Top Content Syndication Networks(CSN) for SEO

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Top Content Syndication Networks and Platforms That You Need to Know in 2022.

Content syndication has vital search engine optimisation advantages, comparable to producing backlinks and enhancing area authority (DA). However, content material syndication additionally brings some search engine optimisation dangers, together with repetitive content material penalties and lowering your search engine rankings. So should you do syndicate your content material, be sure you’re doing so accurately and successfully.

What are Content Syndication Network and search engine optimisation(SEO)?

B2B entrepreneurs know that content marketing drives conversion rates as much as five times higher, making it indispensable as a advertising technique. On the similar time, web optimization stays a high precedence. 78% of B2B marketers employ keyword research to enhance their search rankings when creating content material. The concern amongst entrepreneurs is that syndicating content material can diminish its price in Google’s eyes. This leads many to self-publish content material that might have a extra vital influence if it was out there to audiences on digital publishing platforms they already frequent.

Also, it’s essential to create high-quality content material earlier than you begin content material syndication. For this, you may leverage content material creation instruments like Articoolo. This instrument helps you create high-quality content material without a lot of effort. All it’s a must to do is add just a few phrases about your content material and the instrument will do all of the heavy liftings for you. It may also rewrite your content material for you in seconds. Once you’ve provided you with good content material, you need to use any content material syndication platform to advertise. Let’s take a better take a look at among the best of them, you can also check seo strategies to increase website traffic here.

Content Syndication

Content syndication and web optimization

Syndicating content provides quantifiable benefits for site SEO, such as creating high-quality backlinks and increasing domain authority. However, content syndication also presents a number of risks for site optimization, such as fines for duplicate content and worse search engine ranks.

If you syndicate your material over many websites, Google will always display the version it deems most suited for consumers in any given search, regardless of whether that version is what you would desire.

Top Content Syndication Networks(CSN) for SEO

This means that if you publish your information on many websites, there’s a potential that a syndication network may outrank you and bury your local article.

There are only a few ways to manage these risks and benefit from syndicated content’s advantages in search engine optimization:

  • Request that a “rel=canonical” tag be included by the syndication website to the page linking Google to the content on your website. This informs the search engine that your website is the exclusive source of the content, which aids it in deciding which brand to display in search results. Additionally, using this tag guarantees that the unique URL will be given credit for any links, content metrics, and “ranking power” applied to the “copy,” or syndicated version, of the website.
  • Put a “meta noindex” tag on the syndication website’s webpage to prevent search engines like Google and Yahoo from indexing it in any way. This prevents the website’s “clone” from ever appearing in search results. However, because of the “noindex” tag, it’s possible that websites other than yours may receive a significant portion of the syndicated model’s rating power. The “rel=canonical” tag is frequently used as a solution for this reason.

Content syndication networks

To determine which networks are the greatest fit for your content, it is essential to define your business goals for syndication. Understanding each platform may also help you decide how to style your reused content the most effectively.

In order to choose which networks are the greatest fit for your content, you must first determine your small business syndication objectives. Understanding each platform may even help you decide how to style your recycled content most effectively.

Free platforms

  • On, you may find vetted materials about inbound marketing and online advertising. Users may subscribe to daily digests of related information and explore content by channel to find topics of interest. Contributors are free to pose queries, start debates, and post recent articles with links to local websites in the group.
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Top Content Syndication Networks(CSN) for SEO

  • Medium: Medium provides a platform for the direct publication of text, images, audio, and video. Users may interact with and concentrate on the information, and the platform’s algorithm determines which content is most relevant to each individual. Similar to, Medium offers a daily feed of relevant information that is personalised for the user. The community is built to encourage user interaction, offers native sponsored distribution, and monitors the success of advertising campaigns.

Top Content Syndication Networks(CSN) for SEO

  • SlideShare: A LinkedIn affiliate network called SlideShare features diverse expert information. Users can include expert shows and slide presentations that instruct and educate. A captive audience is a certainty for business owners because the bulk of website visitors come from targeted searches.

Top Content Syndication Networks(CSN) for SEO

Paid platforms

  • Outbrain: A content discovery and advertising and marketing network called Outbrain suggests your content on significant online media outlets like CNN, People, and ESPN. With a monthly global audience of 557 million, Outbrain focuses on assisting brands in understanding and connecting with target audiences while tracking interaction and generating revenue.
  • Taboola: Taboola is a sophisticated platform for content discovery that offers native placements on prestigious websites including NBC, Fox Sports, and USA Today. Its predictive knowledge aids business owners and publishers in content distribution, customer interaction, and website traffic monetization. Every month, Taboola provides 1 billion users with personalised content.

Social media

  • Facebook Business: Facebook Business offers both paid and free services to help businesses and organisations raise awareness, spur demand, and boost sales. It advertises “a business solution for every business aim.” Paid advertisements, free and sponsored postings, and tools to target and track audience interaction are all examples of content options.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn focuses on helping businesses develop their manufacturers and generate leads. The platform offers both paid and free options for distributing content. Paid syndication includes dynamic show advertisements, sponsored content, and InMail.


For more visual stuff, such as, um, things that are slide-based, Slideshare is fantastic. It serves as a venue for presentations as well as movies and other types of graphic design, such infographics. The website, which is currently owned by LinkedIn, receives a tonne of traffic. Additionally, sharing to LinkedIn from Slideshare is really simple.

Slideshare may be the solution if your company produces a lot of slide-based media and you need a place to distribute it. It’s also a terrific method to demonstrate your subject-matter expertise.



There’s a good possibility that you’ve utilised Quora if you frequently use Google to look up answers to queries. If you know the answers to other people’s queries, it may truly be a potent marketing weapon.

You might have to put in a little more effort with this content syndication network since you might need to adapt your pieces to the Quora platform and provide an answer in the process, but you can leave links to your articles and blog posts that provide responses to people’s queries.



One of the most frequented websites on the internet, particularly in terms of surfing time, is Reddit. Reddit primarily serves as a platform for the sharing of links and material, and because the majority of postings lack advanced features, syndicating can be challenging.

In the world of Reddit, success requires a lot of sacrifice, but if you do it properly, you may share your links and material with great success. It is one of the greatest locations to share a link and then invite discussion rather than totally syndicating.

In order to guarantee that users are discussing information they are interested in, Reddit is divided into tens of thousands of “Subreddits.” So, be careful not to post in a Subreddit for pets if your website is about digital marketing.



Blogging on LinkedIn is a terrific option, especially if you want to establish yourself as an industry authority. Although it is a fantastic idea to publish fresh, original material there, it also functions as a network for content syndication.

By utilising LinkedIn, you can make sure that your network expands and that more people see you as a leader in your particular industry. You may write or syndicate articles for a personal or a commercial account.



Whether or not you currently have video material, it might be time to start sharing it wisely. Since YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the planet, syndicating material is a smart move.

If your material doesn’t begin as video, you can think beyond the box. Why not record it as a podcast or have a voice actor record it and publish it on YouTube?

Even if this form of syndication needs a bit more expertise and work than some of the others, it’s still not the end of the world, especially if you have a team of individuals you can assign responsibilities to.

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Additionally, your content may be in the form of a video. In that case, why not upload it to YouTube so that more people may find it?


LinkedIn Business

The most effective marketers are adept at making use of Facebook. Facebook Business is one of the few platforms with billions of accounts that you may access today.

You have two options when using Facebook as a content syndication network: either use pages and groups to receive free publicity and share the posts from your website, or you may pay for extra exposure on your postings.

The most of the syndication techniques we’ve covered are free, but Facebook’s ability to narrow down users so accurately and let you target your advertisements may make it worthwhile to invest money there.



Soundcloud is a means to get your audio material in front of even more people if you’re an audio content creator. For instance, if your company joins the current podcasting trend, listeners may be looking for industry experts on Soundcloud. Some of the simplest files to syndicate are audio and video ones.



You may have used “StumbleUpon,” a cult favourite that shut down a few years ago. It currently runs on “Mix,” a platform that curates content for users to find. It’s a technique to target more viewers with your content depending on their interests. Users see “Article Cards” containing pertinent articles.

With photographs and more rich media, you may modify the function and make it seem fantastic. After then, exit Mix to discover the appropriate viewers for your material. The better the original information you offer, the more views you’re going to obtain.



Although this can be considered more of a content discovery network than a syndication network, it nonetheless merits a spot on our list due to the sheer weight of traffic it may bring to your website. Your articles may be “pinned” to “boards” in certain areas, making it much easier for followers of those boards to locate your work.

This works incredibly well if the majority of your customer base is female because most Pinterest users are female. On Pinterest, particular niches like crafts and other hobbies are closely followed. Due of the difference audience type, it might not be nearly as successful for business to business. For B2B material, for instance, you may go to LinkedIn instead.

FAQ – Top Content Syndication Networks

Why is content syndication important?

A. The practise of posting and later marketing original digital material, such as essays, blogs, and videos, on unaffiliated websites is referred to as content syndication.


A syndication platform is what, exactly?

A. You may syndicate your work on sites called syndication platforms. In essence, these are websites that allow you to syndicate your material.


How do syndicated blog networks work?

A. You may syndicate your material on blog networks to gain a wider audience and increase traffic to your unique blog entries.


Question 4: Where can I locate syndicated content?

A. Visiting syndication sites is the greatest place to look for syndicated material. You should visit the relevant syndication platform and conduct a content search there using the sort of material you’re looking for.


Q5. What is the price of content syndication?

A. The method of content syndication is relatively inexpensive or free (in most cases). You don’t have to spend money to syndicate your material, except from the wage you pay your staff for their time. You can do it for free on most platforms.


What is social media syndication, question 6?

A. Social media syndication is the practise of sharing your information on the social media sites most appropriate for your company. This is a fantastic approach to market and promote your material so that it may be seen by more people.


What is B2B content syndication, question 7?

B2B syndication refers to the practise of B2B businesses sharing their material. Syndicating their case studies, whitepapers, blogs, videos, and other content is typically included in this.

Summary – Top Content Syndication Networks

Your firm may swiftly deploy syndication, and if done correctly with the proper content syndication networks, it can be quite effective. You may also get your existing audio and video content translated for sharing elsewhere if you already produce it. Building a strong online presence requires creativity and getting your company into platforms where customers are already browsing, which might boost your earnings.

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