Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers

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Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers – (Beginner to Advanced) [Updated 2022]

My blogging toolbox has included Pinterest as a key component for years. We’ll review the top Pinterest courses of 2022 in this article to help you decide which is best for your business. Bloggers can find a wide variety of Pinterest Courses on the market right now. Since virtually every blogger learns how to take advantage of the powerful features of this platform, traffic can be increased quickly and for nothing. With more than 4 billion active users, Pinterest is quickly becoming the leading platform for business owners, content creators, consumers, and marketers.

Learn about Pinterest’s algorithms and tactics by enrolling in a course and putting what you learn into practice. I can attest that Pinterest marketing courses have been extremely helpful because I have firsthand experience with it. Even if a course expert only shares a small tip or a cutting-edge strategy, I think it’s still worth the money. It’s crucial to test new approaches and modify your Pinterest tactics.

The Pinterest course Passive Profit With Pinterest was developed by Anita Hendrieka. She and I have been friends for a while, and she has been blogging for a very long time. Because I knew she had been experimenting with a variety of strategies on Pinterest, I decided to enroll in her course.

Over the course of a weekend, I watched it all in one sitting and started following her advice right away. Even though I have experience with Pinterest, Passive Profit With Pinterest was still very helpful to me. In this blog post, I’ll evaluate Passive Profit With Pinterest and present my conclusions. Pinterest has undoubtedly come a long way since the company was established in 2010.

But in a little more than ten years, it has developed into much more than just a social media platform. In this article on the best Pinterest courses for bloggers, we’ll look at how effective Pinterest can be at driving traffic to your website. Personally, I’ve discovered that using Pinterest has been one of the best ways to increase traffic to my blog. I would thus wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone having trouble getting traffic.

It is easy to use, and its SEO strategies are straightforward to implement. However, not all Pinterest courses are created equal. Some are actually a complete waste of your time and money. A course on the site may be able to help you maximize the potential of Pinterest if you’re ready to up your game. Let’s get started right away!

Why Take A Pinterest Course For Bloggers?

Don’t get me wrong, that shouldn’t be the only traffic source you should be concentrating on, but Pinterest is by far the best way to get traffic to your site, quickly. In fact, learning SEO from the beginning can position you for a lifetime of organic steady traffic independent of the swings in social media’s algorithm. Having said that, Pinterest is currently one of the quickest ways a blogger can generate free traffic to their website in a brief amount of time.

Today, Pinterest serves as the primary source of traffic for many successful bloggers (including myself), but this didn’t happen overnight. It requires a strong Pinterest strategy, familiarity with the platform, and awareness of the most recent algorithm changes. In my opinion and the opinions of many other bloggers who have taken these courses, these are the best financial investments you can make after three years of blogging, blogs, thousands of active pins, and coming across dozens of Pinterest courses.

Although they all teach about Pinterest, they also target different Pinterest expertise levels, from beginner to advanced (more on the course levels later). I’ll break down each one as thoroughly as I can so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Why Take A Pinterest Course?

Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers

Pinterest specialists instruct these courses. They discuss their personal insights and first-hand knowledge gained from any mistakes they may have made. This is what makes Pinterest courses so highly beneficial. It can’t be denied that Pinterest has some technicalities that require getting used to, but more importantly, a Pinterest course is going to save YOU time. Therefore, you have two options: bite the bullet, or wade through this. Fair warning, though; this can be extremely frustrating, and you might even start tearing out your hair if you tend to get that way! You might even give up on Pinterest as a result.

Pinterest has the potential to be an excellent source of website traffic. Since Pinterest is distinct from other social media platforms, it stands out. Like YouTube is a video search engine, it is an image search engine. This means that compared to posts you make on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, the images and links you save to Pinterest have a much longer shelf life. People can see your content repeatedly, bringing readers and customers to your blog for years. Because Pinterest content lasts so long, it appeals to bloggers, small business owners, and online creators alike.

Fun fact: I actually have a pin from 2017 that occasionally sends me page views. But when you first start out, it can be overwhelming to learn how to use Pinterest strategically. A good Pinterest course will help you figure out the precise steps that other users took to succeed on the platform, which is where these courses come in. There is a lot to learn, as evidenced by the fact that some of the course developers below generate six-figure incomes from their blogs, with a large portion of their traffic coming from Pinterest.

The best thing about Pinterest is that it has a long shelf-life compared to other platforms like Instagram or Twitter where the content may disappear from the timeline of your followers’ timelines. Instead, you can save your mental energy and learn everything you need to know about Pinterest from someone who knows what they’re talking about. I have posts on Pinterest that I pinned a little over a year ago, and they continue to drive traffic to my blog. By taking a few Pinterest courses, I discovered how to use Pinterest to its fullest potential for my blog. I’m here to share a few of them with you so you can draw more readers to your blog.

Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers

There are many options for online courses on Pinterest. On the other hand, as with most things, some stand out in terms of training value and cost. With the help of the table below, you can get a general idea of the key traits of some of the best Pinterest courses for bloggers. Based on my personal experience, the Pinterest course I recommend most frequently is Carly Campbell’s Pinterest Strategies.

This is one of the Pinterest courses that is the simplest to understand. What Carly teaches you about Pinterest’s ins and outs will be useful to you right away. Even more exciting is the fact that my blog’s traffic significantly rises each time I use her strategies. To find out which Pinterest courses are the best for bloggers, check out this in-depth guide and see what works for you!

Is Pinterest Good For Bloggers?

Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers

I can personally attest that Pinterest did a great job of boosting traffic to my blog, so yes, I do believe that. Within three months after joining Pinterest, I had 10K views, up from only 6 in my first month. This was significantly improved by taking blogger-specific Pinterest courses. Through the courses, I was able to pinpoint precisely where I should concentrate my attention and effort in order to maximize Pinterest’s benefits for blogging. As a result, if you are patient when putting what you have learned from these Pinterest courses into practice, you can use Pinterest to increase traffic to your blog.

Tips To Drive Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog

If you’re looking for specific guidance on how to increase traffic to your blog from Pinterest, check out this step-by-step Pinterest strategy for bloggers. The best Pinterest courses for bloggers have now been thoroughly reviewed, ladies and gentlemen. You can learn more about each of these tactics and how to put them into practice in the guide. Once you do, you’ll undoubtedly notice a spike in traffic very quickly. I promise that taking one of these courses will significantly streamline the goals and objectives of your blogging marketing plan.

Instead of stumbling around aimlessly in the dark, a focused Pinterest strategy for blogging will set you on the right course right away. Now that I’ve said that, I’d like to wish you happy pinning!Pinterest courses have been some of the best investments I’ve made as a blogger. Before I discovered Pinterest, it was difficult for me to get people to read the posts on my first blog. For my initial blog in December 2017, I had 42 total page views. In search of a change, I researched the traffic-building tactics used by well-known bloggers. Many of them insisted that their go-to method for driving significant traffic was Pinterest.

I decided to take Pinterest seriously as a result, shelling out $500 on coaching and courses. After a few months, the work paid off. With nearly 40k free page views per month to my blog, Pinterest became my main traffic source. It drove more traffic to my blog than Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram combined.

Pinterest traffic 38,000 monthly page views

What to look for in a Pinterest Course

There are many Pinterest experts out there, so it’s important to take into account each one’s history. Choose mentors who can follow through on what they promise. Because many bloggers brag about how many MONTHLY VIEWERS they have on Pinterest, I place a strong emphasis on page views. You may see clickbait headlines on your Pinterest Smart Feed, such as “How I’m Getting 1 Million Monthly Viewers on Pinterest!” and “How To Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers By 200k in Just 30 Days!” Ignore these.

What outcomes have they attained. How many PAGE VIEWS per month are they getting from Pinterest. My monthly viewers fluctuate between 300k and 900k depending on the season. This particular figure has no real meaning. Monthly views essentially tell you how many times your pins have been seen overall on Pinterest. That many times have all of your pins appeared in content suggestions, search results, and smart feeds. They make no mention of the volume of traffic a person is getting from Pinterest. Since using Pinterest is all about increasing traffic to your blog, concentrate on the metrics that matter, such as monthly page views and/or sessions.

Do I need a Pinterest course if I already get some traffic from Pinterest?

Pinterest is a dynamic site. Things that worked a few years ago might not cut it today, so it can be useful to look at what tactics are working for other bloggers right now. Simply put, even if you’re already receiving traffic from the platform, I believe taking a Pinterest course can be very beneficial to ensure you’re using the most recent best practices and strategies.

Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers

The Best Pinterest Courses For You To Take

Not all Pinterest courses are appropriate for all creators. It’s possible that what you’re looking for differs from what other people believe to be the best Pinterest course for bloggers. Depending on their level of Pinterest familiarity and their business goals, creators may have a variety of needs. Consider the following factors when selecting the best Pinterest course for you:

Course Level

Make sure the course’s content is at the right level for you by carefully reading the course description. If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while, a course that emphasizes basic account setup might be too basic for you. A deep-dive advanced course might be too overwhelming if you’re new to Pinterest. Save the advanced Pinterest marketing courses for later and stick to beginner courses for the time being.

Instructor Success

Always check the instructor’s credentials before enrolling in any online course. It’s a good idea to regularly check your course instructors’ blogs and Pinterest accounts to make sure their content aligns with your goals.

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Some of these courses also include enticing extras like free Tailwind trials, pin design templates, and supportive Facebook groups. If you are confident that you thrive with group support and accountability, think about a course with a private Facebook group or even monthly group calls. The virtual collaboration features in several of the programs listed below can be useful for bloggers who want more immediate feedback.


The costs listed below are in the $50 to $1000 range. If you’re just getting started, a cheaper course is a great place to see if you and Pinterest click. If you’re an experienced user looking for more specialized Pinterest training, a more expensive course may contain the techniques you require. To help you gain some foundational knowledge, I’ve also included some free Pinterest courses. Keep in mind that while these free training programs are excellent for getting started and learning the fundamentals, they typically don’t provide you with many sophisticated strategies for using Pinterest.

Teaching Method

The costs listed below are in the $50 to $1000 range. If you’re just getting started, a cheaper course is a great place to see if you and Pinterest click. If you’re an experienced user looking for more specialized Pinterest training, a more expensive course may contain the techniques you require. To help you gain some foundational knowledge, I’ve also included some free Pinterest courses. Keep in mind that while these free training programs are excellent for getting started and learning the fundamentals, they typically don’t provide you with many sophisticated strategies for using Pinterest.


Others prefer to learn by following brief, “to the point” instructions, while some people prefer lengthy courses that lead them through each step of the process. Prior to making your decision, be sure to consider the course length.

Instructor Experience and Success

These days, almost anyone can make and sell a course. However, it doesn’t follow that the content is useful or that the author is reliable. It’s crucial to research the course creator and their credentials before investing money in any blogging training. All of the Pinterest Courses for Bloggers on this list were developed by very successful bloggers. They are all well-qualified experts on blogging in general as well as Pinterest. Reading the course descriptions below will give you more information about each course’s conception.

Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers – Full Guide

Pin For Profits (Beginner, Basic)

Pin to Profits Pinterest Course for BeginnersThe Pin for Profits: Beginners Bundle is a thorough Pinterest course led by Mom Makes Cents’ McKenzie Bean. This Pinterest course for bloggers provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to strategically use Pinterest to expand your blog or business. It is a fantastic option for bloggers who are just starting to use Pinterest for blogging. This Pinterest course is divided into TWO key components for learning how to use Pinterest for blogging, and they are:.

Pinterest for Profits : Foundations

The Foundations course goes in-depth on how to develop a successful Pinterest strategy. You will learn how to with the help of these 30 lessons, video lessons, and worksheets.

  • Strategically setup your Pinterest account
  • Set up Rich Pins
  • Optimize your Pinterest profile
  • Create Pins with viral potential
  • Advanced pinning strategies to get the click!
  • Group boards spreadsheet with 570+ group boards!

Create your Pinterest account with care. Set up Rich Pins. Create an optimized Pinterest profile. Make pins that have the potential to go viral. advanced pinning techniques to get the click! 570 group boards in a spreadsheet for group boards!

Pin for Profits: Tailwind

This practical course includes 6 video lessons that show you how to develop a potent strategy using the Tailwind scheduler. You’ll discover how to…

  • Schedule pins on Tailwind
  • Tailwind Analytics
  • Drive traffic with Tailwind Tribes
  • Easily recycle your content with the Tailwind Smartloop

Schedule pins on Tailwind. Insights from Tailwind. Streamline congestion with Tailwind Tribes. The Tailwind Smartloop makes it simple to reuse your content.


Pinterest Ninja (Beginner, Comprehensive)

Megan Johnson from Love Family Health created the Pinterest Ninja Course. Pinterest Ninja is for you if you’re new to Pinterest and need someone to walk you through the process from start to finish. As Megan says, “Every single step in this course has taken me from earning less than $100 a month with my blog, to over $10,000 a month with my blog, in just over a year (And that is via affiliate marketing, not course sales or coaching.)

This info-packed interactive eCourse walks you all the way from setting up a Business Pinterest account, all the way to mastering pinning, Pinterest SEO, Pinterest algorithm, and so much MORE. Because she covers affiliate marketing in the Bonus section, I think this Pinterest Course is thorough. It will take WORK, but I’ll be there to help you every step of the way!




Pinteresting Strategies (Intermediate)

Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers- Pinteresting Strategies

The founder of Mommy on Purpose, Carly, created the well-known Pinterest course known as Pinteresting Strategies. She demonstrates how her pinning strategy helps her generate thousands of dollars in revenue and over 200k monthly views on Pinterest. She teaches you how to use her incredibly successful manual pinning method, which is one of the main reasons this Pinterest course is so popular (in addition to the amazing results from her students).

Combining video and written content makes up the format of this course. It flows really well and is full of gold nuggets all the way through. For people who also want to use Tailwind (a Pinterest scheduler), Carly recently added Tailwind strategies. Important Pinterest tactics like: are part of her curriculum.

  • Getting began with Pinterest
  • Good area of interest or dangerous area of interest?
  • How the Pinterest algorithm truly works
  • search engine marketing (SEO) for Pinterest
  • How to create pins that get clicks
  • New pins VS “fresh” pins – semantics won’t matter after you are taking this course!
  • Do followers nonetheless matter?
  • What Pinterest Analytics are telling you
  • What you’ll be able to study your Pinterest visitors by way of Google Analytics
  • Should you create video pins?
  • Do group boards nonetheless work in 2020?
  • What form of photographs carry out BEST on the platform
  • What to do in case your account will get blocked
  • BONUS: 15 Pin Templates!


Pin Practical Promotions: Pinterest Ads (Advanced)

Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers The best Pinterest advertising course is Pin Practical Promotions, which is also taught by Monica Froese. This course is for you if you want to learn everything there is to know about Pinterest ads so that you can offer Pinterest services or if you need a Pinterest strategy that isn’t dependent on algorithm changes. This advanced course will teach you how to plan, carry out, evaluate, and improve profitable promoted pin campaigns at a low cost to you. It is called Pin Practical Promotions.

People often ask, “But wait, don’t I have to “pay” to promote pins? Why would I want to do that?” They think that when you “pay” for promoted Pins, you are “spending” money. This course is intended to change your viewpoint on that. This is the difference between promoting content haphazardly and promoting content with a clear plan of action: when you implement all the strategies taught to you in Pin Practical Promotions, you will be “investing” money to make you more.

  • Brandi lately spent $33 and revamped $1,000 on a web-based course in lower than every week!
  • Jennifer quadrupled her funding by selling a $17 digital product. She spent $1,376.54 and made $6,001!
  • Monica lately ran a 2-week marketing campaign the place she spent $169.20 and made $440 on a $9 product!
  • Kristen doubled her electronic mail list!
  • Kara collected 456 new electronic mail subscribers within the B2B house for $.93 per lead and made her a refund with a tripwire!


VA Ninja: Pinterest Virtual Assistant (Intermediate, Advanced)

VA Ninja Pinterest Course

Meg Johnson, who also created Pinterest Ninja, offers Va Ninja as a course. She teaches you EVERYTHING you require to launch your virtual assistant business.

Here is all that’s included in this course:

  • Chapter 1: Do you want an internet site? And if that’s the case, how one can rapidly begin one! Or, can you utilize your present web site? If so, how one can add your new providers to your current website.
  • Chapter 2:What does a Pinterest VA do? All the each day duties a Pinterest VA has to finish.
  • Chapter 3: Legal + Banking + Taxes + Invoicing.
  • Chapter 4: Package creation and what to charge! PLUS, this chapter is filled with EDITABLE templates so that you can use as your personal!
  • Chapter 5:Contracts and welcome packages! Did I point out editable templates? Yep, this chapter has these too!
  • Chapter 6:Monthly Reports + weekly plan + workflow!
  • + More editable templates! Woo!
  • Chapter 7: Your resume and reviews!
  • Chapter 8: Marketing and how one can land your first shopper! Plus, a HUGE perk you’ll find out about on the gross sales web page!

So, in case you are prepared to start out incomes instantly and begin reserving purchasers whereas your weblog earnings grows don’t miss out on this data packed course.


Quick Look: Best Blogger Pinterest Courses

We’ll break down every of those Pinterest programs for bloggers in only a minute, however right here’s a sneak peek should you’re quick on time.

Pinteresting Strategies2.0Intermediate – AdvancedLearn a singular guide pinning technique to drive extra site visitors to your weblog and refresh a drained Pinterest account.$97
Pinterest NinjaBeginnerSet up your Pinterest account for fulfillment from day one, features a Facebook group with live coaching classes every month.$150
Pinterest Traffic AvalancheBeginnerSet up your profile, create pins, schedule and automate your Pinterest account, and develop your e-mail list utilizing Pinterest.$197
Pinterest Strategy CourseBeginnerLearn arrange your account, create click-worthy pins, and market your work on and off Pinterest.$49.99
Pinterest SEO Traffic SecretsBeginner – AdvancedUse Pinterest to realize constant web site site visitors and develop your online business. Also covers video pins, ecommerce, and Pinterest search engine optimisation.$397
Pinterest Like a BossBeginner – AdvancedLearn use Pinterest to drive site visitors to your web site and gross sales to your products. Includes superior modules about video pins and Pinterest adverts.$299
Slaying Pinterest 101BeginnerStep by step information to establishing a Pinterest account in your weblog and making a game plan to drive constant site visitors.$147
Slaying Pinterest TrafficIntermediate – AdvancedThe follow-up course to Slaying Pinterest 101, all about Pinterest search engine optimisation, make pins go viral, Pinterest analytics, and Pinterest automation.$147
Slaying Pinterest DesignIntermediate – AdvancedAll about Pinterest Pin design! Learn about fonts, colours, pictures, layouts, visible search engine optimisation, and launch new pins efficiently.$147
Empowered Business LabAdvancedLearn create a digital product and put it up for sale with paid Pinterest promoting and Facebook promoting.$1997
Pinning To SuccessBeginnerEmail course that covers the fundamentals of use Pinterest to drive site visitors for bloggers.Free
Pinterest PrimerBeginnerEmail course about arrange your profile, make pins, and handle your Pinterest schedule.Free
Pinterest Business AcademyBeginnerShort Pinterest coaching programs about use their enterprise features, an incredible introduction to Pinterest for bloggers.Free


Pintersting Strategies 2.0

Pinteresting Strategies 2.0

With the manual pinning method developed by the course’s creator, Carly, you’ll discover exactly how to use Pinteresting Strategies to drive a ton of traffic to your website or online store. You’ll learn exactly how Pinterest works and how to set up your account the optimal way, whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing account, in Pinteresting Strategies because it focuses on manual pinning and doesn’t require pin schedulers. Because it costs less than some of the other courses on this list, Pinteresting Strategies is an excellent choice for bloggers or other content creators on a tight budget.

You won’t have to pay extra for a scheduling tool because it focuses on manual pinning. In a way I hadn’t heard before, Pinteresting Strategies did a great job of breaking down SEO and Pinterest user intent. Learning Carly’s patented manual pinning technique and having a thorough understanding of how and why it works is the course’s main highlight. I also appreciate that this Pinterest course includes information on ongoing algorithm changes.

Although Carly does provide some beginner setup information in the early modules, I believe this course is best suited for more seasoned pinners who want to update their account with a new strategy. I enrolled in the course because I felt like my Pinterest presence was plateauing, or that the spaghetti I was throwing at the wall wasn’t cutting it, and I was wondering when the tidal wave of traffic would come. I thought I could still be getting better results, even though Pinterest seemed to be working somewhat.

The manual pinning techniques covered in the course are wholly original, and I gained a better understanding of how Pinterest functions in general as a result of taking the course, enabling me to make the most of it. Even as a seasoned pinner, I’ve had a few aha moments, and I definitely think I have a solid Pinterest plan in place. *Carly recently updated this course into Pinteresting Strategies 2.0. The updated version includes the original Pinteresting Strategies manual pinning course, 15 pin templates, and the following advanced training programs: Pinterest Niche Site Deep Dive, Pin Title Traffic Hacks, and Pin Design Rules to Break.

  • Highlights: Learn a very distinctive guide pinning technique that hundreds swear by! Comes with the traditional Pinteresting Strategies course as well as pin templates and extra superior coaching programs.
  • Best Pinterest technique course for bloggers who’ve some Pinterest expertise and are open to guide pinning strategies
  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Price: $97
  • Learn extra about Pinteresting Strategies
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Pinterest Ninja

Pinterest Ninja course

Megan from LoveFamilyHealth used Pinterest to make her blog into a six-figure business in just 18 months, so she decided to turn it into Pinterest Ninja. It’s best for people who want a comprehensive overview of the Pinterest platform to take this beginner’s Pinterest course. The Pinterest Ninja course will teach you all the essential behind-the-scenes techniques, such as how to create a business account, enable rich pins, and verify your website.

You’ll discover the dos and don’ts of pin design as well as the best practices for creating pin titles and descriptions that are optimized for search engines. Additionally, Pinterest Ninja offers unique modules on how to sell products from Etsy on Pinterest, use Pinterest Analytics strategically, and develop manual and automated pinning plans. The modules are updated frequently, and Pinterest Ninja will also teach you how to use the platform to expand your email subscriber list, make affiliate sales, advertise your content in Facebook groups, and develop your Pinterest account.

Additionally, you’ll receive lifetime access to a private Facebook group where you can access a free video training course on how to enhance underperforming pins each month. This is also a great place to get feedback on pin design and ask questions in a supportive community. During the live sessions, group members can share pins that aren’t performing well and get live feedback on how to make them better.

  • Highlights: Comprehensive Pinterest course that covers set-up to technique. Includes a Facebook group with month-to-month live coaching the place you will get suggestions and hands-on assist.
  • Best for individuals who are new to Pinterest or struggling to get traction and wish steering
  • Level: Beginner
  • Pinterest Ninja Price: $150
  • Learn extra about Pinterest Ninja

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Pinterest traffic avalanche Pinterest blogging course

One of the best beginner Pinterest courses for bloggers is called Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, and it was made by two other bloggers who have experience using the platform. After using Pinterest to create their blog about fitness, Alex and Lauren used it once more to drive traffic to their blog about blogging. You will discover their precise strategy for using not one, but two blogs in various niches to succeed on Pinterest in this course.

A total of 25 videos and 8 in-depth modules are included in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, which covers topics like how to set up your Pinterest profile, how to make appealing pin images, how to schedule and automate pins, how to work with others to grow your page more quickly, how to use affiliate marketing, and how to use Pinterest analytics strategically. As the Pinterest algorithm changes, you’ll also receive regular course updates.

  • Highlights: Set up your profile, create pins, schedule and automate your Pinterest account, and develop your electronic mail list utilizing Pinterest
  • Best Pinterest on-line course for newbie bloggers who wish to develop their site visitors shortly, have to be keen to place within the work upfront to build long-term success.
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $197
  • Learn extra about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche


Pinterest Strategy Course

Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers

For content producers in the travel industry who want to use Pinterest for their work, My Perfect Travel Blog’s Pinterest Strategy Course is a fantastic option. You’ll first learn the proper setup procedures for your Pinterest business account and boards. Also covered is how to create your first pins, along with advice on how to make your images as “click-worthy” as possible.

Then, you’ll discover other suggestions for creating content that readers can’t wait to consume, as well as how to launch your pins on Pinterest. I like how a new user could follow along to set up their account quickly and easily with the help of this text and image-based course.

  • Highlights: Full account setup information, methods for selling pins on and off Pinterest, suggestions for creating robust pins, and information about Pinterest monetization
  • Best for journey bloggers who need a fast begin information to Pinterest
  • Level: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Price: $49.99
  • Learn extra in regards to the Pinterest Strategy Course


Pinterest Like a Boss

Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers

Take Pinterest Like a Boss, Barbara Boss’ comprehensive Pinterest training course, if you sell products and want to increase traffic and sales. You will be shown step-by-step how to set up your profile, create pins that attract your ideal customers, and pin strategically in the course’s several hours of in-depth videos. Given that it also includes more complicated modules on promoted pins and video pins, this is a good option for someone who is already familiar with the foundations of Pinterest.

  • Highlights: Video tutorials for establishing your account, creating pins, making worthwhile boards, working paid Pinterest adverts, and further.
  • Best for people who promote digital products and want to drive product sales
  • Level: Beginner – Advanced
  • Price: $299
  • Learn further about Pinterest Like a Boss

Slaying Pinterest 101

Slaying Pinterest 101

One of my favorite travel writers, Lia Garcia, who runs the hilarious Practical Wanderlust blog and used Pinterest to catapult it to superstardom, has developed the Slaying Pinterest 101 course for beginners.

You’ll discover how to set up a Pinterest account for your blog and produce click-worthy Pinterest images in Slaying Pinterest 101. She now gives presentations about Pinterest at blogging conferences and has developed three courses that will turn you into a Pinterest whiz as well. You’ll learn how to set up a Pinterest schedule as well, which will help you maintain the development of your profile and the fantastic traffic it attracts.

  • Highlights: Full account prepare information, tips about the way to make worthwhile pin images, what duties you should do to maintain your Pinterest presence, and develop your web site guests.
  • Best for bloggers who have to drive fixed web site guests from Pinterest and are Pinterest newbies
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $149 (Payment Plan Available)
  • Learn additional about Slaying Pinterest 101

Slaying Pinterest Traffic

Slaying pinterest traffic course for bloggers

The intermediate to advanced Pinterest users who are familiar with the platform but want to increase their traffic can learn more advanced Pinterest strategies in Lia Garcia’s Slaying Pinterest Traffic course after mastering the fundamentals in Slaying Pinterest 101.

The Slaying Pinterest Traffic course covers Pinterest SEO, how to make pins “go viral,” how to use Pinterest analytics to your advantage, and how to automate your Pinterest workload so you can get more results in less time. For those who know how effective Pinterest can be for their blog but haven’t quite figured out how to get the traffic they want, this course is ideal.

  • Highlights: You’ll dive into Pinterest search engine advertising, make pins go viral, Pinterest analytics, and Pinterest automation on this intermediate-advanced Pinterest teaching.
  • Best for bloggers who already know use Pinterest however aren’t getting the outcomes they want.
  • Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Price: $149 (Payment plan accessible)
  • Learn further about Slaying Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest Marketing From A To Z For Beginners

best Pinterest courses for business


The emphasis on generating organic traffic really spoke to me, which is why I adore this course. Let’s face it: when we first start blogging, we don’t really have the money to buy advertising. Organic traffic is always preferable to ad-driven traffic. Even if you are a total beginner, the strategies taught in this course are simple to put into practice.

Course Highlights:

  • How to arrange your Pinterest enterprise accounts, together with all the suitable account settings
  • How to create infographics to include into your pin design
  • Learn to drive free natural site visitors to your weblog
  • Strategies for weblog development utilizing only Pinterest

Explosive Traffic With Tribes

pinterest courses for bloggers


The emphasis on generating organic traffic really spoke to me, which is why I adore this course. Let’s face it: when we first start blogging, we don’t really have the money to buy advertising. Organic traffic is always preferable to ad-driven traffic. Even if you are a total beginner, the strategies taught in this course are simple to put into practice.

Course Highlights:

  • Detailed Pinterest methods
  • Learn the way to discover subjects that your viewers will wish to learn
  • Pinterest website positioning
  • A step-by-step blueprint for bloggers to achieve 90,000 web page views per 30 days

The Pinterest Studio

best Pinterest courses for business

Why I Love This Course Katie is all about hustling, but she emphasizes that it doesn’t have to take over your life, and I couldn’t agree more. This is a practical Pinterest strategy course that dissects each key component of Pinterest.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn the mechanics of Pinterest search
  • Pinterest web optimization
  • How Tailwind will show you how to to automate your posts on Pinterest

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

pinterest courses for bloggers

You can learn how to use Pinterest to bring dependable traffic to your website by reading Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets by Anastasia Blogger. This course focuses on Pinterest SEO and long-term growth, and according to student testimonials from Anastasia, their Pinterest traffic improved after implementing SEO best practices. The course also includes modules on manual pinning, scheduled pinning, video pinning, pin design, and Pinterest for e-commerce in addition to Pinterest SEO. Additionally, members have access to a closed Facebook group and can pin Photoshop and Canva template images.

  • Highlights: You’ll examine organising your Pinterest account, Pinterest search engine advertising and marketing, Pinterest analytics, information pinning method, Tailwind pinning method, video pins, ecommerce pinning, and explicit improvement hacks.
  • Best for bloggers and small enterprise householders who want to attain web web site guests
  • Level: Beginner – Advanced
  • Price: $397
  • Learn additional about Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Pinteresting Strategies

As a matter of fact, I learned more about the Pinterest algorithm from this course than from Pinterest’s own guides! The most life-changing Pinterest course I’ve taken so far is called Pinteresting Strategies. This information is far more valuable than the $57 asking price. I believe the creator, Carly Campbell, is undercharging students and ought to increase her price to at least $200. Using a manual pinning technique, Carly from Mommy on Purpose receives 200,000 page views from Pinterest each month.

Her greatest strength is her ability to clearly and concisely explain the Pinterest algorithm. Her second greatest asset is her familiarity with obscure tips and strategies that can help you establish your credibility as a pinner on Pinterest and increase the number of people who see your content. Google Analytics is Carly’s trick to generating a ton of traffic. I used her strategies and every 60 days, my traffic increased by 10,000 page views.

What you’ll learn from Pinteresting Strategies:

Beginning with the fundamentals, Carly shows you how to set up your boards, claim your website, and draw more traffic to your Pinterest account. For those who have used Pinterest previously, this will be a review. The section where Carly thoroughly explains how the Pinterest algorithm works is where the action begins. She continues by discussing group boards, pin creation, and SEO on Pinterest.

Finally, Carly walks through her manual pinning process step-by-step. Text, pictures, and videos are all mixed together in the course. I now approach Pinterest in a very different way as a result of what I learned from Pinteresting Strategies. I finally comprehended how Pinterest’s algorithm functions and what Pinterest seeks after consuming the course in one sitting. Without giving too much away, I’d say Carly’s discussion of Google Analytics was the most useful aspect of the course.

She figured out a way to use Google Analytics to increase traffic coming from Pinterest. I attribute my ability to meet the traffic requirements to apply for the Mediavine ad network to this specific strategy. It took me about six months to implement, and during that time, my traffic increased at a record-breaking rate. It’s important to know that Pinteresting Strategies work best if you’re already receiving traffic from Pinterest. In an ideal world, you would like to boost your Pinterest traffic in order to, say, become eligible for an ad network. Compared to a typical Pinterest course, the knowledge and tactics presented here are more sophisticated.

Final Thoughts On Pinterest Courses

In the end, Pinterest is a dynamic platform that is all about SEO. It’s challenging to keep up, and Passive Profit With Pinterest was a great resource for learning more. It forced me to complete the tasks I had been putting off, and so far, the outcomes seem promising. I’m interested to see how my blog’s readership develops over the coming months. However, Anita’s keyword vault also gives you access to a ton of keywords if you’re not ready to spend money on a Pinterest course. This might be a great alternative for you if you lack the patience necessary to conduct keyword research. Additionally, it costs less than the course.

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