How to Add a Video to Your Product in WooCommerce

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How to Add a Video to Your Product in WooCommerce – Full Guide

Most buyers prefer to watch a video about a product (or service) that interests them before buying. This will help them better understand the product and make sure it is the right product they are looking for.

Although it is one of the best e-commerce solutions, WooCommerce does not have the ability to add product videos to the product page.

By default, WooCommerce does not allow you to add a video to your WooCommerce product gallery. A regular installation of WooCommerce will allow you to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos and upload your videos.

How to Add a Video to Your Product in WooCommerce

In WooCommerce, in addition to the featured product image, you can add more photos of the product and display it as a small thumbnail on one page.

This helps the seller look for different points of view to give buyers a better overview of the product. But it would be nice if WooCommerce allowed us to add videos to this gallery. Unfortunately, this feature is not included in WooCommerce, although it is one of the features you want. But don’t worry. There are many plugins to achieve this.

In this article, I will show you how to add Videos to a product in WooCommerce. Let’s see.

Why You Should Put Videos on WooCommerce Product Page

If you want your products to attract customers quickly and easily, a video is worth a thousand photos. Not only do videos provide a better understanding of a product’s features and functions, but they can also help you tell a story about your product in your style, creating emotional connections that will resonate with your customers.

Videos are an excellent tool for showcasing your company’s culture and image, promoting an upcoming competition or product release, or raising awareness of your sponsored business. And of course, you can reach out to your customers to understand what they want and what they want to buy.

You can create product videos for a variety of marketing purposes, for example:

  • Create lifestyle videos that show the product in action, such as: For example, a model in the clothes you sell, a user using your old phone, a cyclist using your gear outdoors, or a chef using your culinary products to prepare a gourmet meal.
  • Video tutorials that provide your customers with information on how to set up or use a complicated item.
  • Product reviews and testimonials posted on YouTube
  • 360-degree video view of your product instead of using alternative images

Another benefit of adding YouTube videos to your product pages is the SEO value of the additional text. Most search engines display multiple lines of text about each web page when they return search results. People call these rich snippets. This information helps users understand how relevant the page is to their search.

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How to Add a Video to Your Product

How to Add a Video to Your Product in WooCommerce

You can use many plugins to add videos to your product thumbnail image gallery in individual product images. However, most of them are paid plugins. WooCommerce Product Video is an incredible plugin with tons of customization options. You can try this when you’re ready to buy. However, in this blog, we use a free plugin to add a video to every product page.

Install the plugin

To open the WordPress Plugin Store, go to Add-ons> Add New. Then use the search input field to find a video about WooCommerce products.

Find, install, and activate the plugin. You don’t have to do anything special to configure the plugin.

You can now select a product and open the Edit Product page. As you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a section titled “Product Video URL.” There is an input field within this section. Here you need to add a link to the URL of the product you want to include in this product. Remember that you can only add a YouTube URL to this field.

To upload the product video to your YouTube account, get the video URL, and add the URL in this field.

That’s all you have to do. You can now click the Update button to save your changes. When you go to the UI and open the product page, you’ll see a YouTube video between thumbnails.

By default, the video is placed at the end of the product thumbnail. Therefore, depending on the number of thumbnails of a particular product, the video may not be immediately visible to buyers.

If you want the video to be visible on the front page, you may need to reduce the number of additional product images for this product. This plugin has two other limitations. First, it allows you to add only one shot to the gallery. Another rule is that it only allows us to upload videos from YouTube.

Takeaway – How to Add a Video to Your Product in WooCommerce


All video plugins have useful features and are well designed. Each plugin has its characteristic, which is different from the standard quality for adding videos to your product page.

If you want to add audio and video to your product page, you should use the YITH WooCommerce plugin for audio and video content.

If you only want to add videos to your product page, you should buy the WooCommerce product video plugin.

If you want to add videos as featured videos for products to be displayed in the product list, you should use the WooCommerce featured products plugin.

If you plan on expanding your WooCommerce product image gallery, read the next post for a list of the best WooCommerce extensions you can use to grow your product gallery.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you find this post helpful or if you have doubts about using these plugins. Your comments will encourage me to continue posting.

Conclusion – How to Add a Video to Your Product in WooCommerce

WooCommerce product pages are very simple in a way users need some demo or explanation regarding the product, with WooCommerce Product Featured Video plugin lets you add video as a featured thumbnail or image of your products to attracts customers’ attention, and in return shop owners can get high sales.

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Video is a perfect way to present your product to customers in brief and get more traffic and sales.


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