Why Should You Localize Your Website Design?

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Why Should You Localize Your Website Design?

Websites are more than the face of the brands they represent. They are powerful platforms to connect with multicultural audience. As most brands go international, users are looking for websites that speak their language. In simple words, users want to connect and belong to online places that reflect their identity, culture, and customs.

Incorporated in 1857, Vancouver has a population of 184,463, making it the 4th largest city in Washington State. According to experts in website design Vancouver WA, businesses need to understand the importance of localization of website design to appeal to markets beyond their homeland borders. Here are some reasons to localize your website design.

Why Should You Localize Your Website Design?

Cross Geographical Borders

E-commerce has enabled businesses to serve customers beyond homeland borders. According to recent data, the total manufacturer shipments of Vancouver businesses in 2012 reached 2 585, 41. According to marketing experts, only 20% of the world population speaks and understands the English language. It means there is a massive gap in the online world to reach the remaining 80%.

The recent population data of Vancouver shows 13.9% of the population is Hispanic or Latino. Localizing your website as per the needs of your target customers will help you expand to new markets. It will also create a diverse and connected network of customers that spans across Washington state borders.

Increase Credibility

With a proper website design in Vancouver, WA, and adding a multilingual feature to it, you can explore global markets. The e-commerce model is revolutionary, and you are not required to establish physical offices in every state or country to reach your target audience in that region. You can launch a website with a savvy translation feature to serve customers globally.

According to recent data, the revenue for e-commerce in the US accounted for 431.6 billion dollars. The digital market estimates mention the revenue will increase to 536.4 billion dollars by 2025. It means you can tap this colossal business opportunity through website localization.

Better User Experience

As per the latest data, 87.5% of households in Vancouver have broadband Internet subscriptions. Localization of website design will help in optimizing the user experience for your local audience. When the website design is localized, it is not only text that is translated, but the design is also tailored, taking into consideration local cultural nuances.

According to marketing experts, different marketing strategies are used to appeal to divergent target audiences from other cultures. It means changes to website design, font, formats, colors, and even artworks.

Why Should You Localize Your Website Design?

Scale Business Revenue

Localization of website design can provide you with many new potential customers and expand your business bottom-line. Growing your customer base is the best way to scale business revenue. A multilingual website will help you reach a wider audience and build a more extensive customer base with minimal investment.

Here are some striking statistics that show the importance of website design localization.

  • 4%of global consumer prefers website in their native language
  • 86% of localized marketing campaigns outperform English language marketing campaigns
  • 78% of online shoppers are more likely to make purchases from stores that are localized
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To sum up, website localization can increase your revenues significantly. However, thorough research is needed to know the target audience preferences that will help create a seamless and user-friendly experience that makes the user feel at home for the best results.


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