Why Use WordPress for Blogging?4 min read

Why Use WordPress for Blogging? Top 5 Reasons It’s an Awesome Platform

Do you want to start a blog? If yes then a question may come in your mind: which platform is best to start your blog. You can use a number of softwares for blogging.
Among these a very good software is WordPress. But for starting a blog why will you choose WordPress only? Now I am going to give you 5 reasons so as to choose WordPress for blogging.

It is free

The free stuff in WordPress attracts a lot of people towards it. There can be  various reasons behind this. You will always take interest in saving your money. It is possible to start a blog without spending any money simply by setting up WordPress. However you have to do your blog’s self hosting if you take interest in having a domain name for yourself. Some money will be needed for doing this. If you want to pick a domain name of WP for yourself then you need to do the self-
hosting in WP. So, when using WP without paying any money you will have a domain name like “xyz.wordpress.com”. But after paying money you can have a domain name like “xyz.com”. By using it you can have a professional feeling.  For the beginners it will be good not to go to complicated stuff. They need to learn
simple things first. Remember one thing that it is completely free to use WordPress’s actual program whether you host it yourself or use a hosting that is free.

It is user friendly

You can use the WordPress with great ease. First you need to install WP and then managing it will be very easy for you. On the screen’s left side, you will see the dashboard. For posting something or making any changes you will go to the dashboard.

It has free themes

You will be surprised to know that there is a lot of free stuff in the WP. By changing the theme, it is possible to have a completely different blog’s look. When you will install WP then you can leverage a lot of free themes available in it. The Appearance section of the Dashboard contains the theme changing options. You can easily install a theme of your choice. Just some clicks are needed for doing all this.


Multiple users can use the WordPress

By taking the help of a number of your close friends you can create a blog. In order to create the blog, you all can work together. Allot a particular role to each of your friends. Then under your terms and conditions your friends will access the blog. For instance, one of them can play the role of “Administrator” as per your direction. If your other friend can write perfectly then allot him the role of “Author”. In uploading the new posts, he will help you. But functioning of blog’s important parts or changing these will not be under his control.

Pages and Widgets

A very good feature of WP are the pages. If apart from your blog you want to create something then pages will help you in doing this. For instance, if you want to describe your blog as well as about yourself then creating an “About Me” page for this purpose will be a good idea. After reading it the visitor will start taking interest
in your blog. For giving the complete details of your address or your contact, creating a “Contact Me” page will be a good idea. This will help the followers and readers in reaching you easily.

In your sidebar getting additional content is possible if in your site you add tools known as WordPress Widgets. You can consider Widgets as WordPress’s standard part. Using these is very easy and you need not to pay any money for using these. It is possible to show these in the sidebar’s any area by dragging and dropping these. WP offers so much flexibility and a number of reasons exist in support of my statement. So, if you take interest in starting a blog in WordPress then you can use various features that WP offers. This is a very good platform for the purpose of blogging. If someone wants to develop custom WordPress websites then it will be good for him to contact WordPress development services India.

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