Udemy Video not showing or playback Problems and Solutions

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Udemy Video not showing OR playback Problems and Solutions?

Often when I tried to load a Udemy course that I was about half-way via in Firefox, I noticed that the course video was not loading anymore.

The course contained excellent lessons and all other elements worked seamlessly. However, the movie failed to load appropriately with only a blank web page displaying instead (though it retained its header on top).

I spent a considerable amount of time attempting to comprehend the situation, and eventually realized that I had attempted several alternative methods – including logging out then in again, eliminating cached data from my browser, and utilizing an entirely different internet program – before comprehending why the video was not playing.

There seem to be problems with Udemy relating to my particular situation. Despite the absence of any recent modifications and flawless functionality thus far, there is always a chance for unforeseen issues.

Chances are you’ll obtain error messages or different indicators that one thing isn’t proper, together with:

  1. A blank white display that doesn’t show the video player controls nor the video itself.
  2. The error message “Error Loading Media: File not Found” seems on the screen.
  3. The error message “Error Loading Media: Plugin Not Discovered” seems on display.

For those who’re encountering audio or video issues whereas trying to look at a course on a browser, this article explains various methods to troubleshoot these problems.

Reasons for Udemy Playback Problems

Encountering a black screen while trying to watch videos on Udemy can be frustrating. Several factors could contribute to this issue:

  • Server Outage: Udemy’s servers may experience temporary disruptions, leading to video unavailability. Checking for any announced maintenance schedules or server status updates can provide insights into whether this is the cause.
  • Connectivity Issues: Weak or unstable internet connections can hinder smooth video streaming. Ensuring a stable and robust internet connection is essential for uninterrupted playback.
  • Ad Blockers and Firewall: Enabled ad blockers or firewall settings on your device might interfere with Udemy’s video and audio functions. Disabling these settings can often resolve streaming issues.
  • Browser Extensions: Certain browser extensions may block or disrupt video playback on Udemy. Try disabling these extensions to see if it restores the functionality of the video player.
  • Browser-related Problems: Issues within the browser, such as cached data or temporary bugs, can also disrupt video playback. Clearing the browser cache can often resolve these issues and lead to a smoother streaming experience.

By troubleshooting these potential causes, you can hopefully resolve the black screen issue and enjoy uninterrupted learning on Udemy.


Minimum requirements to playback Udemy courses online

Please note {that a} broadband connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbit or 800kbps is required to watch a Udemy course on your device. The remainder of our system requirements is listed here.

Decide if your environment’s causing the issue.

Please try watching a different lecture or course so that we can determine whether or not the issue is being caused by your device, the settings on your device, or your internet connection.

This indicates that there is a technical issue with the particular video for those viewers who are able to watch multiple lectures without experiencing any difficulties. Please get in touch with us so that our team can investigate this further and report the problem.

Those of you who are having problems playing back other lectures, on the other hand, might try the techniques for troubleshooting that are indicated below.

Troubleshooting points along with your course taking part in the atmosphere

For those who’ve decided the issue is because of a difficulty along with your course taking part in the environment, please do the next:

  1. Try watching the single lecture in an incognito window.

If the video performs without challenge, try checking your extension, plugin or firewall program in your device to see if it must be reconfigured or disabled.

  1. For those who’re encountering the issue while watching the video in your company’s network, try watching the video on a non-company network instead. For those who’re capable of watch the video with none challenge, please report the problem to your company’s IT group.
  2. If you still do not have access to the course, try downloading the VPN extension for the Chrome browser. With it you can access closed content.
  3. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache and restart it earlier than making an attempt once more.

You probably have plenty of browser tabs open, shut most of them besides the one you’re using to look at the course.

Verify your browser version and update it if needed.

  1. A minimal web speed of 5Mbit or 800kbps is required to look at a Udemy for Enterprise course in your gadget. Check your internet connection speed to ensure your atmosphere meets this and that your system meets our requirements. In case your web velocity is low, attempt lowering the video quality of the lecture, or watching the course throughout non-peak hours when your web connection is extra dependable.
  2. Flip off any {hardware} acceleration you could have put in (in Firefox or on Windows).
  3. For those who can’t hear any audio, double-check to see that the course player volume is turned up and that the video isn’t muted, test the sound settings in your device.
  4. Restart your pc and network devices (modems/switches/routers).
  5. In the interim, try watching it offline on the mobile app.


 Quick Fixes – Udemy Video not showing or playback Problems and Solutions

There is no universal solution to problems with video playback on Udemy. However, there are potential reasons and solutions for these issues.

The fixes below are organised by comfort. You first discover fixes that can be applied in a matter of seconds, and then occasionally fixes that take more time.

1. Refresh the web page

Hit Ctrl-F5 on the keyboard to power a reload of the web page. The Ctrl-key ensures that the disk cache is bypassed so that each one content is retrieved from Udemy instantly once more.

2. Restart your browser

That is one other easy possibility which will work on occasions. Simply shut the browser and open it once more afterward to see if it fixes the difficulty.

 That is an exciting option. Udemy helps Flash video and HTML video, and you’ll change between the 2 in your profile. Do the next to change the format:

  1. Click on the down arrow icon within the higher proper nook of the display and within the menu that opens on the edit profile icon.
  2. Choose preferences on the left side.
  3. The subsequent web page shows the default video participant and the possibility to change to the opposite supported participant.
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4. Try one other browser

You probably have one other browser in your system, e.g. Internet Explorer on Windows if you’re utilizing Firefox or Chrome, try that browser to see if the issue is browser-related.

You possibly can obtain a transportable model of Firefox or Chrome as nicely and use it for these sorts of exams.

5. Be sure that Flash is updated

If you’re using the Flash video participant on Udemy, make it possible for the plugin is updated. You possibly can obtain the newest model of Flash from Adobe.

Here’s What to Do About Slow Video Streaming on Udemy 

You’ve just paid for a course on Udemy, and now you’re experiencing sluggish video streaming. Your interest in and ability to learn from the course may be hampered by the video’s constant buffering, lagging, and stuttering. not to mention your perseverance! You may have tried a variety of things to solve the problem but been unsuccessful.

 So, what are you able to do about sluggish video streaming on Udemy? Here is what to do:

  1. First, check your web speed and how many devices are using it. 
  2. Subsequent, attempt downloading the course and watching from your individual media participant. 
  3. Lastly, you may change the video to high quality.


This text will go over intimately how one can troubleshoot your sluggish video streaming on Udemy. We’ll focus on the assorted strategies you may attempt to repair the issue and benefit from the data. One of these strategies ought to repair any challenge it’s possible you’ll be having with Udemy’s movies. You paid for the course, and also you deserve to look at it because it was supposed to be watched!


 Why is Udemy So Slow?

Some customers have complained that the Udemy server itself is slow. 

Due to the fact that the website provides such a large number of programmes and continually imports brand new programmes on a daily basis, they have a substantial quantity of information that is being used concurrently. This may be an excessive amount for their server to deal with, which results in video speeds that are sluggish and jerky.

 Your browser stands out as a challenge.

Some browsers that aren’t up to date to the newest model might have to bother taking part in Udemy course movies at their designated velocity. Attempt checking your browser model and replace it if wanted. You might also have extra luck utilizing a distinct browser since some might have higher outcomes accessing the server than others.

Verify your internet speeds and electronic hookups. 

In case your web is restricted, or under a sure velocity, it might not play the Udemy programs accurately. Do this free internet speed tester to see the place your web velocity stands! You also need to test what all is utilizing your web once you’re making an attempt to look at a course. A number of electronics can have an effect on the web.

 Your log-in may have timed out. 

If you have been logged into your Udemy account for an extended period of time, you may experience changes in the video server quality. However, this problem can often be resolved by quickly logging out and logging back in. Additionally, refreshing the website can help establish a new online connection to the Udemy server. If you continue to experience issues, it could be related to your router, network, ISP, or SSL settings.

If you are using Wi-Fi, try using another device connected to your router to determine if the problem persists. If the issue is specific to your computer, check your system’s SSL settings or access the Advanced Controls in your control panel’s Safety Settings to review or reset your SSL checkmarks.

If the problem affects multiple devices, it may be related to your router settings or ISP. Some countries with border firewalls can cause delayed loading and timeouts. In such cases, using a VPN-connected device to access the website through your Wi-Fi can help. It may be necessary to choose a VPN provider with a strong track record in your area.

Using a VPN can potentially improve your overall internet access. However, it’s important to note that primary routers or backbone infrastructure of a country’s satellite or ocean cable telecom network can sometimes physically disrupt internet access. While VPNs are generally legal and practical, it’s essential to consider the specific regulations in your region.

In heavily-firewalled regions, like mine, using a VPN has been an effective solution.

Udemy was not strictly blocked but sufficiently delayed to a standstill. I tried all of the above-mentioned solutions, and they all provided a temporary solution.

A Change Can Do Some Good

Changing the device you use to watch the video is another quick fix you may try to speed up video streaming on Udemy. The computer or browser you’re using can be changed to modify the video speed. When you don’t have to wait for the course to load into your computer, it can be a quick fix that can help in the interim.

 Change the pc or laptop computer you’re utilizing to view the course. 

If you have another computer or digital device to stream the course on, this can be a simple fix. Generally speaking, older computers or laptops have more difficulty streaming movies than more modern ones. Additionally, it has various energy boards that could affect how well it functions.

 Clear your browser of cookies and cache. 

You can have plenty of apps or websites that can be sucking up knowledge in your pc or digital gadget. This can influence how nicely your video is streaming. You possibly can clear your browser and restart it and may see a distinction in how nicely the video streams. Here’s a fast how-to on clearing your browser cache.


Restart your units and browser to offer it one other likelihood to hook up with the Udemy server. 

An easy restart can reboot your pc in addition to your browser once you log again into Udemy and attempt to view your video once more. Whereas this option might not work on a regular basis, it undoubtedly might help reset your web connection to the Udemy server.


 Adblockers and Firewall Can Be to Blame

Your computer or laptop may be running a firewall or ad blocker, which could affect how well the video and audio function. If you’re having trouble streaming videos while on the Udemy website, make sure you turn these off. They will consume your internet connection and data in addition to what video streaming is already doing.


Use an incognito window to cease adblockers and firewalls. 

You possibly can open an incognito window, which is able to assist you to view Udemy movies privately without all of the plugins and adblockers operating in your common browser. For those who discover that this works, then you already know that it was both your adblocker or firewall affecting your browser velocity.


You should utilize an add-on to view your Udemy course. 

This will sound counterintuitive to our earlier level. However, customers have stated nice issues about an add-on referred to as Touch VPN. It really works equally to an incognito window, the place you’d watch the video privately without another app affecting your video streaming.


Attempt watching different video servers like YouTube, and see if you have related points. 

Although it might not have an impact on other websites, your firewall or ad blocker may have an impact on Udemy’s website. This could aid in determining whether the problem is with the Udemy server or video streaming in general. To determine if that is the trigger, this is typically a simple examination.


Troubleshooting Video Issues on The Udemy Mobile App


This article explains several solutions if you’re having trouble with the audio or video when trying to view your course on the Udemy mobile app. When responding to enquiries about this, our help team may also take note of this information.

Decide in case your atmosphere’s inflicting the difficulty.

Attempt watching one other lecture or course to find out whether or not your cell gadget, settings, or web connection could also be inflicting the issue. For those who’re capable of watch different lectures with no points, this means there’s a technical challenge with the unique video and never your environment. You possibly can report the issue by clicking here.

For those who’re encountering playback points with other lectures, nevertheless, then please attempt the troubleshooting steps outlined under.


Troubleshooting video loading points (i.e., the video retains loading/buffering, you see a clean display)

For those who still encounter points while watching different course movies, then this means there’s a difficulty along with your gadget, settings or internet connection.

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For those who proceed to expertise playback points after attempting the steps above, please do the next:

  • Restart the Udemy app
  • Delete the Udemy app from your device and reinstall it. Please bear in mind that any content material you could have saved for offline viewing will probably be eliminated after the app reinstallation. You will have to re-download the content material as soon as once more.

Troubleshooting playback issues with downloaded lectures

For those who’re encountering playback issues with lectures you’ve downloaded for offline viewing, please attempt the next:

  • Attempt downloading one other lecture and watching it offline. For those who’re capable of view different lectures offline with none issues, this means there’s possible a technical challenge with the unique video and never your gadget. You possibly can report the problem by clicking here.
  • Verify to see that the course or lecture was downloaded efficiently. Steps on how one can obtain course and lectures on the cell app might learn within the articles under:
  • Take away the offline content and obtain the lecture(s) once more. Whereas we perceive this may be an inconvenience, it might resolve the difficulty if the information within the reminiscence storage is damaged or lacking.

For those who proceed to expertise points with the downloaded movies, please do the next:

  • Activate airplane mode in your gadget and check out watching the downloaded lectures. To take action, please shut all apps operating > test the gadget’s settings > search AirPlane/Flight mode > flip it on.
  • Flip off your web connection (in addition to your cell knowledge sign) after which attempt is taking part in the content material you’ve downloaded.
  • Attempt restarting the Udemy app.
  • Delete the Udemy app out of your gadget and reinstall it. Please notice that any offline content material you’ve saved out of your programs will probably be eliminated totally after the app reinstallation. You will have to re-download the content material as soon as once more.

Are you encountering a “Problem with your system settings” error notification?

If you’re encountering an error notification when viewing programs, which states there’s a drawback together with your system settings, please strive the troubleshooting steps below.

    1. Update your browser to make sure you’re utilizing the most recent model.
    2. If you’re on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, please confirm that you’re permitting protected content material to play in your gadget. If any of those settings are disabled, then as soon as enabled, clear your browser’s cache as soon as extra previous to checking if video content material will now load.
      • Learn how Chrome users can manage protected content. You should enable websites to play protected content material. If you might be utilizing Google Chrome in a Windows setting, additionally, you will want to permit websites to establish your gadget.
      • Learn how Firefox users can manage protected content. The Widevine Content Decryption Module offered by Google Incshould be set to ‘Always activate’.
      • Edge customers can navigate to edge://settings/content material/protectedContent and be sure that each settings for enjoying protected content material and identifiers for protected content material are toggled to the ‘On’ place.

If you are utilizing a supported model of Chrome or Edge, and the above steps don’t resolve the difficulty, please do the next:

  1. If you’re utilizing Chrome, enter chrome://elements/ into the URL bar on the top of your browser. Enter edge://elements/ when you’re utilizing Edge.
  2. Next, navigate to Widevine Content Decryption Module.
  3. Update the Widevine Content Decryption Module in order that the model quantity is 4.10.2198.0 or better (and, or, the standing reads it’s up-to-date).


Next steps?

If you’re nonetheless encountering points after following the steps above, please contact our assist group. In the interim, if the course is out there for downloading, try watching it offline or on the mobile app.

How to Download the Udemy  Course Offline?

An easy answer you can to attempt for sluggish video velocity is to obtain the Udemy course. 

You can watch it on your own media player while having it on your computer. You may watch the complete video without having to worry about the Udemy server. You won’t need to worry about the internet either because you likely already have all the information.

Downloading also can allow you to rewatch or rewind the video with no problem. 

When you finally experience good high quality and flawless speeds, it’s unlikely that you’ll watch to fiddle with an Udemy video course. Even if you needed to go back and listen to something again, you would be too afraid that it would start buffering all over again. The course can be downloaded to help with that.


You possibly can all the time delete the course every once you’re completed to unlock the area in your pc.

You will always have access to all the course materials when you enroll in an Udemy course. You can therefore download the course video, erase it from your computer, and yet access the online version of the video to download it again.


Downloading the video also can repair any audio points with the course. 

Additionally, several users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the audio quality after trying to stream it on the Udemy server. Since all the information has been saved to your computer, you can fix the audio issues if you download the video.

Why Fixing Udemy Playback is Important

Fixing Udemy’s video black screen is crucial for several reasons, particularly for learners who invest in Udemy courses:

  • Uninterrupted Learning: Resolving the black screen ensures a seamless flow of information, allowing learners to absorb course content without disruptions. An uninterrupted experience promotes better understanding and engagement with the material.
  • Optimal Learning Experience: A clear, visible video is essential for an effective learning experience. Visual aids play a significant role in many courses, and a black screen hampers the delivery of essential information.
  • Time Efficiency: Fixing the black screen saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent troubleshooting or attempting to watch content under less-than-ideal conditions. This enables learners to dedicate their time and effort to learning rather than dealing with technical issues.
  • Enhanced Retention: Visual content contributes to better knowledge retention. When videos are displayed correctly, learners can absorb information more effectively, increasing the likelihood of retaining and applying what they’ve learned.
  • Platform Satisfaction: A glitch-free experience contributes to overall satisfaction with the learning platform. Resolving issues demonstrates the platform’s commitment to user satisfaction and providing a high-quality learning environment.


What should I do if the Udemy video quality appears lower than expected?

If you’re experiencing poor video quality on Udemy, there are a couple of steps you can take to address this issue. Firstly, ensure that your internet connection meets the recommended speed for HD playback. Additionally, you can try adjusting the video quality settings within Udemy to see if that improves the viewing experience.

Does Udemy offer any offline viewing options for courses?

Yes, Udemy provides users with the option to download course content for offline viewing through its mobile app. This feature allows learners to access their courses even when they don’t have an internet connection, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

How does Udemy handle video playback issues caused by geographical restrictions?

While Udemy operates globally, some courses may have geographical restrictions imposed by licensing agreements. If you encounter playback issues due to these restrictions, reaching out to Udemy’s support team can help clarify the situation. They can provide assistance and guidance on how to proceed in such cases.

Summary – Udemy Video not showing or playback Problems and Solutions

We have discussed the potential causes and solutions for the slow Udemy video streaming issue. You may always check your internet speeds to determine if they’re the source of any problems. To get around plugins and adblockers that might be interfering with your high-quality video, use a private browser. You can also enrol in the course to earn all of your prior online points.

Hopefully one of these tips was successful for you, and you are now enjoying streaming Udemy videos!

You can get assistance and support from Udemy if the problem continues.

You might need to immediately get in touch with Udemy support if none of the solutions to your problem worked. Send them an email at help@udemy.com with information about your browser, operating system, the course and video you had trouble with, as well as screenshots of the issue.


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