these types are based on the type of work web developers perform. You can also check Web Developer Course.

Skills Required to Be a Web Developer

Web developers require various technical skills to perform various roles while constructing a website. The necessary skills a web developer should possess are mentioned below.

  • Knowledge of coding and programming languages such as Java, HTML, CSS and PHP etc.
  • Testing and debugging to test the beta versions and solve glitches that occurred in them.
  • Understanding of Content Management Systems such as WordPress.
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills to solve critical issues during website creation.
  • Knowledge of databases, backend and frontend development.

These are some of the most important technical skills that a web developer should have to construct a secure and effective website.

Minimum Qualifications to Become a Web Developer

The minimum qualification to pursue web development is to learn the necessary skills and have some relevant experience. You can also get a go for a bachelor’s degree in web development and get the necessary skillset. It is not mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree to pursue web development as a career, you can work as a web developer without getting a degree, all you need to have is the required skillset and eagerness to learn.


A web designer and a web developer possess different sets of roles and responsibilities while creating a website. It will not be fair to compare them as their collective efforts are necessary to create a website. The web designer is like an architect who builds the blueprint of the layout of a website and the web developer is the worker who put effort to make that blueprint come into reality and constructs a website. Hence they both are equally important when it comes to creating a secure, impactful and eye-appealing website.

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